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The Parable Of The Stolen Purse

A young man from outside the golden gates of the Shining City stole a purse. His people refused to give him up.

“You want him so you can dispense your justice. 263 more words

Creative Writing

Warning Labels/Stupid People

Buy anything these days and chances are good it will come with a checklist of “thou shalt nots” longer than the Ten Commandants.  For example, my TV came with explicit instructions not to drop this electronic device, hit the screen with sharp objects or operate it underwater.  554 more words

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Vision - This is how we do it

I’ve been having the vision conversation, and not everyone gets it. The audience wanted to know “How is my vision “to enhance the lives of people with whom I make contact’ expressed in what I do on a daily basis?” and “How do the 10 steps help me achieve vision?” I was challenged to give a real example that they could follow. 644 more words

Feel Like a Failure? God ALWAYS has a Plan

Failure. Have you ever experienced the kind of failure that you thought you would never be able to recover from, or maybe even where those closest to you told you could never recover? 455 more words


I Did This For You

My husband and I were at the movies recently and I overheard a conversation between the people sitting behind us. As the movie started to roll, the man said to the woman, “I want you to know, I am only seeing this for you.” My heart sank and I thought, “Hey Mr. 343 more words


Choice Is Overrated 

My program works with people that are court ordered to receive our services. They are told, “Go to group or go to jail.” Essentially they have a choice, but feel forced to engage. 235 more words


Taking on Personal Responsibility

There comes a time in each of our lives where we have to make a choice; the choice to take full ownership of our lives. As I have stated several times over, about so many issues that arise after abuse has ended, this is no simple task. 921 more words

Domestic Violence