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A special memory I would like to share with you…

He was truly delightful and made me giggle a lot, but mostly I was awestruck by his performance, watching from the wings. 336 more words


Hello, all!

I’m a little fish in a big pond. But this pond isn’t gonna stop this fish from swimming to its potential.

I’m a student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in film, hoping to someday be a part of the film industry. 75 more words


An Inner Monologue with my Jogging Playlist

I went for a run in preparation for my upcoming 5k race yesterday. I call it a run because that is common parlance. In reality, what I do is more of a jog or if you ask my husband, a “slow jog”, so slow in fact, that he considers it akin to his “fast walk”. 1,456 more words


Metaphorical Mountain Climbing

It was only when I finally accepted the reality of my situation within the dominant paradigm that things started to really shift and rearrange themselves in my internal landscape. 775 more words


The quintessential mommy work clothes, hair, and make up: My version anyway

Getting anywhere with kids needs a lot of preparation. I have long said good-bye to days when I could take my time getting dressed and get my hair (should I straighten or curl) and make up done (what shade of lipstick should I go with today). 1,418 more words


My time, Me time, and time for myself

One thing that is often sacrificed with the arrival of kids is time. Sure you learn to appreciate time in other ways and if you’re like most parents or moms I know, keep an ongoing list of many ‘first times’…the first time your baby smiled, the first time she spit food at you and so on. 1,095 more words


Embracing a SAHM identity (or not) (1) - To be continued...

I am not cut out to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) simply because I am not the stay at home kinds. As elitist and pretentious as that sounds, and completely aware of the fact that even SAHM don’t literally only stay… 1,041 more words