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Emailing with Python and SPSS

Emailing automated messages using Python was on my bucket list for a few projects, so here I will illustrate how to do that within SPSS. Basically the use case is if you have an automated report generated by SPSS and you want to send that automated report to certain parties (or to yourself while you are away from work). 679 more words


Mommy Glass

One of the many wonderful things all the mommies in my life (Elizabeth, Tari, Terri, etc.) taught me is how much you need help.

You all juggle so many balls in the air.   155 more words

Social Media

Create New Spaces for your Work

Today I am talking about virtual spaces rather than physical spaces.

Did you know that the Mac OS and Windows both have ‘virtual desktops’.  These let you customize the desktop for different users on the computer (e.g. 341 more words

Personal Productivity

Three tips for surviving corporate life.

Sometimes the corporate world can feel like career Heaven, with loads of challenging projects and an awesome benefit package.  And sometimes it can feel like cubicle Hell, where you endlessly grind away at something you don’t believe in and are powerless to change. 295 more words


24 Year Old Youtube Bloggers Buys $1.5M House

As seen on dailymail.co.uk

 She began her career as a teenager posting videos on YouTube about fashion and beauty from her bedroom.

But seven million subscribers later internet superstar Zoe Sugg, 24, better known as Zoella, has bought herself a £1million five-bedroom mansion in the Brighton area. 398 more words


#FreeMyFriday - Start with a list

It’s Friday, which, in my world immediately poses one question: is my Friday free?

For some time now I’ve been really focused on helping managers and leaders to seriously improve their productivity to the extent that they have a whole extra day each week, typically Friday though sometimes taken in a couple of half days or shorter regular slots, to concentrate entirely on the the important development work that will improve or move things forward in significant ways. 271 more words


How to make time for the work that matters.

Stop for a minute and think of all the people you work with.  Who would you say is the busiest?

I bet one person pops into your head immediately.  626 more words