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"Tell us about your World"

This was a PS prompt for the UC schools last year when I applied. Other than the fact that I was fortunate enough to get into UCD,UCI and UCSD, I have always had a soft spot for them in my heart because this was their PS topic. 327 more words

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When Silence Is Golden

It is not a principle of branding, per se, that silence is golden; just the opposite normally, since getting the message out is the point, and messages seem defined by noise, however subtle or clever. 1,010 more words


Personal Statement

Q: Summing yourself up in 4000 characters whilst convincing a medical admissions officer that you are the person they want to interview: how hard can it be? 1,026 more words

Belize, We Love You For So Many Reasons

I said a while back that you would be hearing more on Belize, and tomorrow after I arrive there I will keep that promise. For now, in the… 28 more words


Putting A Value On National Parks

Academic research publications tend to appear dry and out of reach to most non-academics. As someone who prepared for an academic research career, but who subsequently left that career, I am conflicted in what to say about that. 449 more words


Admissions Essays and Personal Statements

When I applied to all 6 of my prospective colleges I used the Common Application portal online. This essentially allowed me to fill out one application and write one essay that would be submitted to each of the institutions to which I was applying. 772 more words

Kerala Beef Fry

Last week, sitting with a new colleague for lunch–I had ordered a classic north Indian version of the ubiquitous biryani served across the country; she had ordered a very Kerala dish, one with beef–I wondered why I had not ordered what she ordered, since it is the more local dish, and I am still not vegetarian. 439 more words