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No Justice for America

Hey, it’s been a while since I last talked about something that matters to me. For those living in America – or not, you all know who Donald Trump is and his impact on the US presidency. 768 more words

Is reading YA a good idea?

First of all, reading is a good idea period. If you enjoy reading and have fun doing this I see 0 (zero) problems with doing so. 530 more words


My All Time Favorite Video Game Series

I’ve been playing video games since I was a little girl – I grew up in a house where we were just always involved in them. 1,552 more words


YouTube's intimate professionalism.

I find that the YouTuber’s relationship with their fans is a unique one. YouTube as an informal platform allows users, often indiscriminately, to upload content of their choice on the internet. 620 more words

What are we 2018-ing

This is the beginning of the new year and we all know those persons who claim the ‘New Year new me” or “this year I’m going to…”. 380 more words

About Me

Bomb Scare

Some readers might know we live in Hawaiʻi. To most, Hawaiʻi seems like a paradise; a promise of idyllic life filled with skin products made from coconuts.  1,242 more words

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North Korean Bombs… “THIS IS NOT A DRILL”

We have been told for many years that North Korea was 10 years away from a working nuclear weapon. Then last year suddenly they started testing those weapons that our government said they could not yet make. 540 more words

North Korea