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Marketing Mix: People

People are the most important element of any service or experience. Services tend to be produced and consumed at the same moment, and aspects of the customer experience are altered to meet the individual needs of the person consuming it. 891 more words


When Tupperware Does More than Store Food: Sales as Empowerment Among Indonesian Women

Tupperware may have started as an American company, but its primary sales markets have been overseas for years. Germany took top place for a while; today though, the biggest market for the plastic food container systems is Indonesia, where the company earned approximately $200 million in sales last year. 358 more words

Chapter 08: Global Marketing

My digital world

Shockingly, there are 3.010 billion active Internet users in the world (We are social). The digital world is expanding exponentially and we are globally connected than ever before as we live in this age. 527 more words

Digital Communication

How much is too much? – Selling your service without overtaxing your customer

We all have, at one time or another, wondered how something actually works – and then finally given up trying to understand it. The feeling that results is anything but satisfying. 1,015 more words


Make That Sale - How To Deal with Objections

Make That Sale – How To Deal with Objections

No matter what you’re pitching, your audience will probably have some objections or reservations.

This can be a real challenge if you have not considered why someone would not want to buy your offer especially if the adrenalin starts flowing and you lose some of your normal, refined self-control. 275 more words

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Pemaksimalan Sales Person Demi Tercapainya Target Penjualan

Dalam rangka memperkenalkan produknya pada khalayak luas, perusahaan tidak akan lepas dari kegiatan promosi. Promosi merupakan suatu media komunikasi antara penjual dan pembeli atau produsen pada konsumen yang bertujuan untuk merubah sikap dan tingkah laku mereka. 484 more words

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Personal Selling (Chapter 15)

Personal selling is one of the primary topics of Chapter 15. Here are a couple of videos that you can use with the chapter and a link to Victor Antonio’s YouTube channel. 142 more words