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Session 139 - Legs, legs, legs

Legs day today, so am going to start by saying, I like legs day. In fact I really enjoy legs day. I know a lot of people don’t and skip it and I am not sure why. 980 more words

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Fit Shaming

Fit Shaming is something relatively new to me. The first time it happened I was also accused of being a fat shamer. Neither of which is a good thing. 630 more words

Getting back into the groove

On Wednesday I had my personal trainer appointment.  We did a good warm up set (no doubt helped by the above average temperatures we have at the moment).  181 more words


Cookie Batter Healthy Breakfast!

Think delicious cookie dough and a healthy, balanced breakfast don’t mix? Try my quick and easy recipe below for a breakfast or snack to curb your sweet tooth AND your pant size! 150 more words


Session 138- arms and shoulders, pulls and rows.

Todays session was another surprise, I had convinced myself that I knew what it would comprise of, but, luckily I was wrong. So a good session of pulls and rows. 270 more words

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Do you/I need a personal trainer?

What I know?

What do I know about exercise and nutrition? Well in truth not very much! All I know is what I read on the internet and I read a lot. 400 more words