Hello There Wednesday...

I have to admit, I was really defeated after yesterday’s very hot and humid and quite ugly run. I didn’t wander far from my mind at all how bad the run was. 396 more words


Hope Run 5k Recap and Why Local Races Rock!

I mentioned in my last post how this past weekend was extraordinarily awesome :D Well, Saturday was an epic meet-up between two of my fave running groups and Sunday, my husband ran a 5k! 928 more words


New Personal Record

Well the weekend was a bust in terms of working out/exercising. I also cheated hardcore on my diet. We had my graduation party Saturday, and I enjoyed every kind of dish people brought including the red velvet cake. 488 more words


I finished last

But I finished! This past Saturday I completed my first ever 5K race. Out of nearly 220 pre registered racers I finished dead last.

Correction I tied for last place with another first time racer. 165 more words


How to PR Without Training

If you haven’t checked out my race review post, check that out before reading through this super informative how-to post.

Happy Tuesday folks! Welcome to the worst day of week. 456 more words

My Life

Maine Coast Half Marathon: 1:47:59

I signed up for the Maine Coast Half back in March, but ended up on the wait list. The first week of April, I got in, so my husband and I planned a mini trip to Portsmouth, NH. 362 more words


Sangaree Sombrero 5k

Races are fewer and farther between around here when the weather starts to get warmer, but if you look you can usually still find a good 5k to run. 295 more words