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Destructive/Abusive Relationships

Hello, all. I was scrolling through Facebook earlier when I saw a post about female on male abuse in relationships, and I was reminded of a destructive relationship I was in back in high school. 563 more words


Judging Other Parents Based On Kid's Behavior

I walked down to the laundry room at my apartment (I know, I’m a peasant) and I saw some kids playing around outside on the never-used sand volleyball court nearby.  453 more words


Facebook Comments Make Me Want To Vomit

Lately, I have been getting pretty nauseous from various Facebook comments blatantly denying facts and common decency. Here’s a list of comments I’m tired of seeing: 251 more words


Street Talk

Education consistently pushes for the importance of proper English and grammar while they forget the importance of dialect in language.

When you talk street and the people around you are on that level, you can still effectively get your point across and say things that have relevance to your culture. 191 more words


Cycled Behavior

When was the moment that you realized the people around you were toxic and you had to make the decision to stop talking to them? How eye opening was that moment? 395 more words



It has been the leading work for a lot of Civil Right movements. White people throughout history have agreed with the rights of other races (particular black people), if they are to simply stay in  527 more words


"I Voted for No One"

It’s voting season in the United States, everyone! And people are exclaiming to the public, “Vote! Change the world!” There are numerous articles written about the unrepresented citizens who refuse to vote, especially young and poor people. 492 more words