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Foretelling the Future ?

Recently my friend and I had a discussion about revolutionary products that dramatically changed the world. Naturally we talked about the printing press, the telephone, the automobile, air travel, the telephone etc. 363 more words

How to be 'The World's Greatest Salesperson'

When you think of personal selling, you think of pushy, unrelenting salesman. The types who are hot on their feet as soon as you enter their store, making sure that they vacantly tell you how great you look and how much their £2000 designer bag would suit you. 419 more words

I’ll Just Leave My Literature

Be it just a one sheet with your latest sales promotion or a full color brochure, if you haven’t met with a person, why would you ever leave your company’s literature behind? 561 more words


How To Be a Successful Sales MANAGER

Must-have Traits and Skills for Successful Sales Managers

Selling is a challenging career where only a few do very well – to master this you have to be able to master skills in a number of contrasting and complex areas. 509 more words

What is the Marketing Mix

Marketing is a creative way of business enhancement and thus marketing mix is the combination of several strategies to achieve this goal. It is believed that using a single specific strategy may not be as advantageous as a combination, and this is the aim of marketing mix. Although many people

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Marketing Strategy

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing uses the Internet and social media making it easier for business to connect with customers and build relationships with those customers, this way, repeat purchases are encouraged. 65 more words

Online Marketing

How To Deliver The Perfect Pitch

  • Pitch only for work or business that is right for you and your company – far better to wait patiently for the right pitch than to end up with work or business that you cannot really do well.
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