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A Happy Ending Story: Iceberg the Dogo Argentino

I can spend hours being critical of the Italian society but when it comes to pet welfare I can only “tip my hat” to my native country. 514 more words

Dogs In High Definition

Is marriage reliable?

I worry about the reliability of marriage. Weddings make me uncomfortable. I wonder if the couple truly grasp what it is they’re getting into.

When I got married I asked the registrar at the church what name I should sign. 465 more words


Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

We did finally talk some about Daniel 9, but mostly our class turned into an occasion for people to confess some of the stresses and concerns of the immediate political season. 486 more words


empowering the black community in the US

“Racism” is used (much as “anti-Semitism” is used with Jews) to get black folks to queue up and march in lock-step with the ideology of perpetual victimhood.  502 more words


The Law of Integrity

Understanding the Law of Integrity has had a tremendous impact on my life; and I believe it could dramatically change yours as well. I was first introduced to the Law of Integrity through an incredibly fascinating book called  710 more words

Dog Grooming

"Be selfish enough to care how you feel"

I claim no credit for the above quote. It is a line from Abraham Hicks’ Law of Attraction workshops. But it bears some scrutiny.

We typically recoil from the accusation of selfishness. 310 more words


Fruit Inspector

I just want to stand back and say, ‘what in the world is going on?’ I am so sick of drunken, dope infested, PLOM (Poor Little Old Me)  ridden individuals, I could throw up.   870 more words