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My War With the Toilet!

Guys… I am telling you the Chinese toilets are bound to kill me one day…. they are after me….. don’t laugh…. my latest encounter…. is the battle of the iPhone…. 590 more words

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My Busy World....

I know a lot of you have been wondering what happened to me….. why haven’t I been blogging as much…. well… I am not sick, 。。。。 I am not dead…. 1,058 more words

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Things are always Changing....

Hi everybody…. (in my 2 broke girls Sophie voice)

I am here to update you on all the changes going on… I know you are thinking there are always things changing in my life… but honestly things in China or actually any foreign country are never very stable when you are and expat. 462 more words

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Our Little Self Has Been Caught in Adolescence

“He seems a sorry figure, weary, worn, in threadbare clothing, and with feet that bleed a little from the rocky road he walks. . . 659 more words


My fear is like a terrorist

Let your fear politely inform your actions rather than completely hijacking them. RM

Most useful conclusion for me to arrive at in terms of freedom and authenticity could be that every emotion is valid at the time it arises, but…

262 more words

What are you looking at?

What are you looking at?

The truth of me is not beautiful at all
It’s the story of so much blood, tears and mud
Seeping into crevices, drying out and cracking… 223 more words


Eclipse in Scorpio

Today, I have two posts that are essentially “Missives from the scrap heap”. They are both on the topic of beauty and they have both been rejected by their original audience. 319 more words