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NaPoWriMo Day 26

So I’m more than a little behind again. But I’m still in there trying. This is the first of five that I have to post to make the target by month’s end. 114 more words


Nature's Resiliency

I’ve started to work on my gardens early this year. Early for me anyway. And once again I was impressed with how plants can take what’s done to them and bounce back quickly. 560 more words

Lessons Learned

Are You Feeling It?

When do you experience true enthusiasm? Do you wake up excited about what the new day will bring? What do you really really really want? 110 more words


The Lack of Personal Responsibility in the Modern Feminist's Narrative

I recently came across these  pictures  in my news feed on a social networking website.

Firstly, I think the statement being made is very sexist, considering the fact that it supports the notion that ONLY men rape & ONLY women are victims of rape! 345 more words


Key to longevity is key to acceptance? TRY, TRY HARD

A major key to acceptance is to not give up TRYING.  I don’t mean ‘do not give up trying to be mean’, I mean ‘do not give up trying to be nice’, negotiate, do not give up wanting to be accepted for the right reasons, by the right people. 724 more words

Mental Health


APRIL 26 2017

By inference, Blog Is It Right poses a question. It asks the reader to consider ‘the ideas and concepts’ presented in each discourse and form a view of their own. 2,079 more words


Turn it Around

Don’t like how “it” is going?
You can take action, and turn it around!