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Some Days After 22

This is the first time I don’t like my own birthday, I don’t like when people congrats me for growing up. Because it’s hard, and the fact is- I have to do it by myself without any guidance. 366 more words

April Log

A Bump in the Road

Today I’m struggling. Like wrestling with a bear or alligator or a pair of freshly washed levi’s alla 1990. I’m having a bump in my road to positivity. 341 more words

fear is a liar

I know I’ve already written a post on anxiety, which in a way relates to – and is – fear. But I was mainly talking about learning to live within the day, and not overthinking about what’s to come. 701 more words


Love & Me: Two Parallel Lines!

I thought about drafting a blog when I was spending delightful time doing number 2. It’s one of the few things that relaxes me (yayy poop humor! 1,185 more words


I once knew of this boy,
who had magic in his fingertips.
Some small, subtle tricks,
and not the abracadabra hymns!
He made his cats into bats… 85 more words

Of The Earthling

Own Your Struggle

In this social media driven world, we know all too well the temptation to sanitize our respective life experiences and stories.  Even the cloistered folk who refuse any social media will often not give you a straight answer when asked the sincere question, “How are you doing?”  “Fine” is not an acceptable answer, in my book.  1,286 more words

Christian Spirituality Blog


I am officially 31 weeks pregnant! I am still so scared and I haven’t seen my man in like a month because we have had some financial hits like his car caught fire on Christmas Eve.  296 more words

Personal Struggle