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Get Your Game Face On!

Growing up as a dancer meant I was constantly surrounded by make up for exams and shows.  As I got into my teens I carried this love of make up into my personal life, I’d wear it to school, to dancing, just out and about. 372 more words



Aikaisemmissa blogini ovat lähinnä käsitelleet minua ja minun elämääni. Seuraavaksi teen juttusarjan kaikkia kiinnostavasta aiheesta, harjoittelusta. Aihe on todella todella laaja ja pyrin avaamaan sitä myös mahdollisimman laajasti. 1,198 more words


The Argument for Logging Your Food

I strongly encourage you to log and track your food. Especially if you’re new to fitness and dieting. Whether you want to write your log with pen and paper, or use an advanced app such as… 519 more words


What to Eat to Feel Good All the Time

There are days where you can’t imagine anything better than pizza, ice cream, a family size bag of potato chips – but the food that appeals to you emotionally might not make you fell all that great later. 655 more words

The Hijab 

The day I decided to wear the hijab full time was probably the worst day to begin. I had been Muslim for about 3 years now, completed college and started my first job as a personal trainer. 308 more words


Spring Cleaning


High Catch Power Clean (2-2-2-2-2-2)
High catch means that there should be no question that the rep is a power clean. We’re working on pull strength. 21 more words


A Case For Machine Weights: Personal Training Chichester

Entertainment Comes First

The online world of social media fitness & personal training is dominated by incredible feats of athleticism, shows of strength and brutal barbell workouts. 1,323 more words