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Two Places At Once

My greatest first loves always start with music and cities. St. Lucia will always be New York for me.

I have an uncanny ability to photographically remember where I was, and what I was doing,  when certain songs were playing at specific moments in time. 820 more words


The 5 Books That Make My Heart Beat

I seem to always be the point person for book recommendations in my friend circle. Whether it’s friends wanting to know what I thought of my latest read, or family looking for an easy book to pick up on their next flight. 816 more words

Personal Stories

Long drafted feelings

I’m on the verge of crying…

I’m holding my tears now. ugh i hate this kind of situation. I want to go. I

the above opening lines were written on January *sighs* I always have stupid sad feelings in the first few days of new year. 725 more words


Distracted Abstract

Background for today’s art:

Mixed feelings, mainly sadness. The funeral was today. I’m usually very stoic, but surprised myself by the intensity of my emotions about the death of my niece. 150 more words

Personal Stories

Meet The Cats

In pretty much every blog post I’ll mention three things. My art, my husband, Greg, and my cats. They’re a huge part of my everyday life. 886 more words


Abstract 102316

I began with an earth-tone wash, using my transparent iron oxide pigments.  I tried ‘highlighting’ certain parts of the composition with a darker pigment. I should have used it a bit more sparingly. 50 more words

Personal Stories


Diets don’t work for long. No one wants to live a life of deprivation. Little lifestyle changes made the difference for me!

I’ve lost 20% of my body weight and have kept it off for 7 years! 737 more words

Review Of Steps