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Only the Good Die Young

My time at The Citadel wasn’t all bad. Not even close to it. For all the bullshit the school’s administration made us endure there was always something that could get us through. 1,626 more words

Personal Stories

Early Break

I’m using my coffee breaks to sketch. Since my breaks are 15 minutes, I must be quick. I want to capture the spirit of the scene as well as the important physical features, to make it recognizable. 105 more words

Personal Stories

Today I can officially note that the Novasutras movement has attracted some outside attention. We appear to have reached at least stage two in the old saying ( 176 more words


Why I Am No Longer a Pastor

I once had a friend who was both a lawyer and a pastor.

He started out as a pastor … became a lawyer … and then returned to pastoring. 2,004 more words

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How I kicked my first ever Half Marathon (21k) PR 1:45:47

One of my wishlists for this year is to run more! So to start with, I registered for a half marathon category in the Ooredoo Marathon, January 12, 2018. 709 more words

Personal Stories

Mental Health Friday #28

Hi, my legal name is Rayette but I go by Ray. I am totally blind and have been since birth. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, major depressive disorder, PTSD and an eating disorder-Anorexia, to be more specific and it is something I have been dealing with for the past 17 years. 331 more words


View from the Cafe

I like my 15 minutes in the cafe, when I work.  I recon I spend 10 minutes on each sketch and 5 minutes trying to avoid burning my mouth on the hot beverage I get at the beginning of my coffee break. 31 more words

Personal Stories