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Is Cruz a Hypocrite About Kids?

This is a question I was asked three or four times today.  I guess my Cruz 2016 coffee mug and bumper magnet on my Prius make me a target for this (and questions about a hybrid-driving member of the Cruz Crew), but it doesn’t make me an expert on the campaign’s strategy.  823 more words


Fan Day Go...

“Me winning isn’t. You do.” Ty Webb

The Jig Is Up…

Some athletes know when the time is right to hang up their cleats. John Elway is the supreme example of this. 1,136 more words


Taking care of my side of the street

Yesterday I got an email from UNIQLO pitching me Valentine’s shirts, well actually simple Oxford shirts but apparently there’s some kind of connection. It finished up with the lines “Crazy about them, but not their style? 1,417 more words

Life In General

The Truth about Fear

Over the last four months, fear has taught me some truths.

Truth #1: Fear is real.  Fear is simply a threat to something you care deeply about. 894 more words

Post LifePlan

Weekly Torah Commentary - Mishpatim Feb. 5, 2016

Exodus 21-24

This week’s Torah reading opens with this verse:

Now these are the ordinances which you shall place before them .  21:1

The word ‘ordinance’ is defined as ‘an authoritative decree’; an edict, an injunction, a command, rule or mandate.  910 more words

Weekly Torah Commentary

My Case for Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz

I am often asked by those I come into contact with daily why I support Ted Cruz.  I begin to explain the reasons, but am invariably stopped by a question, often asking me to compare positions, ideology or the such with one of the other candidates.  1,838 more words


How to Take Care of Yourself When… You Need to Change Course

“I need to either change my work contract or find another position, but I don’t know how to go about making this change without upsetting others. 1,643 more words