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Untitled 2

cinnamon cough in a close capsized corner
says—slut—silent, skeleton shoots like

broken branches building up, abandoned in
some haphazard hazardous hap. the hot

whiskey word working wayward down, 27 more words

A Status Update

I would like to apologize to my readers and followers. Recently, I fell ill with what I thought was a particularly nasty kidney or bladder infection and was treating it as such until one night I got so bad off with fever that my partner forced me to go to the emergency room (I dislike hospitals). 185 more words

Haunted Spots

Every Heart

“I miss seeing stars in the sky,
Winter rain hides them every night
Just like I try to hide the feelings that arise,
Suddenly, for my surprise. 121 more words



This isn’t the wine talking, I swear it isn’t the wine talking; I just wanted to tell you how Goddamn gorgeous I find your eyes. Did you know I’d say your eyes? 261 more words


Heaven's soul

A world of self-destruction wrapped in a sheet of skin, can you prosper through it? 3am dead of night, a young teen with hate streaming down their face, pushed to the brink of uncertainty. 321 more words


Skyjack, Pt.4

If you haven’t been introduced to the series yet, you can find the first installments here.

Skyjack, Part 4

Penn studied the objects spread across his desk with a dubious eye. 904 more words