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Fitness Model Lori-Ann Marchese's Tips To Build Your Sexy Summer Body

Let’s face it, we all want to see changes in our body. It’s hard to wear sleeveless shirts, swimsuits, skinny jeans or dresses when your body lacks muscle tone. 1,348 more words


Spiritual Fitness: Finding Inner Peace

As highlighted in a previous post, it’s important to practice positive thinking to create a healthy mentality. In order to stay encouraged and driven towards your goals, you have to feed your mind with the right thoughts just as much as you feed your body with the right foods—both have real sustaining power. 275 more words

Half Ironman Triathlons

Struggle with squats? Lower back weakness ? Tight hip flexors .. Keep reading !

I have a lot of questions regarding poor squat techniques and lower back pain, If you suffer with either, you have my sympathy it’s not pleasant, especially when trying to train and increase strength! 1,124 more words

Rest Day Stretches with some eggs on the side!

Hey guys! I know what you might be thinking….. Another stretching video!?! Well this one is slightly different and is a request from a follower! Try and get good range of movement with these stretches; if you can’t go all the way into a stretch then doing your best is better than nothing! 56 more words

Personal Trainer

Photoshoot Preparation: Phase 1

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, ‘A Brief History of Sam’ and thank you for the feedback I received. I enjoyed writing it and I hope my next post is just as enjoyable, if not more informative and intriguing. 1,915 more words

Fitness Photoshoot

Fred Fornicola Interview - Part Two

Tom Kelso: The best training modes to use, the optimal intensity to apply, the correct volume of work, the most feasible schedule, the best exercises to match one’s goal, and other factors. 193 more words

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The Look Taller Quick Exercise Plan

Perfect your posture by giving your back bone’s surrounding muscles with The Look Taller Quick Exercise Plan

Perform these exercises as one set with no rest between each exercise. 263 more words

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