No More Marathon - What Next?

This happens after each marathon I’ve run- some version of the post marathon blues. Sounds silly, right? It’s a real thing.

I’ve actually enjoyed a more lax workout schedule and no real pressure to have to run when I do exercise. 292 more words


Gett-Itt Core Fitness - Cross Training Day!

Hey it’s Amy and if you’ve been following us so far…you know I’ve been reading a few new running books lately.

Run Less Run Faster… 339 more words

Amy's Stuff

First Half Marathon Race Report

I came into this half marathon with little to no expectations. With a pretty hefty race schedule on the horizon, I couldn’t really afford a taper. 365 more words

Race Reports & What Not To Do

Defying Expectations

Knowing that Fridays are deadlift days and that my confidence with the deadlift has been shaky for the past while, I set myself up with a wee bit of extra motivation in the form of a tank top and a mis-matched pair of socks. 352 more words


How to beat your 5K PR

You’ve been running regularly for some time and have completed a few 5K races. Now what? A new running goal is always a good idea. If you’re still not ready to race your first 10K, you might want to take your racing to the next level, by focusing on increasing your personal record. 506 more words


Rock n Roll NOLA Race Recap

Here it is, the race recap!

You might remember that I’ve been struggling with race anxiety, and that I’ve been actively working to alleviate it. Well, this race I felt pretty calm compared to usual. 1,749 more words