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A table

This has been a very interesting part of my life. When you’re in the middle of the dark, when you’re dawning, when life slowly slices your throat and you’re painfully running out of air, you feel your life it’s over. 632 more words

Personal Writing


I like octopuses.

I pick up books, just to put them down.
Music is constantly playing because the silence scares me.

I want to get better at the same time I’m scared of it. 136 more words

Personal Writing

21 - Is Drake as Giving as We All Think?

Millions of people all over the world listen to, and admire, Drake. He is a Canadian rapper that has become famous through his songs and collaborations with other artists. 347 more words

English 10A


Curtains drawn–shadows linger

in the corners of the room. Blankets

pulled up overheadĀ suffocating

hiding me from the monsters


Clawing on the walls

Inside… 40 more words


Writing from the Soul Sunday 15


The sweet release of the shackles

Is better than the comfort they gave me

To accept not only the abuse

But also

The small moments of love… 61 more words


There and back again: My 12 year hiatus from game development

Content Warning: This is a long entry and a very personal one. I’ll be talking about mental health and my own personal & professional journey. Some parts will get a bit darker, even though it ends well. 4,953 more words

Mental Health


I step out of the bath and straight into the towel she wraps around me, soft and fluffy against my soaked skin. soap suds trickle down my thighs and between my buttocks, my flesh steaming from the hot water as she pulls me close against her and rubs me down vigorously, her lips pressing a tender, brief kiss on my cheek. 836 more words