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A universally acknowledged truth

It’s a truth, universally acknowledged that rains make us feel melancholic and oh so gloomy. There is something about the rains which take us back down the memory lane, maybe think about the times that passed by or the ones we loved and perhaps lost. 560 more words

2016: The Year that Defined Us?

It’s not easy to admit when we are wrong. And in the past year, there has been much, much wrong. DAPL, the death of  618 more words

Personal Narratives

Voice Recognition

A young psychoanalyst named Fliess once asked Freud how a therapist knows when a patient has been cured. When the patient realizes therapy never ends, Freud said. 191 more words


Kitchen in my house

P.S This piece was written as a creative writing assignment for college. The information shared is not fictional.

If the truth has to be told, I have seldom paid attention to what actually happens in our kitchen. 644 more words

A Study of Personal Narratives and Point of View

Since returning from our Thanksgiving Break, we have taken a very close look at the personal narrative with an emphasis on point of view. Students can be pretty adept at identifying first person from third person point of view and even third person limited from third person omniscient. 60 more words


Fall Term 2016 Personal Narrative

This semester I worked on a couple projects, and I started on my Service Thesis Project. My independent primary project for this semester had a lot of meaning to me, in that it helped me progress as a graphic designer. 794 more words

Required Work

This Body is Mine

Written by an anonymous contributor, with grace and bravery. 


I own a body. I own a body with all its bones, skins and scars. 910 more words