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We have organized selections from our 15MinuteBusinessBooks.com site into six categories.  Click HERE to obtain the recording and handout for the books that you wish to have, at only $9.99 per title.  159 more words

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How to beat procrastination in just 4 weeks: Part 2/5

So here we are, at the beginning of Week 2.

Now that you have downloaded ALL that’s on your mind, what’s the next step?

Why even bother about procrastination? 785 more words

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Pick The Brain And Its Best Productive Tips To People

Pick The Brain is a blog website which is popular for its best productivity tips among people.  It provides outstanding motivational ideas that motivate you to get success in your life. 256 more words

Mission 168 (part 2)

Let’s say that I work 50 hours on average. Most work about 40. I often meet people who work 60.

In a working day it may not always be possible amidst the many and varied demands that come my way to carve out an hour or two to invest in some important new project, or to meet with an interesting new contact to explore exciting possibilities. 163 more words


How to beat procrastination in just 4 weeks: Part 1/5

Although much has been said about procrastination, one thing remains clear … that unfinished business drains our energy!

This is so true, and on so many levels. 687 more words

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Mission 168

This is the start of a new topic that’s been on my mind for a while and I’ve just begun writing. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to join in using #Mission168 if you find it interesting and worth sharing! 184 more words


8 Facets of Ruinous Anger

Anger, we all know is of no avail. It serves no objective. It creates many problems, but offers no solution. Yet most of us get angry. 484 more words