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Personal Responsibility & Accountability:

We don’t hear a lot about personal responsibility and accountability anymore, or at least, I don’t online and I didn’t on my college campus. It’s an easy thing to try and brush off, nobody wants to take… 453 more words


Sticking to Convictions

What do you do when faced with a disaster?

So many of us tend to disregard the emotional impact of negative things.  As though it shouldn’t matter how you feel.  208 more words


There’s a pro-cycling argument that vilifies car drivers. When you drive, you kill the planet.

Fallacies aside, there are cyclists who also own cars, whom I’ve heard defend their car usage as judicious and planet-healthy by taking only long highway trips, and by only driving on weekends, and so forth.

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Well-respected journalist, Dan Rather, posted on Facebook today (June 20, 2017). Below, in reverse chronology, are my response, then Rather’s post, and finally the editorial…

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Three Big Questions That Can Determine Your Future

People have a propensity to concentrate most of their thoughts and energy into either the past, present, or future, with their preferred time realm a result of a complicated set of personal circumstances and experiences.  441 more words


North Korean Cruelty and Personal Responsibility (Otto Warmbier Reaction)

Being such a heavy topic, this might seem like an odd choice to discuss as my first blog entry here, but it’s one of the biggest news stories right now, and I’ve already spent half the day reading all of my friends’ thoughts about it on social media. 2,208 more words

Current Events

Luck is a factor

“She’s so lucky.”

“Everything comes so easy to him.”

While luck is a factor in life, it’s not the only one, nor is it one over which we have any control.   109 more words

Personal Responsibility