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In the career of mothering, there seems to be no job advancement.

Mothering/home keeping just sucks the wind out of me some days. Thankless is the name of the game.

As you read this, if you feel my plight, please chime in as I could use the solidarity. 904 more words

The Sound of Success

Successes, yes, acknowledge them.

But notice how much applause you need for them.

Maybe you only need your own,

clapping hands.

Not the


clap… 27 more words

The Human Spirit

Litar Vi På Våra Känslor?

Brukar ni göra som ni känner? Brukar ni följa er känsla? Jag finner det ibland svårt att göra det men ju mer jag lyssnar på vad som känns sant desto större känner jag att jag blir. 513 more words

Personal Truth


Today I got the news that one of my sisters, the one I wrote about in ‘Realizations from My   Birthday’ [https://authenticvibrations.wordpress.com/2017/08/23/realizations-from-my-birthday/] has had a stroke. 616 more words

Personal Growth And Self-discovery

Realizations from My Birthday

On the morning of my 67th birthday, I realized that it was 50 years ago that I’d started Grade 13.  And, for some reason that I can’t intellectualize, I found myself crying about that. 876 more words

Personal Growth And Self-discovery

The steps I took towards Embracing my Natural Beauty..

I know having insecurities is something that many humans can relate to, especially during that adolescent stage. That seems to be when most people become aware of how they look in comparison to their peers as far as being attractive or unattractive. 741 more words

Personal Truth

Psykisk hälsa - bara bra och ok?

Vad är egentligen psykisk ohälsa? Är det när man upptäcker att man mår psykiskt dåligt, eller har det varit en längre uppbyggnadsprocess som lett till att man till slut upplever psykisk ohälsa? 162 more words

Personal Truth