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My 2nd year at university and my absence from the site... (17/07/2017)

It has been just over one year since I last posted on this web page, which was originally produced to keep the main bulk of my research for my 1st years PDP project. 454 more words

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Just Raina

I am not an activist.

Over the last 8 months or so I’ve been caught up in my feelings. Tending to my immediate needs, responding to my trauma(s), and figuring out who I am as I emerge into next-level adulthood ( 1,397 more words

Trump's Win: A Loss for Survivors

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault & Abuse

I created this video in the hopes of sharing a few of the many ways in which the Trump presidency negatively impacts survivors of sexual trauma. 48 more words

Personal Pieces


Someone told me that 24 is the year that women start aging these days. It’s up, up, up until you hit your 24th birthday. I don’t know if that’s true, but I’m going to skip doing the verification research because I don’t necessarily need or want to know anything more about the aging process now that I’ve actually turned 24. 1,075 more words

Blog: Life In Korea

Best friends come and go, but memories are forever

Friendship is a beautiful thing. A bond beyond a simple love and a connection as great as family. However, times move forward, people change, and the lines that once linked even the best of friends can snap at the hands of the fatal blade we call life. 560 more words


The Syria Campaign

Last Friday, one of my co-teachers asked me, “What is it like in America with Donald Trump as President?”

Well, the average American citizen’s daily life is generally no different now than it was before he was elected at this point.   741 more words


I'm scared of being vulnerable

My biggest fear is vulnerability.

As a blog writer, this might come as a huge surprise-especially since my entire blog is literally my feelings- but I cannot stand the idea of not being in control. 595 more words

Personal Pieces