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Sandra Benedetto: The Interview

Graduating from college sucked. It’s not that I wanted to stay there longer, it’s that I didn’t know what to do next. Unlike my friends who studied accounting or education, I had no clear concept of what my degree in French Commercial Studies meant. 1,417 more words

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Things Go Better With Bro

I was really tired yesterday after working with my brother Dave in Mom’s apartment. We drove back to Dave’s house and I couldn’t find my computer. 390 more words

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Focus on the finish line

To be a champion runner, you need two things: talent and focus. Talent is a matter of genetics. Focus is a three-pronged process:

  • The long-term effort of focusing one’s life on the yearly training plan and the day-to-day workouts;
  • 1,297 more words
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#115 Just a Matter of Zero’s

(Readers: The blog centers around the author’s prediction that the US will experience a 5th revolution by 2020-2025.  Some early vignettes precede the revolution; later vignettes follow the revolution.   844 more words

Societal Issues


The stresses of not being exactly where you want to be. Lawd! Nobody couldn’t tell me that at 25 I wouldn’t have been married, with a kid and one on the way, 212 more words


'Mis je'

Ik weet nog dat, nadat ik de uitslag van mijn cito-toets binnen had, ik zonder jas en papiertje in hand, rennend naar jouw huis ging. Eenmaal daar was ik buiten adem en drukte ik op de bel. 618 more words

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The Dog Ate My Blog

Ok, not as bad as that, but I left my computer at my Mom’s apartment.

Mom died last week and my brother Dave and I were there today trying to get it together enough to move out by the  end of the month. 342 more words

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