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Deleting Uber

Shame on me for waiting until today to finally do it. I started hearing one year ago from friends and family about why they had decided to stop using Uber. 413 more words

Personal Statement

You tube, I tube, we all tube!

Happy Sunday everyone!!

I hope you all had an exciting weekend – or at least more so than me. Let’s just say I did NOT get my share of vitamin D these last couple of days. 1,117 more words


Recipe For Reconciliation

The New World, as the Americas are often called, was new to the Europeans–aka explorers, pilgrims, pioneers, settlers, colonialists, conquistadors–but of course was the long time homeland to a diverse mix of indigenous people from the very north of the hemisphere all the way down to Tierra del Fuego. 446 more words


Archaeology Lab 101

Much of the scientific rigor involved in archaeology is related to the careful documentation of what often appears to be a proverbial needle in a haystack: tiny flakes of chert stone, potsherds, or obsidian can be found in the layers (or lots) of a… 185 more words


Getting Your Archaeological Feet Wet

Day #2 at CCAP began with the same sense of camaraderie as Day #1 as we continued the process of clearing out topsoil, clipping roots, hauling soil and stone, and yes, … 242 more words


Protect Pleasant Planets

A dozen years ago I had a work assignment that took me into the Arctic Circle for an extended period this time of year. I recall going a bit crazy, but a good crazy, with lovely bright sunshine at 2am each day, which impacted my ability to sleep. 457 more words

Personal Statement

Admin, thinly veiled swipes at certain schools and jubilation.

Not a typical blog post in so much as it’s more an admin based update on what we’re up to rather than anything that will mean anything to anyone else. 423 more words