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The shameful truth

Last night I had my cousin break down and open up to me, admitting he has serious problems controlling his life with drink, drugs and sex. 2,078 more words

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How I Started With Makeup

I first began with makeup at age 12, when I started high school. I had a strict dad and┬átherefore, wasn’t allowed to wear makeup when I was younger, however when I started seeing girls at school with black eyes and pink cheeks I became a bit curious. 270 more words

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Im depressed

i cant post anything- too depressed to work on my blog. im sorry :( words of incouragement would help…


Random Acts Of Likes

I find it fun to go to a blog I don’t normally follow and like a few their posts. To me getting random acts of likes is a great thing. 55 more words

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My Graduation Ball

Following on from my graduation day post (if you would like to read that the link is here). The graduation ball’s theme was Las Vegas. 268 more words

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Sorry about the absence!!

After about a year and half, I’m back! A new story will have its first chapter on the site by Monday! :)

-Ryu Shima signing out-

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Words of Wisdom for Incoming Freshmen

While I’m not incredibly wise yet (I’m only 20, give me a break), I have successfully survived freshmen AND sophomore year. I think that puts me in a position to provide some insights on how to… 818 more words

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