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Rambling About Politics on Facebook

Today on Facebook I said I would probably stop posting political posts there. After some offensive responses to some posts which led to the deletion of the comments and the un-friending of a person I had known for 10 plus years. 185 more words

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Why I Always Give Second Chances

Many argue that second chances are for the naive and foolish. However, I can’t help but strongly disagree. My position may stem from my educational background. 612 more words

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Let's face it.

Kristina Svechinskaya will NEVER be my friend or my girlfriend, even though I defended her once before on this same blog. Kristina, like all the other Russian girls, is not worth fighting for, because she ignores all my messages and blocks me, like Yuliya Sokolovska had done before. 711 more words

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Being a Highly Sensitive Person

This post might be long and rambly, but I want to share in case there are other people going through the same thing.

I’ve always been a sensitive person. 851 more words


No real freedom!

NO! NO! NO! NO! I have NO choices here at all in this group home (concentration camp more like it.) I have to wait for the 8-4 staff tomorrow MORNING just to take me somewhere during the day because I cannot go anywhere at night past 9:00 PM. 1,490 more words

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Three Ways Social Fandom Can Inspire Us

I’m a nerd. I’ve been one since Pokemon first aired in little ol’ Aotearoa and I tried to make Pikachus out of modelling clay with my mum.  1,735 more words


'Bad childhoods' aren't trivial

Don’t worry, Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) is an unrelatable term to pretty much every other human as well – a lot of us are living with it every day and didn’t even know it had a name. 2,329 more words