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London, 3 Months On

I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to write any more blog posts about London. It was an experience, done, finished, wrapped up in a nice little bow. 526 more words


The Hurt Locker, Don't Support the Creators

By the title of this blog you would probably be expecting a review of sorts for the film The Hurt Locker. But no, I haven’t watched the film and I never intend on buying it either. 286 more words

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Use the china

It’s been a quiet week over here at Recovering Corporate; a week full of reflection, gratitude, love, and also, profound sadness. Last weekend, one of my dear, close friends lost her five week old son. 257 more words

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How to Get Ready on a Bad Day

We all have bad days. It’s inevitable. Some worse than others, but still, it happens. But we still have responsibilities that we have to push through and get through the day. 433 more words


I Need You To Know

In July, Joe and I attended my family reunion for my maternal grandmother’s side of the family. We ate soul food, laughed too much, danced in the park, played volleyball, and celebrated our heritage. 1,309 more words

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Why Subtitles Will Always be Better then Voice Over

I tried to watch The Raid the other day and found myself giving up on it a quarter in, maybe because it’s an Indonesian movie dubbed with American voice acting. 184 more words

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Days through my phone

1.  Amazing sky view from the plane window.

2. Two beautiful nail polisher colors.

3. New manicure.

4. Drinking coffe and eating Twix at the airport. 24 more words

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