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Find Your Passion?

It seems like all millennials and everyone who speaks to millennials talk all about passion.

“Find your passion”

“Follow your passion”

“Do what you’re passionate about and the money will follow” 482 more words

In My Hand - #WATWB

It seemed fitting to include a copy actually written in my hand.

In My Hand

In my hand,

I have a choice.

By my hand, 109 more words

Arma Virumque Cano

The news out of London today, regarding the attack on Parliament, is tiresome. Not so only from the repetitive nature of predictable aggression from adherents of an ideology of conquest and subjugation, but amplified by acculturated false premises enabling tragedy among the civilized. 742 more words

Personal Responsibility

Last week We had an overview of all six habits of successful people.  This week we will focus on the first and most important one. 511 more words


Trying To Beat The System 

Losing weight takes dedication, focus and honesty. I know I am over simplifying. Yet I also think we tend to overthink the process. We can all come up with reasons/excuse why we can’t fit into our pants. 147 more words


Leslie Gaines, aka Leslie Moreland Gaines, aka Leslie M. Gaines

Leslie Gaines is a criminal, a con man and an artistic failure. He has stolen — from me personally — business assets worth at least $66,000. 177 more words


Ethics in Blog Posting

Blogs are a publicly viewable site so bloggers should be cautious as to how they conduct themselves in each post. While technically they are a personal website to publish personally written content there are some ethics that should be considered. 114 more words