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或如北島 一字驚嘆文壇四方

生活是網 金錢藝術水火不容

或如Middle 為賺熱淚強說愁

毒撚一條 情情愛愛非我人生

或如李怡 日報頭條痛罵政府

惡棍政權 洗頭艇非我心所願



注:Middle為網絡作家,主要以愛情為題材。 7 more words

Spring in Madison

When the spring-heavy clouds
hover their soggy bodies over this city,
the men who live on the length
of State Street flock to the coffeeshop across… 19 more words


to the girl he loved after me

I think you’re really pretty. I used to hate thinking you were really pretty. I used to wish you were plain; I used to wish you were boring. 1,070 more words

Personal Writing

Being in the Funnies: David Sedaris and the Importance of Writing Humor

Humor is typically the most discredited form of any genre— it being assumed that since it’s simple enough for anyone to understand, it must therefore be a more base form or style. 117 more words



“She saw him standing on the balcony
Smoking, gazing ahead, so carelessly,
She thought, until he started walking
From side to side, big footsteps,
Perhaps with a bit more in his head… 49 more words


Constant Companion

Who knows what lurks in the mind of a Peacock.  Faithful, true, interested, devoted, all that seems to be part of “peacock nature.”  How do I know?   80 more words


Long Walks, Longer Thoughts

One of the things I love about living in this house is the park next door. It’s not just a park, it’s also a graveyard from the First World War. 380 more words

Living In Germany