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42 + 47

I am so sick right now. I think it might just be the worlds worst cold, or maybe the flu. I feel dreadful and could barely lift my head off my pillow all day. 1,301 more words

Better living through Facebook

“Facebook is my life” would not be a true statement but it would not be far off.

People, communication, sharing, interaction…these things really matter to me and if the people in your life account for anything, I am a wealthy woman. 805 more words

42 + 41

I have learned many things in the last 10 years of my career, but I think the most valuable lesson has been that setting goals and a making plan to achieve them works. 877 more words


It’s an art to re-invent yourself.

Life has a way of blocking you into a corner so tight and suffocating that you are forced to realise that things no longer work the way they used to. 364 more words

42 +12

So here is another post that falls into the category of ‘most selfish lady alive wastes your time talking about her skin care regime while millions, prob billions, of people suffer with real problems all over the world’.   1,270 more words


Word Power

So I have been thinking about how I keep using the word crisis to describe my current state of life. It is nagging away at me because the word is just so extreme and not at all accurate for how I really feel. 713 more words

"What is Truth?"

His hands dipped into
the cold water
one washing the other

– how fine these fingers
used to be –

the slightly yellowed edges
of his woolen wrap dampened, 93 more words