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My Hero, My Nemesis

Oh how I love you
and wish you were near
when we are together
conquering the world
is always near!

Oh how I hate you… 296 more words

Health And Well Being

To Forgive Yourself....

I’ve done some things that I am not very proud of,¬†and as always, the guilt and self-blame return to me… 538 more words


Beneath The Bravery

..I always felt there was something pulling me back to darkness, does that make sense? But I wasn’t allowed a real life or a real love – that was for normal people. 802 more words

Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

kept in hand

It’s easy to say I won’t cry
but I will.
And you knew that – you must know me too well, but still…
In denial, I thought it was all kept in hand. 132 more words


Struggles You'll Only Understand If Your Sister is a Demigod

It sucks doesn’t it? Your sister is Rose the daughter Zeus slayer of death, and you’re Bob son of Joe slayer of chocolate. It’s hard to be compared to your sibling. 473 more words


She told me

If i could have anything in the world it would be my mother’s diary. That way i could read to you the very thoughts she thought the moment she thought them on the day she met my father. 402 more words

Personal Struggle


I have a migraine. Those are the words i told my mother a year ago last August right after the incident. Since then every first thought of everyday instead of being filled with the face of a loved one, Its filled with the thought “am i going to make it today?” Because i never know if im going to last until 9 or 1 or maybe if im lucky until 6. 549 more words

Personal Struggle