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6/20/2019 WOD


Bench Press



7-min AMRAP

200-m Row

30 Double-unders

#1 Fitness Mistake

#1 Fitness Mistake

-The biggest mistake most gym goers make

*NOT tracking ANYTHING

Imagine a scenario. You wake up every day, toss some water on your face & throw on some gym clothes. 341 more words

Physical Culture: Amy Fadhli

“The world is, of course, nothing but our conception of it.” Anton Chekhov

Pittsburgh PA

6/19/2019 WOD


Power Cleans




15 Squats

10 Power Cleans 115/75

5 Pull-ups

400-m Run

Why you throw up when exercising..


Exercise is
supposed to push our bodies to its limits in order to adapt and change. If you
do not challenge your body, whether lifting heavy weights or running, your body… 355 more words


Understanding Body Fat Percentages

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

What is Body Fat? What is it good for? Where should I be?

Firstly, let’s make sure we know what Body Fat is. 476 more words


Improving the power of your Lungs for Superhuman breath and vocals

 Improving the power of your lungs is essential to a strong convincing voice. If you want to win the argument, a soft, stuttering voice won’t convince many people. 431 more words

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