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Thursday Time Trial.

One of the biggest misconceptions about training is that you need to spend hours working out in order to see results. I think this leads a lot of people to believe that they don’t have the time to commit properly, so why bother starting in the first place. 377 more words


Identifying and Correcting Muscular Imbalances

Your posture has a big affect on the way you go about your daily life. Bad posture can lead to any number of problems i.e.. headaches, sciatica, impingement issues, nerve compression, etc. 106 more words

Personal Trainer

People who "get it".

I was joking with Laura B. that she should be careful not to drop anything for the next couple of months because “pregnant women shouldn’t deadlift.” At which point her physician workout partner chimed in, “Because if there’s one thing that’s good in pregnancy, it’s a weak, inflexible back.” We love people who get it! ‪#‎strongmomma‬

The Filthy Fifty Workout (bodyweight)

Oh my god this cold weather is KILLING ME. Over the weekend I finally (begrudgingly) acknowledged the fact that summer is over with a little winter-centric shopping spree… given my wardrobe up until now has pretty much consisted of singlets and shorts this was not so much an indulgence as a necessity though, and I can now say with a little more confidence that I think I’ll survive ’til spring. 138 more words

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Career Move

This morning at my personal training gig, my boss pulled me aside to discuss the opportunity of joining him full time!!!!! Exciting and nerve rackin! I told him that I would need a minimum of 30 hrs to be comparable to what I’m currently making and he said that we can do it! 257 more words

27th May

Hey folks,

Been a good day again today; mostly because it was gym day, haha! I was in a rubbish mood prior to the gym, but smashing my leg session really perked me up. 442 more words


Haddonfield Personal Trainer Jim Bompensa "Proper rest is important"

Proper rest is important. Isolate each muscle 2 times per week. Active rest other days. Example would be weight circuits 3 days per week and cardio on alternate days. http://www.bodyphysicsfitness.com