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Kill Procrastination Now

Having an Arsenal of go-to productivity books, audiobooks, and podcasts is a necessity for an entrepreneur.

Here is a sampling of my personal arsenal:

Personal Productivity

Manage the time-traps well – essential for your personal productivity

Three personal administrative tasks and is key to your personal productivity. We all deal with them in some way. This development module is about how to move from good to great in managing mail, tasks and your schedule. 764 more words

Early Career Professionals

Let's not forget: Being happy at work really makes you more productive

“This experiment proves that doing fun things at work increases employees’ happiness and subsequently overall productivity.”

Researchers used “happiness shocks.”

A new study says it has concrete evidence that happier employees are more productive in the workplace. 188 more words

Designing Service

On Personal Productivity

Below are some of my tips for personal productivity – otherwise known as “how to survive the daily onslaught of emails, meetings etc. that you will encounter in just about any white-collar job today” ;-) 1,064 more words


Pushing against ‘Impossible’: Mayowa’s Final Push

Many young people are burdened by big dreams. Burdened because, life tends to give reasons why big dreams are not practicable. For this reason, when Nike tells us that ‘impossible is nothing’, we would rather listen to circumstances that affirm otherwise. 640 more words


Is to meet murder? Then design better meetings!

Am I unusual in being excited at the prospect of reading a paper on how to run better meetings? Perhaps I am. But surely they matter – we spend hundreds of hours a year in meetings and complex organisations can’t readily function without them. 435 more words


Get yourself a new perspective on time planning - 32 quarters is more than 8 hours

As a professional you run your life towards a tough schedule with most of the day penciled in for urgent and important matters. Early in your career you tend to schedule you and your peers time in longer session. 732 more words

Early Career Professionals