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I've been horribly negligent of my blog this month

But it’s all about to change, honest. I’ve got a few reviews coming up in July, for starters. A couple of authors have been waiting a while for me to get to reviewing them, for which I apologise, but I will be posting reviews in the next few weeks. 839 more words


Barcelona Sights & Mountain Jogs: YouTube

Hiii hi hi cuties! I finally managed to get around to posting my first mini travelogue – a little snippet of my days in Barcelona. 71 more words


Day 10

The palm of my right hand is aching. From shoveling. The technical term is “tilling”.  I think I’ve started something. Something real. I wonder what I’ll have to say for myself 6 months from now. 385 more words


Firstly, my name is Lily and currently I’m a student. Normally you’ll catch me doing homework at my desktop just about every day and snacking on Skittles. 316 more words

Personal Writing

The Bridge

I’ve built a bridge between
two worlds that fit
two sides of me

It creaks with weight and
looks like neither side (of course)
and it does only… 140 more words


In that moment you think to yourself "this is how I die"

Recently, Officer Jeronimo Yanez was found not guilty in the shooting death of Philando Castile. Castile, age 32, was pulled over because Officer Yanez felt the “occupant[s] just look like people that were involved in a robbery.” Upon Yanez approaching his driver side window, Castile informed Yanez that he owned a legal firearm. 1,845 more words

Personal Writing

When the world gets smaller

When I came in, her eyes did not light up as usual.

She tried to fake it, a little, but her smile was all wrong. 621 more words