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"I can't break through your world..."

I’ll never forget when I first listened to the Ultraviolence record. I was on a plane travelling thousands of miles to be with you. The music was so beautiful, dreamy, and poignant, more so now because the lyrics and mood are incredibly evocative to me. 416 more words

Personal Writing.



“起床啦~” 虽然已经恢复知觉但我还想闭上眼睛,享受着被她呼唤的声音一边沉浴在从她身上散发的体香。。。 她有洗澡吗?在上一回的世界里她好像是。。。


“哦?被发现了。”  刚想张开眼睛就。。。“啪”

“哎!痛!” 我连忙敲醒还在他乡的魂魄,竖起身子面对着她。

“嗡。。。嗡。。。耳里还不断回响起刚刚被狠狠得盖上了一记。。。 嗯。。。。对了!

“喂! 我说,好歹我也是你的主人,你就不能稍微对创造出你的人好些吗?!”

“粗鲁!暴力女,好伤心。。。。为什么,为什么我的幻想会是这么一个女人。 我的灵感女神。。。破灭了”

“尽管埋怨吧!哈!哈!哈!哈! ,不过。。。搞清楚是谁有求于我,是谁脑袋空空是哭着那个包脸请我帮他。”





My Magical Girls (Part 1)

Okay, so I wanna talk a bit about this magical girl story (comic maybe) I’m working on, cause why not?

Originally the theme, if you wanna call it that, was based off of the fashion subculture Lolita and I called it Battle Mode-ST (a play on the word modest since the fashion is about modesty and such). 243 more words


Masochistic Heart

My heart likes to tear itself into pieces
though I’m not sure where it learned that habit
it seems to search for anything that has… 133 more words


Trust yourself.

I have been scared to write, to acknowledge what’s going on in my head, mainly as I’ve learned not to trust myself. The effects of having been in an unhealthy relationship have meant that I’ve been turning to him to validate everything about me. 1,412 more words


On Infinite Jest, Drugs, and Memory

I’m sitting in a tea house. It’s a frigidly cold night in Bozeman, MT, but this place is warm. I’ve already drank a full pot of chai tea, and the whole milk in it is beginning to curdle my lactose-intolerant stomach—yet I’m okay. 2,409 more words

Personal Writing

Holiday Greeting Art

Yesterday I submitted fourteen images to Looking Glass Gallery, located in the Bend River Mall annex. Seven are Solstice greetings and the other seven are holiday themes.   78 more words

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