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You Are Not a Mistake

“But we’re never beyond hope or help.”

You are not a mistake. Sometimes I still have suicidal thoughts. Sometimes it lasts for weeks, sometimes it lasts for a day. 283 more words


Post #1: Or, why the duck quacks

A lot of people say that the true enemy of any aspiring writer is the dreaded ‘writer’s block’. This is a statement that is more opinion than fact, and yet it holds true for some reason. 1,007 more words

Ducky's Brainfarts

The random developments in my personal life.

University is a interesting place that changes you in more ways then you initially realise yourself. I have previously been to university a few years ago and dropped-out which I admit was due to my poor planning on my behalf due to the fact that the course I did not realise in till it was to late that the course I was taking had way to much maths then I could handle. 380 more words

Personal Rambles