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Conquering the Catalinas

From our home in Marana, near Tucson, we have a view of Mt. Lemmon, the highest point in the Catalina Mountains – over 9,000 feet. Since we moved here nearly three years ago, we have talked of driving up to Summerhaven, a small town near the summit. 456 more words

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Too Light for Heavy Work

I couldn’t resist photographing this painted stop sign. After the paint dried, another street crew must have found it necessary to remove the circular iron grid upon which some of the sign was painted. 65 more words

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faith like potatoes. tits like melons (subtitled faith no more)

I did Faith.  Big.  Huge.  I rocked with her at Bassline last week and when she came over a few days later, a few days ago, it became apparent that she is the level best Friedah fantasy manifestation I have ever had…  Friedah, my old right hand in the wholesale nursery.   413 more words

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Reiki and Angels - Zadkiel and Metatron

Last summer I took my Master and 3rd level of Reiki but just a week before I began I had one of my most profound experiences with Reiki energy and new energies coming in for an assist. 327 more words

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Good Health is Happiness

When my Grandma  would come visit our family for a week my mom would say don’t sneeze or cough or you might get one of Grandma’s remedies. 485 more words

The Did You Know Guy

After a long-awaited two-week trip to the other side of the world(namely China), we are back and more ready than ever.

Content is coming.

Personal Stories

Why not all of us are "meant" to be great

On an early flight to Amsterdam from Beijing, it hit me. Somewhere in between Pulp Fiction and Night at the Museum, I got this moment of clarity that people rarely experience. 438 more words

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