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3 Ways Straight Women Can Be Better Allies (And Why It Matters)

Madison Miszewski is Breaking the Glass Ceiling’s LGBTQ+ officer.

I discovered I was bisexual when I was thirteen. After my closest friend had come out to me earlier in the year, it hit me like an apple supposedly hit the head of Issac Newton. 976 more words

"i'm about to get fine in 2018" -Ari Fitz

nah fr. 2017 was a test. https://t.co/0r5En5WxKr

— Ari Fitz (@itsarifitz) December 5, 2017

2017 is coming to a wrap, and we’re still here ya know.

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Personal Narratives

Friends with benefits is a good idea. Said no one ever.

When all you are is just a booty call… and like feelings can’t get caught

As I started university and met this girl. I started my first friends with benefits scenario. 623 more words

Personal Narratives

In Conversation with My Mother

Tori Sprott is one of Breaking the Glass Ceiling’s regular contributors.

Since I have been feeling overwhelmingly uninspired by things the past month, I decided to do something different for my second piece. 1,187 more words


In honour of consent week Breaking the Glass Ceiling has put together a number of submissions that talk about consent and all the different ways that we experience it. 918 more words

Living The Best Journey Possible

This has been a perfect Thanksgiving break. Everything that could’ve gone right went right and everything that could’ve gone wrong well, it didn’t. Thanksgiving is a difficult time of the year for me. 367 more words

Personal Narratives

Joan Didion and the Nature of Narrative

The title of the new Joan Didion documentary, The Center Will Not Hold, can apply to any writer’s body of work: under scrutiny, does it hold? 526 more words