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Now, most of my friends will tell you, I’m far from a religious man. Christopher Hitchens is responsible for some of my favourite quotes. But I’ve come to realise that religion and spirituality are two very different things. 704 more words

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14 days until I fly off to Istanbul to start my 30 day trip around Turkey and Greece. I’m so unbelievably excited I finally finished buying things I need for my trip like travel sized body lotion, and I will start sorting and packing my stuff next week to make sure I have a very thing sorted. 15 more words


post secret.

Did you know P.S. stands for post secret???

Well P.S. today is July 31, 2015 and I am bored at work and not motivated to do anything BUT write on my blog. 200 more words

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things to remember...

  • boys suck. and if they don’t love you, that’s okay. because you were not put on this Earth to be loved by someone.
  • do not let your happiness depend on anything.
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blogging and life

I never write anything on this blog cause I feel like it is too formal and I have nothing important to say. But whenever I look back at this thing I am always shocked. 203 more words

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A little bit about me

I think it’s right that my first proper post should be an introduction into what makes me tick and some general information to get the ball rolling. 302 more words


summer. summer. summer.

here are 10 things that sum up my summer- in no particular order:

  1. renovations
  2. moving at work
  4. food poisoning
  5. planes. planes and more planes…
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