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Murphy Row: Murphy's Law on Gratitude

Gratitude, like the color black, looks good on everyone. Whether you are giving, receiving or just witnessing gratitude, it makes all parties fulfilled. Gratitude has only two natural enemies which are effectively eradicating it from our world: complaining, and bumper sticker philosophy spewed by the incessantly cheery. 990 more words

Personal Stories

Pink No. 2

Today, I display the second of the ‘Pink’ series. Yesterday I explained that Willem de Kooning’s work, Pink Angels, inspired me. This painting was a mix of  pink body parts strewn on a mustard-yellow background. 156 more words

Personal Stories

Interviewing myself

Hello and welcome, I will be doing a interview with myself so you can get to know more about me! So here are the questions below. 865 more words

Personal Stories

Taking Pride in Hardships: Why an easy life is not always a better life

Growing up as a typical teenager, I resented the pressure and expectations my parents put on me. In my Grade 12 year of high school I was working part-time, trying desperately to get into engineering programs, and in a dance studio training up to 30 hours a week. 609 more words


Encontrar o equilíbrio na Natureza.

Às vezes acho que não aguento mais! Um pouco mais de frio. Um pouco mais de cansaço. 159 more words


'She is the real fighter.'

“After my mother’s iddat she got up and took care of everything so flawlessly that I couldn’t help but be in awe. She made sure that after Papa, our lifestyle remained the same.

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Emily Fraschetti - Young Carer Story

My mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s in 2011 at the age of 51. I was 15 at the time. I had no idea what this diagnosis would mean for me or my family. 261 more words

Personal Stories