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Who's the Parent, Here?

I just read a student’s essay where she recalls being 8 years old, with her younger siblings, and stuck outside her locked house for over an hour in the middle of winter. 71 more words

Liquid Soapbox

Happy Father's Day to the Realest

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad. He is one of the most authentic people I know. His love is unconditional, which we see less of in this world these days. 168 more words

Personal Narratives

Those deceiving paintings

I have had a track record of events not deceiving me. By deceiving, what I mean is that the events take place wherever they are designated to take place. 874 more words

Turning 18 and Tackling the "Supposed" End of Childhood

Lately I’ve been reminiscing.

First year of university is over, and I’m sitting back in my childhood bedroom. Gone are my days of my tiny dorm bed with the white bed spread layered with pink flowers, windows that open just a crack, and flocking to a communal pizza on my floor at 3am. 1,065 more words


Johari’s Window Let Your Blind Self Become Your Public Self… Work!

No better time than now to do some reflecting. My less than 24-hour breakup along with the issues that have been raised in the last two weeks at my place of employment have caused me to look at myself and reflect, why do I find myself in these unfortunate situations, what am I supposed to learn? 1,338 more words

Personal Narratives

My education story

For three years I asked myself why I was still sitting on the same bottom numbing stool and letting myself endure mental torture. I mean, it wasn’t that bad, and Mrs N was really sweet. 980 more words


My education story

High School had a huge impact on my life. At first all I wanted to do was walk out, leave the bullying behind and pursue a less hurtful path. 452 more words