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One Glance Back

One glance back and I see darkness.

I’ve allowed myself to grieve, to be bitter, to feel defeated.

I’ve used the anger to answer questions that no one else can. 140 more words


You have the name of the brother I would have had, seven years my younger. The same span of years that stands between me and you. 107 more words


Horror Story: Knock Knock Part Three

The third and final part of Knock Knock. Please tell me if you would like to read more of stories and I’ll see what I can do. 2,167 more words



Curious creatures. Many different types, and a lot of them around in this world. Everywhere you go, you might find at least one, or one of its cousins that look very similar to them. 604 more words

Personal Writing

Cadeau Empoisonné

The wind swirled around, creating miniature cyclones of dead leaves and litter. The sky was deep into nightfall, casting a gentle array of colors across the flocculent and fast-moving clouds quickly disappearing beyond the horizon. 4,933 more words

Science Fiction

Horror story: Knock, Knock Part Two

The second installment of my personal story Knock, Knock. Again do not steal or copy.

Jasmine couldn’t believe it; she was actually considering her friend’s offer. 1,213 more words


On writing

I’ve always wondered (especially after finishing writing something) why my writing it’s always so dark and disturbing. I’ve tried being more romantic, and I think I did a decent job, but it’s not my thing and it doesn’t come to me naturally very often. 496 more words

Personal Writing