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All My Planning Glory (Arc System Review)

I’m truly addicted to planning.

I write down what I’ll be doing hourly each day. I am very much obsessed with notebooks, dividers, themed stickers, pens, highlighters, and pretty much anything you can find in n the office supply section. 458 more words


Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner by Dragontree

True confessions: this is my first planner.  I know you planner people are out there.  I see you in the coffee shops.  But me, armed with Google calendar and a million Post-Its everywhere, would not be boxed in by one little book! 462 more words


Welcome to Spinning Plates

It was the week between Christmas and New Years and – as seems to happen every year at that time – I was caught in a wave of optimism and a deep desire to organize everything, schedule my entire life, and cast vision for the next year or twenty. 740 more words


Personal Kanban: Bringing Focus to Chaos- Part 2

As a project manager, I’ve got a ton of things I have to worry about. The devil is often in the details and there are a LOT of details. 1,111 more words


How to Organize your Workspace for the New Year

On January 1, it’s out with the old and in with the new. But have you ever applied that to your workspace? Take a look around and we guarantee you’ll spot some fossils. 379 more words

Office Tips

7 Steps to Connect to Your Purpose So You Can Reach Your Goal

Next year I will join a gym. Next year I will get the training that will help me get the job I want. Next year I will stop allowing people to control my life. 515 more words

Getting Things Done

Quick Project: Password Maintenance

No pictures for this one. This week’s project was about organizing all of my various passwords for websites, forums, and various other things. I keep them in a notebook, and one security measure experts tell you is to not have the same password for every website. 141 more words

Personal Organization