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Should We Act on our Beliefs? The Vexing Nature of Responsibility, by Rik Peels

Some people think that voting for Donald Trump was a detestable thing to do, whereas others are convinced that we had an obligation to vote for him in order to get rid of the political elite. 1,103 more words

The One & The Many

Good Enough ?

My standards vary depending on the subject matter. After spending 5 minutes cleaning my car, I will step back, notice the remaining dirt and declare, it’s good enough. 162 more words


Being An American Provides The Right To Protest

The elected officials of many cities and municipalities around the United States—including major population centers such as New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco—have declared that they are “sanctuaries” that refuse to cooperate with federal efforts to deport illegal immigrants residing within their borders. 1,267 more words


The Moral Economy of Hunger: Lessons from the US and the Sahel

Marcel Kitissou provocatively charts the cartography of hunger in Sahelian Africa and the United States to challenge dominant representations of the spaces of hunger and, in the face of the proliferation of hunger, call for a “moral economy” that can reconcile “personal responsability ( 6 more words

Flaky New Age Hippies

Once I was working on a series of #binauralbeats #meditations, and the guy vanished. We missed the deadline, never heard from him again 1/3…

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A Brief, Wry Comment on Incarnation

It’s great, but it has its down side. Here’s an example. Nevertheless, as a hermeneutical principle, “the positives exceed the negatives.” 9 more words

Personal Responsibility

How to Start Treating Your Teen Like a (Real) Grown-Up

Parents: how many times have you heard your teen say, You treat me like a kid!” How many times have you responded, “Well, it’s because you act like one!”? 546 more words