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A Very Brexit Poem

It’s almost funny

The distance through the TV screen

It seems unreal

Larger than life

We are the audience for a political pantomime

Laughing at skits that set the curtains on fire… 97 more words

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The Personal Portfolio Concept supports Change

What is the task and what are the responsibilities of an orchestra musician? Is the role model that is used by most established orchestras in the world still apt for the future? 796 more words

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Valentine's Day Wreath

In the western world, I feel like Valentine’s Day is one of the most controversial holidays. People either love it, enjoy it, or absolutely hate it with a very fiery passion. 936 more words


HW6: Part 1, Creating a Functional Prototype

Link to Group Portfolio

This is our first draft of our final presentation poster.  The poster includes a comprehensive review of our research process and a design of our prototype.

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HW3: Part 4, More Arduino

For this project we were tasked with assembling an Arduino circuit capable of recording how long someone has been sitting.  We wrote a code that both recorded how long the light sensor was covered, and consecutively lit four LED lights.   85 more words

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