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“All that we say,
All that we do,
It’s clear we are
Not here to stay.
Change the weather,
Give me a sweater.
I was nothing but a little girl… 57 more words


Haiku No.42

Amid the chaos,

Carnations bloom lovingly.

Admiring life.

Miss May


Safe and Secure- #BlogBattle

The BlogBattle for today was touch and go, but it pulled through at the last second. Given that I haven’t written one for a while, and that the short stories have finally caught up again, today I opted for another chapter of the serial. 806 more words


I Witnessed A Crime

Life was looking up in the months after my previous post, “Why I Drink.” I was less depressed in April, and I had purchased an mp3 player. 254 more words


Why I Drink

The journey back to 2010 continues with “Why I Drink,” which originally appeared on January 26, 2010. I forget if I was on medication at this point, but I was clearly depressed. 241 more words


Bringing It Back

The amount of happiness and creativity flowing between the ridges of these shifting gears within me has been the most freeing feeling in such a long time. 255 more words


A Trip to Mt. Papandayan

A FEW DAYS AGO I had a trip to Mt. Papandayan with 3 co-workers and some acquaintances. The trip was nice, overall. We had some delightful experiences and joyful learning there. 447 more words

Catatan Malam Hari