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Aching Bones

The image of my bones reflects off the smudged mirror in the dim light.

Bones – they’re the only thing I recognize anymore.

These curves aren’t meant to exist on this mistake of a body. 99 more words


the last day of 2017

We were surrounded by the majestic mountains of El Paso, Texas.

The day was full of opportunity and so we conquered one of my fears: 334 more words


Guardian Angel

We walked through downtown and she gripped my arm before giving me a soft smile; she held me as if I was going to float away. 333 more words


Divorce, but for classy women

When you browse through magazine covers in your local supermarket – I’m sure there’s hardly any thought into how the process even works, wait until you meet my old friend, InDesign. 302 more words

Personal Pieces

The Internet Hasn’t Killed Journalism, and here’s why

Where’s the one place where you can catch up on the North Korea and South Korea declaration of peace, and take a quiz to see what cheese describes your love life? 291 more words

Personal Pieces

Why do I blog?

I started blogging around 17 months ago and originally I planned to use it as a journal to keep a record of my time at university. 388 more words


Writers Write ...

As a writer and even as a creator, you get used to hearing the same advice from people. And it’s one of those pieces of advice that I want to pick apart today. 743 more words

Depression Mention