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Don't Let Others Take Control of Your Life

Hi! Happy June! It’s June right? Time just kind of flew by. How is everyone? I’ve been pretty absent on here lately.

Well, today I want to talk about this quote I rediscovered today. 722 more words


21 Random Acts of Kindness

Hello and good morning! I hope you’re all having a happy day! I am, even though I’m sick.

Next month is my 21st birthday, and I wanted to do something special: 21 random acts of kindness (or more) during the month of May. 163 more words

Personal Rambles

H+ (measuring the addiction)

Food is such a strange drug. It is a blessing and sometimes a curse.┬áBut like all drugs, it changes you, both when it’s gone and when it arrives. 162 more words

Personal Rambles

Tea & Musings

Good morning beautiful people and Happy February!

Two days ago I had a very cozy day. I stayed inside all day and sat in the sun for most of the time while the sun was available. 394 more words


Maybe I’ll get a tattoo. Maybe changing on the outside will help me validate that I’ve changed on the inside. Dad will probably be angry that I got another tattoo but I’ll tell him it was either that or slitting my wrist. 14 more words

Personal Rambles

Starting a New Life in The New Year

A Letter To My Abuser,

You dug yourself deep into this hole that you can’t get out of. But you dragged me along too.

And I know you were abused as a child, and that you don’t want to end up like them. 342 more words


KRR: day 27

I had my first PT appointment today without pain meds. I got through the whole workout, but it was much more challenging. The PT workout with Carl lasts an hour, and I was already covered in sweat after the first ten minutes. 306 more words

Personal Rambles