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Why Honesty Is My Most Important Value

Yokly Leng

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Why Honesty Is My Most Important Value.

While there are so many values out there that people maybe take into their consideration, honesty is what I really appreciate the most. 1,717 more words

Personal Opinion


We are all hustlers. From the street hawkers, to the ones who don the archaic wig and gown even in hot weather, to the woman who displays her wares by the roadside and dozes off (this is always profound for me when I see them). 368 more words


What's next in my life?

As a student…

So, it’s gonna be a month [*cough* less than two weeks] until the start of a new month May, and I am pretty much free after this month.   177 more words

The Perks of Being a Rereader

Hi, my name is McKenna, and I’m a chronic rereader. 

It doesn’t matter what books I just bought or how tall my TBR pile is, I will always make time to reread my favorites. 405 more words



I recently began contemplating, what it means to do or be something great. Whether or not greatness was a quantity or a quality question in the end. 557 more words

Please remove your nose from my womb.

Let me explain (again). I have never wanted children. There may have been an odd moment here and there after a friend has had a child where I’ve considered it and questioned whether I am making the right decision. 1,999 more words

Body Autonomy

Disgrace - Theory That Provided the Most Insight

I analyzed Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee from feminist and archetypal perspectives. I believe that the feminist literary theory provided the most insight into my text because it enabled me to relate to real life experiences, where the archetypal perspective was unable to do so. 665 more words

J.M. Coetzee