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Reinvention is No Joke

This whole “second career” transition thing is tough. I’ve been in the middle of a bit of a writer’s block (hence, my lack of blog posts) and a bad case of self doubt. 1,099 more words



Some loud, some feeble. Some long, some quick and short.
The little boy at the Dhaba lost his name to whistles.

Micro Tales

Self Drive

Hey there!

I am not really your typical writer or a certified bookworm to give you a beautifully written blog out here. But like everyone else, I also aim to touch others lives through my story. 347 more words


Step 1.0

First steps.

I believe it is one of the most important thing in making life’s decision. Because we won’t be able to get to any destination in life without making our first one. 378 more words


Einstein, Bad Quotes, and You

I’m convinced most people don’t know what Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity really means or anything about what he did beyond that. We take for granted that he was really smart and then quote him as a philosophical piece of evidence for our own agendas. 271 more words

Just A Thought

ADHD and Me

I lived with undiagnosed ADHD for 34 years. The way my brain works is almost 180 degrees different from people who do not have ADHD. I can drink coffee and sleep. 1,139 more words

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All production on HALT!

For the last few months, I feel completely stuck, its not like I dont have any ideas or that im not feeling very creative, its more like Im afraid of the fact that maybe, just maybe whatever I am doing right now is not really as important as I want it to be. 79 more words

Personal Struggle