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I Do Nothing

  • What if there is only doing and no doer?
  • Only planning and no planner?
  • Only movement and no mover?
  • Only breathing and no breather?
  • Only seeing and no seer?
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Goodbye Porridge, Hello Turnip

I made this for breakfast

Roasted turnips and barley

A miraculously poached egg

If it’s winter then let it be winter.

I feel much better now… 10 more words



I can’t tell you about my origins
Only that I was conceived
Not consciously of course
Far less unique than original

Forty-eight years ago today… 144 more words


The Rabbit Wars

So now my dearest boyfriend Jet, has brought home a rabbit, on the plus side it is cute.. not like those ugly ass crabs… and it does not make any noise.     776 more words

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The Crab Conflict

Sooo… we are back… and now I am still in shock over seeing those scary ass crabs… I told Jet… I do not want those things in the house.. 753 more words

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The Fish Issue

I love my boyfriend Jet with all my heart… he is strong, handsome, protective, a little silly… and a good housekeeper… clean is always a good quality in a man. 571 more words

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My War With the Toilet!

Guys… I am telling you the Chinese toilets are bound to kill me one day…. they are after me….. don’t laugh…. my latest encounter…. is the battle of the iPhone…. 590 more words

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