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Communicating with the hard-of-hearing

Communication is a skill everyone should learn how to do. 7% of communication is the words that are spoken, 38% is the tone, and 55% is body language. 720 more words

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Work Stories #3

Wrongfully Accused.

This story is not about me, but rather about another employee that I work with. His real name will remain masked, but we will call him Eric. 618 more words

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Work Stories #2

Boy, I got a good one for you today. This has got me all riled up. So, this story has about three parts: what happened, what the customer says happened, and what I have to do about it. 555 more words

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That moment when your head is just full of ideas, but you feel like they can’t find the way out.
Like they are trapped inside your skull, your hand can’t know how to tap words anymore, and like your pen is out of ink, but you try anyway to get them out and to express them. 169 more words

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Bring more great people...Before their death

I gave up writing in my blog since for a while , because I feel that anyway, no one cares or interact with me in here , but I have to say that I love writing and sharing stories and thoughts. 222 more words

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