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Remembering Mabs Holcomb


Today we remember Marjoribell (Mabs) Stakley Holcomb, who passed away exactly one year ago (Feb. 23, 2014). She was one of the early pioneers in the movement to support Deaf women’s quest to achieve independence, equality, and respect. 433 more words

Families With Deaf Children

Family Heritage in Personal Narratives

Hiking in Ireland   (National Geographic)

Writing a personal narrative is a great starting point for an introductory writing course.

In March–everyone seems to find their Irish roots. 45 more words



Authenticity. Authentic. What is that? I always wondered, what it meant when people referred to the lentils mum made us as “really authentic, not like that stuff you get in the curry houses thats not real, its not actually indian compared to this”. 1,278 more words


Zombies and the People Who Love Them

It’s pretty safe to say that I love zombies. Not the real thing, mind you. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I will hate zombies. But for now, I love reading about them. 772 more words


Creative Writing Class - Assignment #1

I’m taking an online creative writing course through Ivy Tech to fulfill a course requirement to keep my teaching license active.  I’m very excited to be a student again! 532 more words

Liquid Soapbox

Caught In-between

Caught In-between.

So for the longest time. I had grown up thinking of myself as an “almost” Indian. A half-Indian. Half caste. Whatever the hell sort of awful approximation of an authentic identity I desired. 588 more words


The Leather Chair

My mother calls me to talk about my grandmother, “I came over to your grandma’s house this morning and she was sleeping in that leather chair, “she says. 1,707 more words

Short Story