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Develop in the Morning / Develop at Night

I used to be an all-night coder, but around 20 years ago, figured out that my best hours were early in the morning, up to around 1pm.  497 more words

Personal Productivity

Three Tips To Help You Work Efficiently At Home

There is nothing more liberating than saying goodbye to your nine to five job, and becoming your own boss. But, not everyone is cut out for this type of work either. 463 more words

Personal Productivity

The length it takes from submission to publication

The other day I received a positive comment about my housing demolition paper. It made me laugh abit inside — it felt like I finished that work so long ago it was talking about history. 1,279 more words


Pastor Jason Nelson Reacts To GRIFF’s Ministry Certificate [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

You might not know this, but GRIFF has a certificate in ministry that allows him to marry, bury and Christen people. He is very proud of it and… 275 more words

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How To Be A More Productive Manager

How To Be A More Productive Manager

We all want to do more, be better at what we do and rise above everyone else so that we get noticed, become more popular and get the next step up the corporate ladder. 114 more words

Balance: The Secret of Agile

Some who hear about Agile’s thoughts about self-managing teams often make the mistake to think that there is no discipline or structure in the several Agile Methods and frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban, but nothing could be further from the truth. 78 more words

In Workspace, No One Can Hear You Scream

The tongue-in-cheek title of this article is a reference to the tagline of the classic movie ‘Alien’. Apart from a couple of iconic horror-ish scenes, much of the drama of that movie is suspense – long periods of nothing with intermittent interactions with the unexpected. 786 more words

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