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About FWTF

Hello everyone, this article is about my project – FWTW. You’re going to find out what FWTW stands for, how I came up with this idea or what are the goals. 652 more words


Blood, Sweat and Vomit - my second trip to the gym

The second time is bound to be easier than the first, right? Wrong.

After my painful and unpleasant first gym session, the following week I was filled with confidence. 888 more words



Well it’s here so hopefully your good intentions and resolutions have emerged and you are enjoying the benefits of a balanced diet….

IF NOT THAT’S OK, December was a tough month. 990 more words


Salvere Blog: Take Time To Reflect, 20 Year Reflections

by Salvere Health and Fitness

One of the learnings that I use frequently throughout the past 20 years — Taking time to reflect, especially before making big decisions. 249 more words

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Cardio Workout (No Equipment Needed)

If you struggle to get in the mood for cardio, try out some of these basic at home, or in the gym cardio workouts. Remember, cardio doesn’t always mean running—mind blowing, I know. 143 more words


The day after my first trip to the gym

One of the last things my personal trainer said to me before I left the gym at our first session was “you will probably feel quite sore tomorrow”. 312 more words


To Cardio or Not to Cardio?

The belief that aerobic training (cardio) is the only way to effectively lose fat, stems from a long-held belief that long, slow cardiovascular activity at a low intensity is superior to other forms of exercise for fat loss. 498 more words