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Building Bridges

This guest post from Sara Mannheimer and Ryer Banta is about introducing undergraduates to the foundations of research data management through something everyone can relate to—organizing personal digital files. 1,161 more words

Academic Libraries

Focus on what matters.. seriously.

How many times do we spend 80% of our energy on the things essentially do not matter? Like i mean, really we can not control? I know at one point i did. 454 more words

Personal Organization

Empower people to take control of their personal digital information

Facet Publishing have announced the release of The Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving, edited by Brianna H Marshall

Academics and the general public alike need help managing the digital information they create and save every day.  320 more words

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The Pomodoro Technique, Or How Tomatoes Can Boost Your Productivity

I knew today was going to be a busy day for me. I’ve got a couple big deadlines this week and my mom is having knee replacement surgery on Wednesday so I’m trying to get as much as I can done by tomorrow. 386 more words


Win the War on Clutter the 5B Way

When Laura and I got married, my aunt gave us a piece of advice: “Don’t lose the war on paper.”

Paper, she warned — paid bills, instruction manuals, report cards, Christmas cards, essays, and every other bit of words on tree fibre — will take over your entire house if you let it. 401 more words


Falling in Love With Bullet Journaling

I hadn’t been able to decide on a planner that could accommodate page space for balancing work, home and going back to school. Using an electronic calendar alone wasn’t working well for me as I felt like I constantly had ideas and to-do’s rolling around in my brain. 1,107 more words