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Having Expectations

Recently I had the opportunity to truly feel how damaging expectations actually are. My experience allowed me to see that having an expectation is really just an ideal or a belief about something that we want and imagine will happen… 600 more words


What Is Truth?

Truth is not a universally same value for every person in this ArrowCreek community or even for the world. It is formed by life experiences, as CNA has said in previous dialogues with those in the community that declare only they have the truth. 424 more words


Astral Projection

Image: Josh Hutchinson

“A good traveler is one who knows how to travel with the mind.”

Michael Bassey Johnson

I have wanted to write about Astral projection for a while now, but I kept getting sidetracked with other post ideas. 1,866 more words


A True Relationship with Nature

Even though I grew up as a city girl, from a young age there was always an intimacy I felt with nature. Nature was not something that was needed, but every time I connected with it, I felt a return to myself that was pure, simple and very lovely. 958 more words



I saw this word the other day and it really stood out for me. At first I thought, I love that word. This word meant something to me. 372 more words

Spiritual Writing

Ascension ~ March 1, 2015

I sat through this entire video from Sophia Love with a huge smile on my face! Why? Because this video is my truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth! 149 more words