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Daddy's girl sneak preview { father and daughter portrait }

520 我爱你

[ Daddy’s girl ] French daddy (Spain mommy)

好感动。首先是西班牙籍母亲替先生安排这次surprise的生日礼物给她先生与女儿的单独拍摄专辑。先生是到了摄影棚门口才知道今天要拍照。据女客户说这两父女感情非常好,每天在家扮小公主,爸爸需扮成王子来迎接公主 (爸爸心里是该有多感动啊)

p.s. 完全遵照小女孩意思执行摄影流程 ,三岁就如此有想法哦。

A surprise photoshoot arranged from wife for her husband and their little daughter. 71 more words

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It was a pleasant surprise to be contacted by a CEO of an international operating corporation to make his personal portrait with the freedom to process the picture in the way I saw him.