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Compared to what?

This is a message to me and anyone who needed to hear it.

Why do you compare yourself to everyone? Why do you think that one always has to be better than the other? 340 more words


Finding a new angle

Learning to gain different perspectives on people or situations is a skill everyone should value. When we see through the eyes of another, that’s when we truly understand how they feel.  612 more words


Bundle of unconditional love

Chris Rock jokes that a father’s only job is to make sure his daughter stays off the stripper pole. I chuckle every time I hear the commercial. 299 more words

Personal Pieces

Personal Pieces: Why I think New Year resolutions are stupid.

I don’t know why a New Year is supposed to change us as a person. I hate the idea of resolving that the next year will be better. 215 more words


Who am I, oh dear Airy Conscience?

I am stable, legitimate, positive, loving, loyal, grounded, powerful, inflated-chested influential, calm, wise, beautiful. No wind shall move this stable stone; but what will destroy this illusion of independence? 136 more words

Personal Pieces

Hermit Crab

Homosapien and Paguroidea alike: two animals who live and die according to hierarchy. A hermit crab will spend the entirety of its life in search for the perfect shell: one that corresponds to criteria in both colour and size; as a human will spill his blood and sweat into molding the epitome of himself: a person that perfects the art of mannerism and who gains the wealth of a 1000 other’ average’ men. 50 more words

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