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Personal Revelation and Repentance

I wrote an entry in my journal a little over a year ago, that stated:

“I want to write how I am feeling, however the empty page seems to be describing it perfectly.” 1,080 more words

What is it like to be the Father's friend?

What is it about your suffering that is so desirable to be identified in? Why do you focus only on the parts of the Word that speak of grace and building each other up and healing and restoration? 884 more words


A Note from Over Ground

Most New Yorkers never look up. Want proof? Note how, in their groping efforts to create something resembling a news story, reporters overlook an entire class of people, whose lives are ruled by the weather. 525 more words


Run With It!

When things flow easily to your mind, and thoughts present themselves more quickly than usual…

That’s the Spirit of God working upon you.  It is Inspiration. 201 more words


How to Preach the Gospel Without an Education

For a long time, I have had insecurities about my intelligence and what I was able to understand. I would sit in a service and would struggle to understand what the speaker was talking about. 645 more words

Personal Revelation

Change of Direction

I had full intentions of doing a second part to my Moab trip, which obviously hasn’t happened, so I’m going to incorporate some of what I had in mind for that post into this one, including my first video uploaded to YouTube, yeah first one I know. 982 more words


Welcome (Enlightenment Piece)

That’s me. Dylan. I have been instructed to leave off the rest of my name, so that is what you shall come to know me by. 985 more words