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Mirror AU demo project update


I finished with my errands last night and I have until Sunday to draw. :D

I’m going to finish that short comic later. I did post some text on tumblr. 328 more words

I Forgot Who's Army I Signed Up To Be In

(I penned this December 2017 but can’t remember in between what posts this would go)

I recently posted my rant of a pity party. Sure, I dressed it up nicely and my feelings were real, but it was more of a rant of a toddler. 215 more words

Christian Walk

Classic GOAT

Things had been a mite quiet over at The Classic TV Blog Association—that august organization of bloggers what like to write about vintage TV a lot—until Rick at… 491 more words

Stuff You Should Know

wip of short comic


The weekend was pretty exhausting but I think I ate a lot of food which is good. I’ve been studying some anatomy in my spare time. 79 more words



I drew some studies for Little TKB and Malik yesterday.  :)

They were from my sketchbook and I made them digital. I was practicing with child proportions because I have quite a difficult time with them especially their heads. 201 more words