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Fall Term 2016 Personal Narrative

This semester I worked on a couple projects, and I started on my Service Thesis Project. My independent primary project for this semester had a lot of meaning to me, in that it helped me progress as a graphic designer. 794 more words

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This Body is Mine

Written by an anonymous contributor, with grace and bravery. 


I own a body. I own a body with all its bones, skins and scars. 910 more words

Spring Term 2015 Personal Narrative

My learning plan is very similar to last term’s plan. This is mostly because all the projects that I worked on in Fall Term were carried over to Spring Term (Cuba Board Game, Peter Kriff). 827 more words

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Fall 2015 Personal Narrative

As an overarching statement, I feel that this term has been very productive. For example, I was able to start and finish my fifteen page research paper. 625 more words

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Fall 2014 Personal Narrative

While I have managed to keep up my learning plan, I did struggle with tracking it. I’ve always had issues, both in the past and the present, with tracking things. 1,301 more words

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Trying to drain my swamp, and have a cookie.

It has been a struggle to form coherent and meaningful ideas in my head these days. This is my swamp – filled with Twitter hashtags, Facebook feeds, editorials, vitriol, Trump’s transition team. 1,780 more words


Personal Narrative

Write about a small moment from your life. It must be memorable for some reason. You probably experienced very strong emotions. Maybe you saw or did something very unusual. 158 more words

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