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Personality types- ENFP!

I have always known that I am an in-between of sanguine and choleric, the former being dominant but I still didn’t feel like it really really defined me. 336 more words

Personal Stories

Chicken Project for Jewelry Makers

Dear Friends,

Here are some of things that have been keeping me busy in Africa (Uganda).
As you may be aware, I have friends who make Jewelry in some vulnerable communities in Uganda. 213 more words

Personal Stories

'Or Else' Icon

One sees icons everywhere. Although the word in a ‘Stop’ sign is in English, the  eight-sided shape of the sign is the universal language for ‘cease from moving forward’. 233 more words

Personal Stories

Playing Piano

I did not sketch the study below from life.  I watched my brother play the piano  yesterday and tried to absorb the experience. Yesterday’s watercolor… 89 more words

Personal Stories

Finding The Start Of The Tape

Where do I begin? It’s a question we ask ourselves every single day. You can’t get going before you decide how you are going start. But what if you aren’t thinking of it in short-term? 493 more words

Personal Stories

A Wound

Why do people live, but one day dies,
Why do woman loves,but one day cries
Why when everything seems perfect,
All of a sudden a catastrophe arrives… 97 more words

Personal Stories

Chemo: A Front Seat View (Part 1)- Questions, Questions, Questions

Personal Note: A close family member of mine has reoccurring cancer.  They will be getting Chemotherapy for the rest of their life.  Yesterday, I was asked to take them to this particular Chemotherapy session.  463 more words

Oncology/ Cancer Series