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HW3: Part 4, More Arduino

For this project we were tasked with assembling an Arduino circuit capable of recording how long someone has been sitting.  We wrote a code that both recorded how long the light sensor was covered, and consecutively lit four LED lights.   85 more words

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HW3: Part 3, Arduino

Unlike the first project we completed using Ardublock’s Psuedocode, this assignment required a button and a light sensor.  These were used to control the flashing of different LED’s that were linked to each respectively.   69 more words

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HW 3: Arduino Part 2

This project was my first time using Ardublock’s Psuedocode to interact with a fully disassembled Lilypad Arduino circuit.  Using Ardublock, my partner and I created a program that consecutively lit four of the LED’s and then sounded a tune out of the buzzer.   69 more words

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