PRs and Celebrations

It’s the little things that mean a lot. Even my little 70# PR this morning – now that really means something to me. After over two weeks off of workouts while recovering from the pneumonia, I wanted to get out in the home gym and just get a little movement in this morning, and instead I ended up with a personal record on my push jerk. 127 more words

Getting Fit

"Someday" - An Unlikely Runner's Journey

Let me preface this post a bit. My name is Courtney, and I am a recovering skinny-bitch-aholic. My activities through age 27 included .75 years of dance line. 793 more words


Moment of Truth

I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll give you the facts: Yesterday, I tried to run the Youngstown Memorial 5. I say “tried” because by the end of mile 1, I was actually considering dropping out of the race. 626 more words


Your Distance Does Not Determine How Much Of A Runner You Are

My mom started running when she was (I think) 57. She started with 5Ks, and she worked her way up to running half marathons. At some point, we likely knew we would have to be a little realistic: The later in life you begin running, the more difficult it is to avoid injuries because you’re simply not as conditioned. 433 more words


Three Great Responses to "What Was Your Time?"

The first question people ask me after a race: “So, what was your time?” Is it just me, or does this feel similar to “is this your only child?” Part of me thinks it’s no one else’s business, but then I realize that people can just go look it up anyway. 361 more words


TSFM 2016 and My ½ Marathon #11

Yesterday was a runner’s dream. In true San Francisco summer fashion, the fog hung around to keep the weather perfectly cool and the frigid SF wind that can really wreak havoc on race times stayed at bay and all was set for a perfect race day. 757 more words