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There’s something beautiful in the way my heart gets torn into pieces. The way it breaks over and over even after it’s already been crushed, made into dust. 96 more words


The Climbing Vegan

So, I got my first pair of climbing shoes today, eeeeee! They are beeaaaautiful.

For the past few weeks I’ve been renting  shoes, as I was trying to figure out whether I’d stick with climbing long enough to invest in some, but after realising I was spending so much money renting shoes that had been worn by about thirty thousand million people, I eventually decided to go for it today. 227 more words

Personal Writing

A love letter to my friends

FYI, it’s a little soppy. And it’s hard to remove red lipstick off of your face.

To you,

Apparently, gratitude is one of the strongest bonding emotions. 165 more words


The (Likely More Than) Year of Cooking Reasonably – Recipe Four

Hey guys, it has been a busy and interesting February for me (I am dating a person now, Yay!). Like always though, I’m here with another chronicling of my attempts to cook a more diverse sampling of food. 272 more words

Evan Pretzer

Just 21 Writing Prompts

I feel like this time of the year is when people start dropping behind on their New Years’ Resolutions. (I certainly have.)

A lot of people, me included, made resolutions/goals to write more this year. 381 more words


Drink up

His arms are wound around my throat like a winter scarf.
Abrasive as coarse wool, bits of him try to sneak through
my lips like stray fibers. 44 more words


My experience as a teacher

I’ve been teaching since my senior year in high school (around 4 years) and even when I know it’s not a long amount time, it has given me a good perspective on all the factors involved in the teaching process. 459 more words

Personal Writing