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GTD, in 3 paragraphs and 2 asides

You have a lot of ideas that get forgotten through the day. You can’t possibly remember them all; even if you could, you couldn’t sort them all out mentally. 303 more words


Cold Shower Challenge - Four Health/Productivity Reasons to Step Up Your Morning Game

Imagine a scenario for a second…

You wake up in the morning, walk over to your shower and get the shower going and go ahead and step in.   312 more words

Mental Clarity

Time tracking: The best productivity tip ever

I love time tracking, more than life itself. Let me back up and say that what I say “time tracking,” I don’t mean that sort of boring, awful corporate Personal Improvement! 781 more words


Flow And Workplace Interruptions

Picture if you will a vertical axis called ‘Challenge’ and a horizontal axis called ‘Skill.’ Various combinations of challenge and skill can result in a person being in a state of apathy, worry, control… but what we’re aiming for more of is ‘FLOW’ – a magical (not really magical) state where a high level of skill meets a high level of challenge. 39 more words

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The Universal Solvent - how to increase your energy, save money, and live longer

The Universal Solvent.  That is what engineers and scientists refer to water as.  It is an amazing fluid.

Do you ever feel tired in the middle of the day?   318 more words

Personal Productivity

Procrastination: When Will I Get Around To Looking Up The Meaning Of 'Temporal Discounting'?

I showed this video today in a time management workshop I was running. I had a pretty good idea that none of the participants had any issues themselves with procrastination – quite the reverse. 101 more words

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Why Whatsapp Is Worth $19billion

As seen on money.cnn.com

What is WhatsApp? WhatsApp is a mobile messaging service that functions as a kind of a social network. WhatsApp users can send messages to one or many recipients at the same time, and they can even share their locations. 580 more words