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“It’s inevitable that we’re going to be imperfect. We all cause harm. We sometimes cause harm in ways that are very, very hard to forgive ourselves for.

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Personal Work

“We all need wise discrimination. We need to be able to move through our lives and look at our own behaviors and others and know what is creating harm and what is moving us toward healing.

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Personal Work

“Our self-awareness grows in the relational field when there’s mutual attentiveness. If you say something, and I really am listening, then I can have an understanding that I can mirror back that can actually enhance your own experience of who you are.

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Work in Progress - Is she alright ?

So fair I haven’t talked much about who I am or what I am doing in life. I have been posting a bit of my review (really long/late/not interesting ones) but nothing about my own practice. 535 more words


I have been loving the Fuji system. So much good stuff. I choose my Fuji XE-1 over anything I currently have. It has a 27mm on it that is incredibly sharp. 92 more words

Real Life

Last Week's Instagram

Once a week I will show one of my photos captured and/or processed with Instagram over the last week (except this week the photo shown dates back a little more. 75 more words