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Staying Healthy while Travelling

It can be a challenge to stay healthy while on a trip. Usually, you are in a new place with all sorts of new things to try – goulash and dark beer in Prague, rib eye and Malbec in Argentina, a Philly cheese steak, Chicago deep dish pizza. 948 more words


How Do I Get Match Satisfy A Certified Personal Coach?

Do you know what you’re doing in the gym? I ask this question because I see a lot of people “working out” that have no idea what muscle groups they are working on! 342 more words

Digital Marketing Agency In Dubai

Busy bee

I’ve got so much going on at the moment! Trying to build my Avon business, now as a sales coordinator as well as a rep! So I’m working hard on that, through social media mostly, which is a really good way to get my name out there as a rep at least, and almost got a sign up to my team today, but she turned out to be 15, so couldn’t do it. 470 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Are You Green and Growing?

I’m on a plane right now, headed to the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland.  This is my opportunity to learn more about new fitness innovations, the latest in body mechanic science and discover ways to enhance my teaching.  416 more words

Bye Bye Bye

Given that I only experience my own life and that I experience a lot of that through hazy goggles of mental health issues, I don’t know what is common for people to feel and what is down to my own personal issues. 802 more words


Anyone Can Do Intervals

Interval training is usually associated with all-out, gut busting effort, but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. In fact, we probably engage in interval training more often than we recognize such as walking up a flight of stairs or hurry across a street to get to the corner.  48 more words

Fit By Fred