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My fear is like a terrorist

Let your fear politely inform your actions rather than completely hijacking them. RM

Most useful conclusion for me to arrive at in terms of freedom and authenticity could be that every emotion is valid at the time it arises, but…

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What are you looking at?

Now here is the second “Missive from the scrap heap”. It was written in response to a request a couple of days ago but it turned out to be inappropriate for that purpose. 223 more words


Eclipse in Scorpio

Today, I have two posts that are essentially “Missives from the scrap heap”. They are both on the topic of beauty and they have both been rejected by their original audience. 319 more words


On love

I used to idolise people
From afar.
Fallible, flawed, futile
Fumbling in the dark one day,
Flying at rainbows the next.
Measuring the dimensions of my worth… 139 more words


Let me out!

Take a hammer and smash this thing
Throw a wrench in the bloody fire
Take a nail and pierce my left eye
Sear my heart with red-hot iron… 56 more words


At times like this

Outside of time there is only one
Who arrives, departs and returns
Who is and will always be
Who says “Existence, I am here” 87 more words


A little outburst...

In times like these when nothing can be done,
We give one-hundred-per-cent to the doing of nothing.