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The Beginning...

Now begins the journey of accumulating all my work from the past few years to get it up and running as a working portfolio of work, bare with me at the start for there is going to be a huge learning curve and much blowing dust off of old content. 50 more words


Why I hate January.

I hate January. This has been the reason I have been absent from my keyboard. No other month or time of year depresses me quite as much as January, I have google’d for hours trying to work out why exactly… January is bleak, depressing and seems almost never ending. 554 more words


Getting over Screenplay Formatting

As a student of creative writing there are many formats that I have managed to get a grip on or overcome all obstacles that have been placed in my way. 247 more words


Alrighty! I thought I’d start this off with a little bit about labels and all that fun stuff.

Well, as you’re probably aware if you’re reading this blog, gender is a myth/social construct/bullshit. 372 more words


My Personal Masterplan

A transcript of me filling out a personal masterplan. The phrase and process comes from Josh Kaufman: https://joshkaufman.net/creating-a-personal-masterplan/

A “Personal Masterplan” is a short planning document that captures what you want to achieve most within the next three years, then systematically breaks down those goals into the most important actions you need to take…

1,142 more words
Cal Newport

Update from Willow

Hi guys!
Miss you, really, I do! The readers that follow my work know more about me than the people that are physically close to me a majority of the time. 219 more words

Willow Howl

1 Year Together <3

It’s just over a week until Valentines Day – one of the most debated holidays. Some people love it, others hate how it reminds them they’re alone, and a lot of people just see it as the prime example of commercialism. 1,295 more words

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