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Is Talk Cheap?

It has become easy to express ourselves and put our thoughts out there for others to experience. (The irony of stating this in a blog is not lost…) 339 more words

Mosquito inside the Net

Last night I slept with a mosquitoes inside my mosquito net. I know, yes I hear you. A lot of us can identify with this moment. 432 more words

The Limits Of “Insult Culture”

Whenever I want to feel a little older, I start to recall that National Lampoon’s Animal House, a cinematic celebration of gleeful destructiveness and youthful excess that will soon be celebrating its 40th anniversary, came out while I was in college. 675 more words

Common Sense About Politics And Economics

I'm Fabulous!

If my Saint Bernard puppy Valentino could talk, I’m sure he would say, “I’m adorable! Being big is fabulous! Everyone loves me!” Valentino will confidently waddle up to everyone assuming they want to give him a squeeze. 222 more words


About Ethical Responsibility

“Doing what the Bible says” does not simply do away with the need to decide among values – including Biblical ones.

This was in the reading for yesterday in my daily lectionary: 253 more words

Personal Responsibility

Writing Wright

As a writer, it is an interesting decision to keep a blog. Now granted, at the moment my writing is on a small scale, the odd article here and there, plenty of poetry scattered about, keeping this blog, writing the occasional reflective facebook post, but that is going to change over the next few years. 813 more words

Along The Journey