Maritime Race Weekend - Sunrise

Day two of the awesome Maritime Race Weekend began well before the crack of dawn.  The evening before was filled with surprises as my daughter, Rebecca, participated in her first race at the 5 KM Sunset race.  1,456 more words


We Go Back

Have you ever heard the phrase “glory days”? Do you have any of them?

I have had when I like to call Glory Kicks throughout my adulthood. 664 more words


ETR 10k 2017 

I woke up early today, probably earlier than I needed to, but I was a ball of excitement (and nerves). It’s Evergreen Town Race day benefitting Alpine Rescue Team!! 620 more words


Where to start

Sooooo it’s been a while. My apologies on that – I started a new job and I’m sure you know how getting into a new routine can be… 426 more words

Cincinnati Flying Pig

On erasing my personal records

This past season of training and racing was a huge success for me – not just physically in the act of running, but mentally as well. 368 more words


The Strava Mile


Info boleh baca di sini http://lariansebuahkitab.com/blog/race-the-strava-mileacara-the-strava-milethe-strava-mile/.

Pagi tadi saya pun buatla Strava Mile ni, PR sebelum ini ialah 9:28 (April 2017). Target asal saya mo buat dalam 9 minit tapi semalam fikir – fikir sudah alang – alang buat bagus target tinggi sikit. 182 more words

Running for PR's

Hello! Can you believe it’s already almost July? THIS IS INSANE. Time, slow your roll.

So, a few things have probably changed since last post. I haven’t eaten one donut since, and my running crew (shoutout Kit, Dre, and Bri) and I ran the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon in Duluth a couple weekends ago. 545 more words