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Revelation of Personal Potential

I had two experiences this week that reminded me of a quote I wrote down back in 2007. At that time, I was watching an episode of a new TV series — not a very good one actually, but one I had just sort of “connected with.”  In one of the episodes the main character, who has seen her second love relationship fail and who is finding life in a new community extra challenging, experiences a revelation about her personal potential. 350 more words

Do You Know Who You Are?

How often have you thought you wanted something only to find that after having it, it didn’t bring with it the impact or delight you had expected? 2,904 more words


Never Again

I think maybe I will never again tell one of my own potential family members that I am a “genetic” genealogist. I think it scares them a bunch. 1,229 more words

Personal Revelation

Like We Need Another Hole In Our Head

Reality Tv. I don’t like it much. We need another reality show like we need another hole in our head. Wait, do we need another one? 1,232 more words


Ingersoll means... the Vikings pissed off the wrong people.

This is gonna be an evolving topic. I insist upon getting to the truth because I smell a dirty rat among us.

In the grocery store today I was mindlessly wandering down the cheese row & not really thinking about anything. 574 more words

Personal Revelation

Omni 1

And behold, the record of this people is engraven upon plates which is had by the kings, according to the generations; and I know of no revelation save that which has been written, neither prophecy; wherefore, that which is sufficient is written.

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Perhaps this is my circus...

And maybe these ARE my monkeys?

I am referring to the superpowers some genealogists are accused of having. I’ve been to many genealogy conferences & conventions & I’ve taught several classes on the fundamentals of genealogy, so I hear the chatter among the ladies. 2,897 more words