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David Nelson

So much of the writing on this blog is egoistic. It’s all “I, I, I…” Well, it has to be that way. One has to do certain things sometimes, and this particular author has to be egoistic every once in awhile. 795 more words

Personal Writing

I, I, and I again.

I feel like my senior year has consisted of me constantly trying to say, “I am worthy” “I am good.” This is an exhausting way to live. 152 more words

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Forgive me for not acknowledging your presence.
Forgive me for not listening to your words.
Forgive me for not embracing you. 18 more words


Dot, dot, dot... Question mark

If we were all cartoons, this is what would appear on my balloon: …?

Since I can’t say in the middle of a conversation dot,dot,dot, question mark… 316 more words


The Suck of March

I’ve been having a hard time this month. I didn’t post for a couple days in a row, and I also missed a day earlier on in the month or something. 950 more words

Personal Writing

#Querying has taken over my life.

Guys. The pain is real. Query land is tough.

Which is why I’ve been slacking on this blog.

But, I’ll get back to it. Promise. 24 more words

Personal Writing

You see me and you judge who I am,
who I was and who i want to become.

Instead of excepting the person you have known your whole life, 61 more words