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A special memory I would like to share with you…

He was truly delightful and made me giggle a lot, but mostly I was awestruck by his performance, watching from the wings. 336 more words


Hello, all!

I’m a little fish in a big pond. But this pond isn’t gonna stop this fish from swimming to its potential.

I’m a student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in film, hoping to someday be a part of the film industry. 75 more words


An Inner Monologue with my Jogging Playlist

I went for a run in preparation for my upcoming 5k race yesterday. I call it a run because that is common parlance. In reality, what I do is more of a jog or if you ask my husband, a “slow jog”, so slow in fact, that he considers it akin to his “fast walk”. 1,456 more words


Metaphorical Mountain Climbing

It was only when I finally accepted the reality of my situation within the dominant paradigm that things started to really shift and rearrange themselves in my internal landscape. 775 more words