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Productivity is Efficiency x Effectiveness

Book Rec: The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker


The Effective Executive stands as a simple strong lighthouse guiding us away from cheap productivity hacks, time squandering multi-tasking, and good projects that are the enemy of great projects. 666 more words

Book Recomendation

Get organised!

This blog is for people who are a little bit less well organised than they’d like to be. The good news is, the year is still young enough to take yourself in hand and get organised. 327 more words

Personal Skills

The New Day-Timer Malibu Color Is Here!

We know you’ve all been waiting and the day has finally come to show off the new Day-Timer Malibu color for 2016, Rose Pink. 88 more words

Personal Productivity

Trouncing technological distractions

The same research I mentioned last week that showed information workers are interrupted every 4 to 11 minutes also found that half of those interruptions are self-initiated! 434 more words

Working with interruptions

You might be working in an office or on a building site, studying for an exam or or even trying to finish off your expense claim so you can go home on time. 407 more words