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A Plea

Hello everyone. I just watched the mother of the Charlottesville, VA woman who was killed during the recent rally. She eulogized her daughter in the most eloquent possible way. 277 more words

Personal Stories

Craggy Lines

What would happen if an abstract expressionist had a job painting parking lot space indicators? S/he would have to stay inside the pattern (no thinking outside the box in that job). 39 more words

Personal Stories

Painter's Block Sign

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that I love to photograph signs: street signs, ‘occupancy limited’ signs… 60 more words

Personal Stories

Three Beloved Pets Remembrance Memorial

Three beloved pets passed and crossed Rainbow Bridge within three months that started April 2017 with the first death. All were old aged. This is a remembrance memorial for each loved furkin. 1,029 more words


Relaxation Day!

Today is Relaxation Day: a day to literally do and think about nothing at all.  (If only this happened on a weekend or holiday, then we could truly get into the spirit of it. 206 more words

Massage Session

Painted Pavement

Below is another iteration in my series of pavement paintings (see Pavement Lines, Vertex, Another Vertex, More Street Art). My role in capturing this ‘found art’ is to crop, or frame, the image in a compelling manor. 29 more words

Personal Stories


It is difficult to draw a free-form design without a preconceived image. I started the pattern below with just a couple of ideas in my mind: curves that open up to the edge of the page; wavy curves. 108 more words

Personal Stories