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when you try to avoid the f word

Well, fuck. (what is in a word that is meant to be an exclamation but also, not as offensive if not attached to any (human) subject?) 316 more words


I'm Writing a Memoir

Hey, it’s been a while. I honestly just temporarily ran out of inspiration & positive encouragement. I have to brainstorm some more but haven’t gotten around to it- maybe I’m only wise to a certain point. 386 more words


Going Big but Not going Home

Now that I’ve found my routine and stabilised everything in my life (or tried to), I’m finding it hard to stick to the promises I’ve made. 458 more words

Personal Rambles

Growing out of Friendships

Whenever I tell my friends about the previous story, I always get “aww”s or “that’s so sad”. Previously my initial thought was nonchalance but deep down I was a tad annoyed. 546 more words

Personal Rambles


After editing I realised this got way too long. So if you’re interested in the build up and the story behind it, feel free to keep reading. 645 more words

Personal Rambles

You Are Not a Mistake

“But we’re never beyond hope or help.”

You are not a mistake. Sometimes I still have suicidal thoughts. Sometimes it lasts for weeks, sometimes it lasts for a day. 283 more words


Post #1: Or, why the duck quacks

A lot of people say that the true enemy of any aspiring writer is the dreaded ‘writer’s block’. This is a statement that is more opinion than fact, and yet it holds true for some reason. 1,007 more words

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