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When Joy Dissolved (Part 1)

I said I’d tell you whole story (or as much as I know) of how my joy and confidence in God died. So here it is: 774 more words


Home Care

Hospitals are places where one can get really sick. Nursing facilities are touch and go – like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get. 51 more words

Personal Stories

5 things I discovered working at a Small Medium Business (SMB)

I’ve been working at an SMB for 2 months now. Prior to starting this job (my first!), there was the age-old dilemma of working in a large company compared to a smaller one. 684 more words

Small Business

A book is everything a tweet is not (but please tweet about my book)

Note from Jeremy: This is a guest post from Mark Vellend.


I was not at the ESA meeting this year, but a handful of advance copies of my book, … 1,041 more words

Process Of Science


After a long┬áhospital stay, one anticipates the arrival of a loved one back home. I couldn’t think of a subtle way to represent this so I opted for the obvious, as corny as it is. 18 more words

Personal Stories


Sometimes, I pretended to just close my eyes not to see heartbreaking news being aired, cover my ears not to hear the noise of the world and harden my heart not to be affected by so much social issues. 232 more words

Personal Stories

New Fave Surprise in Cincy: Varvara Flink

One of the highlights for me in Cincy this year was developing a new fave in Varvara Flink. It’s really random how it all happened. It all started on the first day of the tournament. 3,242 more words