Last Best

Personal Records (PR) or Personal Bests (PB) are the best you have ever run at a particular distance, race, or course. Here’s your question:

When did you realize that you would never run faster than your PR?

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How to Run a 5K in 30 Minutes Without Stopping

Eight weeks have passed and you’re finally an Ease Into 5K Graduate. But there are still two aspects of your running you want to improve: you actually want to run a 5K in 30 minutes, and without stopping. 560 more words


P to the R!

Well friends, I must be doing something right in regards to training this time around.  At the end of October, my husband and I trekked up to Oregon to join my parents and his mom for the Columbia Gorge Marathon/Half Marathon. 309 more words


When Failure Changed You

Turning wounds into wisdom…

Everyone fails.  Once, twice or maybe a hundred times; just like Thomas Alba Edison when he thought of creating the light bulb, his failures did not stop him from doing what he loves.  

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Running Through the Years

Well I hit that point where I now crave long runs. It’s freaking HILARIOUS that just a couple months ago I was whining about finding my running groove. 269 more words


The Only Competition is YOU

We often get caught up the obsession with the beating the competition. Comparing ourselves to others. When someone runs quicker than you, or lifts heavier than you. 248 more words


EPIC weekend: amazing running friends and the best race ever!

St. Louis with friends

For months, a group of my running friends from Twitter have been planning racing Rock ‘n Roll St. Louis.  Luckily, none of us had to do anything except register and book our flights and hotel as our Type-A Canadian friend planned every single minute for us and was… 1,688 more words