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Whatsapp - It can be better.

I have to admit that Whatsapp has been really significant in making communication in terms of text, voice and video easy. Imagine still using SMS and been charged for per SMS. 499 more words


Managing Your Twitter With Lists

I rely on my Twitter to get all the latest updates on the topics that are of interest to me. Honestly, I am not into Twitter to boost my social presence or gain followers by blindly following everyone that I come across on Twitter. 557 more words


Notes Taking, The Digital Way.

I am sure that many of us take notes. Let it be for our professions or personal, note taking has become more of a habit then a practice. 834 more words


Why Does Going Home Seem Faster?

This article goes into an experiment by Ryosuke Ozawa and other scientists from Kyoto University who found that subjects perceived a journey from A to B as seeming longer than B to A. 648 more words

Employee Engagement

Notes with Checkboxes - Series "Personal Productivity and Time Management"

Ah, the humble checkbox. How ticking you fills me with joy, a sense of completion, a small bit of the chaos locked away.

Or at least, that’s how I’ve heard some people describe them. 866 more words


My Year Blogging in Review - 2017

So the blog has continued to show linear growth in terms of views over time, I take a good hit though in December.

I only ended up writing 35 new posts in 2017 (that includes things that are not blog posts, like pages I created for new classes). 415 more words


Don't Break the Chain - Series "Personal Productivity and Time Management"

I did say that I got a lot of my productivity tips while reading Lifehacker, right?

This technique goes back to 2007 I read the article there writing by developer… 958 more words