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A Week In The Life of A Primary School Teacher- It may be half term, but I've got asssessments coming out of my ears!

Every Sunday (hopefully) I shall be posting a personal post about my life as a primary school teacher. I currently work at a primary school teaching Lower Key Stage 2.

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Personal Posts

I’ve had writers block for the passed two days and I am unsure how to deal with this.

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Coming to terms with PPD

When Cora was born I looked at people who said they had Post partum depression as attention seeking and for some reason thought I was superior for having not had it. 1,084 more words

Personal Posts

October Book Review: Dark Magic: Witches, Hackers, and Robots

Dark Magic: Witches, Hackers, and Robots Anthology

Published by: Owl Hollow Press

Summary: Magic is described as science we do not understand and illusions as tricks of controlling audience perspective. 439 more words

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By T.

I cannot describe how I feel about advertisement, period. Let me try though. I am a very very visual person, I like imagining things, I like visualizing anything that’s in my head, in my dreams. 429 more words


My Career Path

I am a person who does not really one specific interest. I have many varied interests.


Finding a place called Home

I hope I can find a place where I want to live in for the rest of my life.