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The Dishonesty of Certainty - Bearing Testimony

Around the first Sunday of each month, devout Mormons will go without food for a period of time, called fasting, and donate money to the church’s charity fund. 888 more words


Principles of Revelation

So I have been going through an old study journal and I found this little list of thoughts that I wanted to capture on my blog.   619 more words


"And upon the Handmaids in Those Days Will I Pour Out My Spirit"

I came across this talk by Sister Julie B. Beck for the first time in a while today. It is really an incredible sermon that talks about faith in Christ, the blessings of having the Holy Spirit to guide us through personal revelation, and the role of the Relief Society organization in teaching, inspiring, and strengthening the sisterhood of Christ. 155 more words


An Ending, A Begining

This year has been a very rough start.  Myself and my family have now lost three people that brought joy and understanding into our lives.  As I look Back on what they taught me and what we talked about I have found living in fear for the past 9 years and not writing was a waste of my time.  271 more words


Personal Revelation Monday

” Tag it” will now be set for Tuesdays, it sounds better to say “Tag It Tuesday” anyway!

Monday is now reserved for tidbits of personal revelation I wish to share with you. 10 more words


Lifted Up at the Last Day

“Lifted Up at the Last Day”: Thoughts on Personal Revelation

By Ken K. Gourdin

Some time ago as a member of the High Council, President gave a masterful talk in the Tenth Ward on the nature of revelation. 1,316 more words

Can God Speak Without Authority?

A crucial question taken from Out of Formationby Gary Gilley:

“Is it possible for God to speak in a non-authoritative way? Is it possible for Him to speak something less than His inspired word? 57 more words