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The Big Picture of Saying No to the Small Print

These days just getting a new e-mail account comes with reams of terms, which realistically, most of us in our exhaustion, apathy and acceptance of how ridiculous it has become, just sign without reading it all: but recently, I had a different experience. 892 more words


The inner Terrorist.

Today I read the headline of an article that said that “terrorism is not a psychological disease.” Ok, but it’s not a very healthy psyche that rests in someone able to commit these crimes on the other hand now is it? 423 more words

Mental Health

Your Truth, My Truth... it's all relative. Or is it?

“Opinions are cheap. Data is cheap. Personal truths?… those are hard won.” These are all comments gleaned from our most recent Meaning Place conversation, TRUTH. … 1,213 more words


The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner

As stated in Goodreads:

The discovery of long-buried secrets brings three generations of women together to Cape Cod for the summer homecoming of a lifetime. 315 more words

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'True' and 'true for me' - two different things...

A friend came back disillusioned after having tried a meditation technique for a few weeks.

“The organization had statistics to prove how beneficial the course was. 538 more words

Expressing How We Feel – A Matter of Responsibility

A few weeks ago I had my scheduled laundry time. I live in an apartment and share laundry facilities so we have to pre-book this time. 684 more words

Personal Truth

A Handful of Flies at Your Table

On staying true to one’s self amid jeers and doubt.

Do you know why you write or do any of the creative things you do? I write, or paste cutout images, or decorate, or make a…

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