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Why should I (you) care about...

Religion, Worldview, Christianity, and The Bible?

This is really the place to start isn’t it? Because if you don’t know why you should care, you’re not going to actually care about the information presented. 2,659 more words

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Marruecos: un viaje a las profundidades del alma (5/14)

Día 3: Momentos de reflexión

A la mañana siguiente nos levantamos con bastante resaca. Era el aniversario de la muerte del padre de Elena. Yo poco sabía de él. 1,327 more words

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What is a worldview?

A worldview is the perspective through which you understand and approach life and the world. It is a mindset through which we process / interpret the world around us. 206 more words

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This year, I am taking a psychology class. It is very interesting and I hope to share what I am learning along the way. Also, I figure that writing this will help me to remember what I am learning better. 229 more words

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5 September 2018

Diary of a Wimpy Kid?…

I sure felt that way this morning. To the people that know me, I may seem like I have it all put together sometimes because I try to balance everything, but any day that seems perfect usually isn’t. 627 more words

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The Justice of Q: is John McCain really dead?

Originally written on: 26-08-2018

The press have been having a field with the death of Mr McCain. On both sides there have been attack and condolences. 1,904 more words

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Marruecos: un viaje a las profundidades del alma (3/14)

Día 2: Descubriendo Marrakech

A la mañana siguiente dormimos hasta tarde y nos levantamos, resacosas, con el sol del mediodía. Rubén partió temprano, y nos dejó una nota agradeciéndonos la noche anterior. 834 more words

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