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A Week In The Life of A Primary PGCE Student: Exhausted...but happy!

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my massive new venture. I am going to University to train to be a primary school teacher.

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PGCE Primary

Checking in

Hello once again! Sorry I’ve been kinda dead recently. With college and such, it’s been hard to keep up with stories. But, I have many ideas and stories planned soon! 131 more words


Here I am!


Well I decided that it was finally time that I got myself around online more, so here I am. I’m not used to all this so bear with me while I get the hang of it all. 337 more words


last year's me+the terrifying concept of the future

And so, the prodigal returns in shame to her blog. I’ll admit, I’ve opened this page up a fair few times in the last six months and tried to pump out a post about something arbitrary but nothing seemed to stick. 606 more words

Personal Posts

Making it to May

How does one finish a semester of college? I have finished three before, but this one seems harder than the others. That’s probably because it’s true; my classes are harder than ever and my long list of responsibilities at my internship can be overwhelming, if not totally all-consuming. 375 more words


In Celebration

Today I got an email asking for an interview about the Third Culture Kid experience. While it is certainly not confirmed yet, it reminded me to be thankful of all of the amazing opportunities I have received and to celebrate anything I consider to be a success. 31 more words

Personal Posts