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Time Management

How do you spend your average day? According to a Huffington Post article, here’s what’s considered a balanced lifestyle.

Breakfast – 22 minutes
Shower – 21 minutes… 49 more words

Personal Productivity

5 Daily Behaviors for 2017

The calendar says 2017.  Unfortunately, far too many of our leaders are leading as if it is 5, 10, 20, even 30 years ago.

Old-fashioned leadership and work styles and out dated, time consuming, and all but useless leadership behaviors are preventing many of our companies from moving forward to be competitive in today’s day and age. 803 more words

Perform / Execution

How To Use Your Day Job To Fund Your Dream Job

What do you do with your entrepreneurial energy when you are at your day job?

If you work for a company but ideally want to work for yourself, you will have moments when your… 815 more words

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Rest In Your I Don't Know

Monday Morning Mindset: Rest In Your “I Don’t Know”

Why is “I don’t know” so bad?
Why do we always have to have an answer? 76 more words

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How To Turn A Hopeless Situation Around Every Time

Hopelessness Is Hope Out of Focus.

It’s perspective. It’s not that hope doesn’t exist; it simply means “lessness” is obstructing hope’s view. To turn a hopeless situation around every time, we must keep the right perspective. 294 more words

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How To Make Frustration Work For You

Frustration can ruin even your best effort, unless you learn how to reframe it and make frustration work for you.

Frustration is an annoyance, anger, or discontentment that disrupts our focus. 104 more words

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Happiness fact 47: 66% of respondents said they’d prefer a 4-day workweek

In recent research led by LearnVest, a full two-thirds of respondents said they’d prefer a four-day workweek. Spending less time at work means having more time to devote to the activities and passions that really make you happy. 63 more words