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Coca-Cola has a message for people who think soda is linked to obesity in Americans - MarketWatch

Shame on the exercise scientists who participated in this ruse by Coke. Shame on Steve Blair of the University of South Carolina whose pioneering work on exercise is now sullied by his apparent need to grovel at the feet of big industry for grant money. 113 more words

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Now Which Amendment Is That, Again?


A woman had her guns taken from her because her husband had a psychiatric issue. She’s suing:

The city took her 12 guns away in 2013.

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A true Prayer of Confession

I have to admit that I am not an avid reader of the local, state or national news.  I get caught up every couple of weeks when I eat breakfast with my close friend who reads daily every newspaper before going to work.   802 more words

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Weekly Torah Commentary -- Ki Tetzei August 28, 2015

Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19

In this week’s Torah lesson we encounter the greatest number of commandments listed in a single reading. Among them is the following: Do not hate an Edomite, because he is your brother. 648 more words

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Americans Do Not Know Basic Exercise Facts

And it shows. Just go visit your local mall. Our ignorance and sloth is on full display.

Americans do not know basic exercise facts to this day.

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Personal Responsibility

By Austin B. Hahn

In my experience, when you don’t take control of your own life, one of the following happens:

1) People try to take control for you, and then you get angry because your life is at the mercy of others’ whims. 36 more words

Should We Worry About Getting Cancer?

So, instead of hyperventilating over the latest, greatest, expensive cancer screen that will make your local hospital administrator and cancer-care witchdoctor (aka oncologist) rich, take better care of yourself. 87 more words

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