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Embracing a SAHM identity (or not) (1) - To be continued...

I am not cut out to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) simply because I am not the stay at home kinds. As elitist and pretentious as that sounds, and completely aware of the fact that even SAHM don’t literally only stay… 1,041 more words


No "work"

I have no “work” these days and the acceptance of that reality is bittersweet. I quit my professional career when we moved to San Jose from Chicago and I have not yet completely gotten used to that loss of identity. 559 more words

Toddler Days

Im Not Dead.... just busy

Hello People….. I know its been like forever…. so much is going on in my life.. I barely have time to stop and breathe…. let alone update my blog… but I know some of you are worried.. 434 more words

Personal Self

"I guess I'm still fat!" - Post partum reality

Okay so I am a feminist. Have been for as long as I can remember. Even when I don’t remember being one or identifying myself as one, I was a feminist because of my long standing values and principles – which have remained steady for all of my adult life and even younger. 693 more words


Cue: the wind

The wild weather
And the wild woman
Have boarded the same train

I am spirit
I am here, deal with it
I’ve kept things gentle for too long now… 69 more words


What's with all the questions?

Answering questions is not my forte.

Question me and you will get a response that is almost never what is expected, particularly if you’re wanting me to ease your doubts. 562 more words


On love, part 2

Endless it seems
Laughing at the notion
Of an empty vessel
It’s never barren!

Spilling love left and right
I pause to discuss the
Silliest front-page article. 161 more words