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Asking for it

This piece is not based on something I read, it’s not based on something I saw on Facebook or TV. I am writing this piece from experience, to be precise, I am writing this based on how my Saturday night went. 630 more words

 When is enough, enough?

In your 20s (makes me cringe saying that) you’re going to have an active social life. Stretching yourself into five different directions and mixing ten different hangovers at the same time. 874 more words

Drunken Dreams

It seemed so right the night before..

“I swear last night you could have taken me to church and I would have married the girl on the spot I was that drunk”. 799 more words

The Male Gaze

In today’s age it is accepted in film that it requires a man to play the dominant role. Most films include a male character who posseses strength, power, ability and intelligence, 479 more words

first dates....

I think we’ve all experienced one bad date and if you haven’t you’re in denial, but what about experiencing nothing but bad dates. What do you do then? 737 more words

Another year, Another fresh start

I think we can all say that we’ve made a new year’s resolution more than once but how many of us actually keep them. The new year is a good time to reflect and look back on your mistakes and maybe the resolutions you made last year but failed to keep. 527 more words


Mick was right all along

My dad has his own ways of doing things and has always been like this. I don’t know whether this is a pride thing or him genuinely having complete faith that his way is the right way. 832 more words