Race Report - Gridiron 4 Mile Run

Hi everyone! I have been away from this blog for a few days. Apologies about that but this thing they called a job, kind of got in the way! 1,171 more words


First Signs of Progress

22-28 January 2018

Monday – workout #10

4x 0.25 mile at a range of 1 minute slower and faster than 1 mile goal race pace* with 1¼ minute walking/standing recoveries) 740 more words


First Mumbai Marathon

A couple of years ago, when I begun running again, the enthusiasm of running had set up a little dream of owning the credential of the full marathon on my wall. 2,096 more words

The Beauty of Bishops Events

Hustle-N-Bustle 5K 2016 (Prince William Forest Park Trail)

Toys for Tots 2016 (Old Mill Park)

In hindsight, when I started running in spring 2016 I should’ve chosen a… 492 more words


My Fast One Mile Challenge

The mile, as a race, is an intriguing distance. It is the fundamental unit of measure that all road races are built upon, and yet is often forgotten as a test of… 269 more words


240lbs., Don't Let The Door Hit Ya When You Leave

Dear 240lbs,

I have found someone else. Though you have been replaced by 239lbs that is only temporary as well. 239lbs is just being used. A stepping stone. 188 more words