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Active Addiction, or the Death of Everything You Love: An Open Letter

How’s that for a dramatic entrance back to my blog?

My blog has been coming up in conversation, and I could feel my writing bug flying around in my brain, buzzing for attention. 987 more words


Grieving the last Feed.

When I was pregnant I imagined breastfeeding my child and I thought about how hard it would be and how important it was for me to try. 1,145 more words

Personal Stories

Doctor Knows Best

by April Jasper, OD

One of the areas I have found refreshing as far as time savings and efficiency in my workflow goes, is the adaptive learning feature of Eyefinity EHR.  86 more words


Abstract with Curlicues 062717

Today’s composition began with the stair-step lines. In some of Paul Klee’s work, he uses this form as the border of a shading gradient that appears to be air-brushed. 65 more words

Personal Stories

Storefront Back

This is the back of a very big storefront. Really big.  You might notice the standpipe valves. This is the same standpipe I featured in a… 32 more words

Personal Stories

For Australian climate scientists, climate change is becoming a personal and serious concern

research shows that if there isn’t a reduction in CO2 emissions, there will be up to 50 extra really hot days a year in northern Australia by the end of the century. 818 more words


When is it time to let go and take a break?

Over these last two months, it has been a constant routine of meeting deadlines, reaching the learning curve and presenting many, many presentations in a language I have barely touched for the last five years. 1,009 more words

Personal Stories