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The Origin Story

I feel like to launch into a venture like this requires at least SOME background into where I’ve come from in writing. It might help to know that, to a certain extent, I have already been at this for a while. 800 more words


My Daughter, My Son

I’ve done quite a bit of writing and speaking, although much hasn’t been posted to the blog recently.  Check out my essay, published today on The Seventy Four (the74million.org).   96 more words

Personal Stories

"Lest Observation Become Racism"

When I was younger, my parents lived in an apartment in one of the more unfortunate parts of New York City. The place was a decrepit fifth floor walk up in a heavily minority (read, black) area with the usual pitfalls: limited space, shifty stoop dwelling characters who never seemed to be at work, constant noise, etc. 989 more words


Top Ten Reasons Everyone Should Travel

I’ve been a bit of a rolling stone

my entire life – moving 10 times before graduating high school and making a living as a professional photographer, which has taken me to almost 100 countries. 346 more words


Explaining my Tattoo to Kids of the Inner City

Working in a place where everyone and their 30-year-old grandma has a tattoo, it’s been an interesting experience trying to explain mine to them. I thought it was simple to understand. 323 more words

Personal Stories

Balcony sunsets

Cooling off during a long hot summer: Part II

I’m a morning person but in the summer my favourite time of day is post-sunset. My apartment becomes stifling between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. 1,415 more words

Personal Stories

Harassed on the Street | I Could Have Choked Him!

I don’t condone violence, but in certain instances, a woman has to defend herself.

I never got involved when the street harassment debate took over the Internet late last year. 869 more words

Personal Stories