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Obstructed View

I had this perfect shot of the only two clouds in the sky, and my only vantage point was obstructed by a TV antenna and a captive Martian.   7 more words

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Lines Part 1

I never realized that Leonardo DaVinci (L) and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (aka Michelangelo (M)) knew each other. They didn’t get along too well, apparently. 129 more words

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Welp, that was a first, or a Visit to the Med Tent

No worries, I’m fine. After I stopped moving — and got my medal — I couldn’t inhale deeply without my “emphysemic seal” cough. The medical volunteers were awesome. 1,067 more words

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Blue Edgelessness

Yesterday’s post, Edgeless, was inspired by my reading of Leonardo DaVinci’s notes about using shadows instead of lines to separate insides and outsides of shapes. 64 more words

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They said it would be partly cloudy today.

Personal Stories

Rona (50s)

Renal cancer is terminal.  

Rona and her husband were wrapping up their 13 year old excavation business when she first got sick.  In 2014 doctors found a tumor in her kidney.   700 more words


3 Lessons I've Learned from Working with Children

It has been one of those whirlwind weeks in terms of my work (I work as a nanny and at a child-minding setting). I’ve done the normal school runs and pre-school gymnastics but have also had the extra parent meetings, the paperwork, and I even emplaced participatory activities in my setting which still need to evaluated and adapted this weekend. 474 more words

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