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The Sky Above Is Common For Everyone

– Praveen J, II B.Com A

Whether good or bad, life is filled with memories. Some memories die over time while others will strike you harder and that’s a part of the journey.

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Student Experiences

Kaylon's Narrative.

  Formal Education

We are living in a time where too much “ formal”education can be “bad” education. Formal education socially constructs our world and our view of others even without personal interactions. 821 more words

Personal Narratives

The "Numbing" of the American Heart

I just finished watching a great video regarding the “commodification” of relationships in the Western world and the higher levels of dissatisfaction and depression. Honestly, I don’t think I need a YouTube video to reconfirm this. 743 more words

Personal Narratives

Goodbye, Basket Case

Here I am in this predicament for the eleven millionth time, and with every passing instance, the universe keeps on slapping me in the face that much harder. 1,278 more words

Personal Narratives

People, you are better than this...

After spending the Fourth of July break, in and around Milwaukee, I have decided to post a couple of Truths for citizens and neighbors, who might be like the Trump supporters who thought  NPR was inciting a revolution when NPR was only tweeting the Declaration of Independence; the type of people who just miss the big picture, for reasons I don’t fully understand. 354 more words

Milwaukee is better than Chicago.

I was born and raised in Chicago. I lived there my whole life, until I was thirty years old and a mother of two,  and then moved to Minneapolis. 693 more words

Firing on all five 'Piston's

I had heard of this thrash metal band called Piston for quite some time now. The first time I came across the name was on a Facebook post by a friend who had watched them live and was writing about how ‘tight’ their performance was. 876 more words