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Killing Us Slowly....

We bought the worst house possible. Several months after moving in (and having to move onto the front porch just to be able to breath) husband was injured while at work and eventually lost his job while still on work comp for being unable to perform his job duties. 1,925 more words

Inner Dialogue

4-Letter Word

I know what you are thinking, no: that is not the 4-letter word that I am talking about.  Get your mind out of the gutter! 648 more words


The Not Always Lovely Littlest Life

Life is a funny thing. There are some days that are downright awful and others that nothing but a pure delight. Some people are more fortunate than other, full of blessings and a life filled with the fondest of memories. 329 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Throwback Thursday (Misalignment of Want vs Action)

It appears that a common topic has been hitting several of the blogs lately, it is a topic that I have long pondered. When it comes to what you want, and what you actually do, how often are they aligned with one another? 333 more words

Inner Dialogue

My Struggle with Anxiety and Depression

I’m battling mental illness. There’s no pretty way of saying it. Well, there is but that doesn’t help anyone. Especially not me.

I’m plagued with anxiety, depression and, in turn, insomnia. 1,064 more words

Day 84 Personal Struggles

Can I just go back into the time of my 3rd year college?

Can I go back to 2013?

2013 was the year I made a personal decision to be born again Christian and I don’t ever regret that. 271 more words

I'm alone

There’s a certain realization that I’ve had when I was sitting in an empty house, my parents went out with my brother and I had to take care of myself for the next couple of hours. 279 more words

Personal Struggle