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Quarantine Sketch: Draped Bust in Context

I cropped yesterday’s photo (Draped Bust) purposely to create ambiguity: Was the sculpture of drapes, or was there an underlying sculpture covered by a drape?   21 more words

Personal Stories

The Painful Truth

By Sue Kaszynski

I was according to the nuns “pale, frail and puny”. I definitely had health issues. I didn’t like to eat. I could eat whatever I wanted and never gained weight. 632 more words


Knowing what fear can do

Do not allow fear into your life. Fear kills your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Fear kills you entirely and leaves no traces of elements that can revive you. 709 more words

Personal Stories

Introduction, Part III

Previous parts: Introduction, Part I, Introduction, Part II

Where were we? Oh, yes.

So I had a job, and it was high time we had looked for a flat. 517 more words


Shout out to all my blog followers! Just showing my appreciation

In my almost 3 months of blogging, as a blogger having followers on your blog is such a great feeling because, that means they take some time to read your post/s and is interested to read more on your future contents. 185 more words

Personal Stories