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A little housecleaning

The blog has been fallow for a few days, so I regret the lack of activity…but as we were welcoming in July I received a notice in the mail that Oglethorpe County requested my presence as a Superior Court “traverse juror” the week of August 7.  2,268 more words

Classic Movies


Last Friday, a few of my classmates commissioned me for some art works. It feels really weird, but over all great! I get a little bit of money while they get passing grades 😂. 35 more words


Always and forever it was.....

It has been too much too bear and I cannot express the thought of not catching the epic finale of my favourite TV show The Originals while being stuck in midst of a shell scrape deep in the forest of a undisclosed location , that I am speaking of will be another tale that I have to tell but for now let’s just settle the fact that the river that I have been crying is too much for me to take and I cannot accept this to be the end for my favourite characters. 894 more words

Personal Stuff



I think I might take a break from Tumblr again and post stuff here in the meantime. I don’t know how long, probably a week at most.  579 more words

On Getting a Student ID as a Muslimah...

So I stared law school.


Officially, classes don’t start until August 13th, but we have mandatory orientation for three days for the week before, so I used the time before the first day of oreintations started to go get an ID card. 1,332 more words

Personal Stuff

Looking back at July...

NaNoWriMo’s July Camp is over. Unlike the April Camp, this time I managed to reach the goal I had set for myself: 13 500 words. I managed to write just a little over 15 000 words so GO ME! 99 more words


"Both Sides"

From Jason Kessler, here is a good breakdown of just how badly the media misrepresented last year’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

It’s also worth noting that the initial melee at Charlottesville broke out when UTR rally-goers refused to allow the ‘clergy’ to trample their rights by physically preventing them from entering Lee/Emancipation Park in what was a flagrant and legally unambiguous violation of our 1st Amendment rights. 874 more words

For Antiracist Audiences