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A Road No-Less Travelled

As much as I would like to believe I am a generally well-esteemed person, I have days when I doubt myself. “You aren’t good enough,” I say, as I run on comparisons. 107 more words

Personal Struggle

The Cost of Living

Recently one of my friends has come into some money and she is conflicted over what to do with it. She sees the money as a problem because she is afraid she’ll make a mistake in how she spends it and cause issues for herself later on by not being responsible with it now. 501 more words

Inner Dialogue

Irrational Attachments

Sometime whilst sitting comfortably in my coat pocket on my way home from a meeting, encased in the hard plastic/rubber case, my phone decided enough was enough and the liquid crystals that ensure visual representation and touch screen capabilities threw a raging party that resulted in the black screen of death. 366 more words

Inner Dialogue

Who I am and Why I am Here

Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

I enjoy the web and technology, I also enjoy connecting with and inspiring people to go for their dreams and win in life. 471 more words

Just Do It

Procrastination or Perspective?

How often do you call your grandma (if you still have one) or your great-uncle Albert, cousin Lou or aunt Vickie? How often do you even call or visit with your parents (if you still have them) or siblings? 485 more words

Inner Dialogue

My American Dream

Tip toeing on tight ropes

taut from the tension

between weathered hopes

and tattered dreams

I teeter

inches above Hell

and miles from Heaven.

My own screams… 211 more words


22 Feb 2015

Today is just one of those down days. I just don’t feel like I’m in the mood for anything. There’s nothing wrong. Everything is fine, but something’s amiss. 190 more words

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