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Standing up for yourself

One of my friends inspired me to write this post and they know who they are. This is just part one in a series of posts that I’m going to do about sticking up for ourselves, knowing when to fight, and many more. 966 more words

Confrontation Sucks

​Remove your eyes from my life

Why do you
Stand on the side lines

Of a life that is not yours

Peering in with the world’s interest?
When did my life… 261 more words


Perils of being a closeted attention seeker/Notice me Senpai!!!

Are you someone who normally don’t like attention from people (both in real & digital life) and there are times you crave to be noticed (by certain people(mostly who don’t really know you))? 566 more words


A Wanderer's Journal. 

‘The line between myself and the dreary, rain-soaked road became smaller each morning; until finally I found myself knee deep in sludge. My steps turned into a heavy, sloppy rhythm. 241 more words


War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

At times, War Horse was a bit difficult to read.  I wanted to reach into the story, grab a few of the characters, and whack them on the head for being cruel or ignorant.   57 more words

Bust a move- W.I.S.E. Project 2017 #tenacioustuesday

I have promised to inundate you with a tale of my personal struggles.

The problem with posting a video on your social media saying what you are going to talk about the next day is that you are committing to it, so even though I have gone for a float, my head feels rather clear and I would rather eat my Finish chocolate and listen to audible; I have promised to inundate you with a tale of my personal struggles. 2,040 more words


It's not you, wait; actually it is #10

So, it’s been 36 days I’ve been sober. It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve been drunk. I have developed new friendships with a great mentor. 1,052 more words

Personal Struggle