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Thought For The Day: April 12, 2018 "Love Yourself"

Happy Thursday,

This is a message that we have seen before, however it’s one that worth repeating. We all go through times when we are filled with self doubt or even a kind of self loathing. 120 more words

Thought For The Day

Rebel, ... Time for A New Beginning!

March 26th: Your message today is loud and clear!! The Fool’s Message says it’s time to take a leap of faith and start a new beginning! 195 more words

Card Of The Day

I'm afraid.

I live by the fact that I am not exactly who I envision myself to be. Not exactly a charmer (I still am awkward). Not exactly brilliant (I’m still stupid by some standards). 58 more words

333 Words

Have you ever felt yourself inexplicably drawn in by an individual?

Something you can’t quite put your finger on is captivating- and your mind begins to obsess. 320 more words

Mental Health

"Bad Touch"

Dear Past Self,

Stop giving silence as your answer to those who wish to touch your body in ways you do not want them to. It will bring you nothing but a low simmering anger, a prison whose bars looked like human fingers. 323 more words

Lindy Hop

Abandoned Eyes

Abandoned Eyes

Eyes are wise.

With lids open to view,

They deepen light into truth

And soul into song.

Eyes hold memories

In colors that blaze from rainbows, 255 more words


Donald Trump - Friend or Foe?

Donald trump is a man we love to hate. To dislike him is considered deeply correct and to like the guy can be equaled with social suicide. 326 more words

Personal Truth