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How's Your Spiritual Reception?

Doctrine: The Gift of the Holy Ghost is about being in constant communication with the Almighty God. The baptism of fire, or the Holy Ghost, is prerequisite to entering God’s celestial kingdom. 1,992 more words


When It's Just "In Your Blood..."

What is in your blood? Depends on who you ask, but a genie has the best answer.

Nature vs Nurture… it’s complex. At least, that is what the scientists say, but as a genealogist, I can make it simple. 2,293 more words

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For Kids, Genealogy Is A Super Power

Is genealogy for kids? YES! Especially, in fact.

When I talk to my kids about genealogy, Chances are that they’re all sitting in a circle in the living room. 953 more words

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Why Genealogy

No reason, I just wanted to be called a Genie. Just kidding. I had an agenda. Still do. Philanthropy now, making the world a better place, one family tree at a time. 1,139 more words

Personal Revelation

God wants to give us answers, but we have to ASK. 

Good times hanging out in Grandma’s hammock.

1 Nephi 15

I love that the footnote for “ask” in this verse links to James 1:5-6. Oh, how Heavenly Father wants to bless us with understanding, but we must learn to ask in faith. 68 more words

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God’s Revealed Will vs. Searching for Revelation on Your Own

 Ensign, ‘And Upon the Handmaidens in Those Days Will I Pour Out My Spirit,’ May 2010; “The ability to qualify for, receive, and act on personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life.” – Julie Beck 178 more words

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