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The “Me too” posts on social media have me feeling ill at ease. I recognize the courage of those speaking up. In the not so distant past, we were ashamed to admit aloud that we had been violated. 836 more words


Be prepared; Everything is about to change.

I have just started this blog to make what I feel the Lord has asked me to write available to whomever is interested.  This may be my first and only blog; we’ll see what the Lord wants to do with it. 1,432 more words


Soul Moments

May there be each day

in all our lives

some moment when we are called,

nay, brought to the doorway

of our soul’s sanctorum,

where the physical, sloughed off… 65 more words


To the Youth in Seminary

As I listened to Presdent Monson’s address to us this past General Conference, some things popped out at me when I heard him say these words: 353 more words


“It made theology relevant to my own lived experience again”—Michelle Lee on the 2017 Mormon Theology Seminar

When we think about our testimony, what is it based upon? How is it not only relevant to us, but more relevant in how it inspires others? 432 more words


Let Him Be Dad!

My husband, Robert, tends to be a quite person, but there are times when his words linger with me and I cannot help but reflect on them. 342 more words

Discovering My Heart

Fighting For My Mind

It is easy to fall into a rut and it doesn’t help when you have lost all motivation to try and climb out of it. In my experience, that is when Satan moves. 369 more words

Discovering My Heart