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Who am I, oh dear Airy Conscience?

I am stable, legitimate, positive, loving, loyal, grounded, powerful, inflated-chested influential, calm, wise, beautiful. No wind shall move this stable stone; but what will destroy this illusion of independence? 136 more words

Personal Pieces

Hermit Crab

Homosapien and Paguroidea alike: two animals who live and die according to hierarchy. A hermit crab will spend the entirety of its life in search for the perfect shell: one that corresponds to criteria in both colour and size; as a human will spill his blood and sweat into molding the epitome of himself: a person that perfects the art of mannerism and who gains the wealth of a 1000 other’ average’ men. 50 more words

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The Pen and Her Master

What stems beneath the majestic umbrella of the Angel Oak Tree in the heat and congestion of South Carolina? From such a musty, cemented soil, erected are some of the most beautiful and magnificent networks of branching. 38 more words

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Humility, Gravity

The fourth rides into the most painfully obvious milestone that which I’ve neglected. Humility: potentially my weakest quality.

Like gravity, humility is often a disregarded and unnoticed aspect of one’s life. 118 more words

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Leisure: Self-Actualization

The third chapter unveils the first day where my pen meets paper to complete no task other than discussing my monotonous introspection. A very petite, but groundbreaking feat was finalized in my last two days. 169 more words

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Personal Pieces: Why Uni is a 'pain'.

University is supposed to be the best experience of your life. That’s what everyone says, anyway.

Admittedly, my time at university has been exciting and pretty fun. 215 more words


Just A Kiss

Lips communicate in their own form of language – a language that can vary in meaning and purpose. Some are sweet, some are not – regardless all are unique. 1,641 more words

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