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Meditation and Brene Brown

Currently, I would say I’m undergoing a bit of a process. This whole year, actually, has been a big process, and I’m finally at the part where the uphill begins. 414 more words


The Greater Good and Better Food

Daniel Webster, a senator from Massachusetts during the 19th century once said, “Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labor of man. 1,535 more words

World News

Free Labor is Alive in America

College Athletes Make Millions For Their Schools; Don’t Receive Compensation

Yet another Final Four, and yet another $8.23 million for the University of Kentucky.

According to Forbes, the Kentucky Wildcats, with their nine McDonalds All-Americans and 7 NBA players have earned $8.23 million for their school as a result of their recent run to the Final Four. 344 more words


LGBT+ in the Media

4.4% of the American population identifies as LGBT+ (there are other genders and sexualities beyond what is represented here, hence the + sign).  Yet only 3.3% of characters on TV are shown to be LGBT+ and in a study done by GLADD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) only 17 out of 102 movies made by the major studios contained LGBT+ characters.   865 more words

Personal Pieces

A Take On Whaling By A Japanese American

I’m Mai Kashihara, born and raised in NYC by a traditional Japanese family. Japanese culture has always been a big influence in my life, but being a japanese american opened my eyes to both sides of a very controversial argument. 636 more words

Personal Pieces

Name game: Why I chose to go by tk matunda

My full name is Truphena Kemunto Matunda.

A bit of a mouthful- isn’t it?

Truphena Kemunto Matunda.

Say it with me – Troo-Fee-Na Keh-Moon-Toe Ma-toon-Da… 597 more words



This film was created by myself and three of my peers: Austen
Steinberg, Mattheus Liburd, and Jovic Jerez. It took a lot of planning
and drafting until we realized that it was all for naught and we… 59 more words