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All these feels.

See Usagi’s face right there? That is me this morning and it is 110% accurate. Since Sunday I made friends with cookie dough vodka, and let’s just say the friendship became rather destructive. 1,138 more words


21 Random Acts of Kindness

Hello and good morning! I hope you’re all having a happy day! I am, even though I’m sick.

Next month is my 21st birthday, and I wanted to do something special: 21 random acts of kindness (or more) during the month of May. 163 more words

Personal Rambles

H+ (measuring the addiction)

Food is such a strange drug. It is a blessing and sometimes a curse. But like all drugs, it changes you, both when it’s gone and when it arrives. 162 more words

Personal Rambles

Tea & Musings

Good morning beautiful people and Happy February!

Two days ago I had a very cozy day. I stayed inside all day and sat in the sun for most of the time while the sun was available. 394 more words


Maybe I’ll get a tattoo. Maybe changing on the outside will help me validate that I’ve changed on the inside. Dad will probably be angry that I got another tattoo but I’ll tell him it was either that or slitting my wrist. 14 more words

Personal Rambles

Starting a New Life in The New Year

A Letter To My Abuser,

You dug yourself deep into this hole that you can’t get out of. But you dragged me along too.

And I know you were abused as a child, and that you don’t want to end up like them. 342 more words


KRR: day 27

I had my first PT appointment today without pain meds. I got through the whole workout, but it was much more challenging. The PT workout with Carl lasts an hour, and I was already covered in sweat after the first ten minutes. 306 more words

Personal Rambles