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Forward To The Past

A few days ago I mentioned, in reference to my recent visit to Belize, an earlier visit to Tikal in Guatemala. In the photo above, taken in 1999, three future Raxa Collective contributors ( 567 more words


Lost & Found, Geological Trickery, Conservation

I had the opportunity to visit a site in Belize that had been on my radar for most of the last two decades. On my radar, but chance had conspired to keep me away, until last week. 618 more words


Stop résumé-ing your essay

Let’s talk about personal statements, statements of purpose, application essays. You know when you see an essay that is more like a resume?

“I did activity A for 20 hours each week, then I got these grades, then I played X, Y, and Z sports, and then I volunteered at place Beans and place Coffee, bla, bla, bla….etc etc etc.” You get my drift. 500 more words


Please Do Not Close The Door, Iceland

We have had a thing for Iceland for a few years now, mainly due to Seth’s honors thesis. But none of us currently contributing to this blog have actually been there, yet. 592 more words


Intangible Heritage Worthy Of Conservation

Who gets to decide what is worthy of conservation, and what is not? I am given reason to think about this on a regular basis, given the work that we have been doing for the last two decades. 562 more words


Relentless Files -- Week 21

*An essay every Friday in 2016*

“What world do you imagine? What are you doing to make that world come to be?”

I posted this on my FB this week because I’ve been thinking about this a lot since starting this junior college essay writing class where I help 2nd semester juniors start the process of writing the personal statement for their college essays. 2,103 more words