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Suicide in the Family

In the literary magazine Post Road, Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson writes about how her grandmother ─ a smart, talented woman born in repressive times ─ committed suicide for unclear reasons, and how silence and that gap in the family narrative shapes the way we view ourselves. 291 more words


The Cost

In a few weeks, I’ll be accompanying a school group on a community service trip to Tanzania, seeing my place of birth for the first time since my family left in 1978. 1,119 more words

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I am a librarian and writing instructor at a middle/high school near Milwaukee, WI.

This site is being designed as part of a presentation to other area writing teachers who are interested in creating an online space to promote, encourage and celebrate literary and visual arts in their schools. 66 more words

How cold is it outside?

Cold enough to prove I love my dog

Cold enough to prove she doesn’t reciprocate

Personal Narratives

In my brief time at Disneyland, I worked at the Indiana Jones ride.

The high point was when a guest mistook me for an Indy face character.

Unfortunately, I’ve never really connected with that franchise, so I don’t understand the character well enough to pretend to be him. 49 more words

Personal Narratives

A Holiday Season Wish to All

Here’s to my few but cherished readers, people who make a difference in this world. Here’s to all the learners and the teachers, the thinkers and the bloggers, trying to bring about a better tomorrow. 103 more words

Personal Narratives

You can't eat that

By Cassidy Scott

I should have the words “Allergic to eggs, fish, and nuts” tattooed on my forehead. That piece of information is often more important than my own name. 845 more words