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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline | Book Review

Recently I read ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline. This is Ernest Cline’s debut novel that when it was released as a standalone novel. Since publication it has received much hype and a movie adaptation, now Cline has said he is writing a sequel to the novel. 1,052 more words


The War of my Mental Health

I’m made up of tears that never spill. They sit behind my eyes, in my head, through my body and don’t fall. They build up till it is painful and I have to force myself to cry. 443 more words



When you passed, mum wrote an ode to you. In that, she wrote about how you first arrived at our home with a little rag carrying your mum’s smell. 781 more words


BEDA day 11 - Fears and anxiety

Today, my anxiety has gotten the better of me. This morning, C needed some blood work doing as she’s constantly exhausted. Being the dutiful boyfriend and Fiancé I am I drove her to the doctors office and went in with her. 746 more words


A very unproductive weekend

Haven’t really been working on much, shop wise, this weekend because we have a home appraisal person coming through. Don’t know when which is the horrible thing, the other horrible thing is I might be the only person in the house at the time because my dad is apparently going off to Québec for work then off to B.C. 425 more words

Small Business

Back to clocking in

Being a new business I knew that I wouldn’t be able to make a living off of my store right away, hell I didn’t even think I could make a full proper living off of it for another couple years. 530 more words

Small Business

This is the obligatory introduction post.

This is the obligatory introduction post, because really who doesn’t like to know whose running the blog, or the shop this blog is for?

Let’s start with the basics in more or less point form. 416 more words

Small Business