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Poetry on the Way

I was on crowded a bus, when I first read a poem by Dionne Brand that touched the very core of me. It was posted like an ad above the windows, as part of a program called  137 more words


Attempting Camp NaNoWriMo

In April I will be attempting Camp NaNoWriMo. I’ve signed up, added my novel details and set my cabin preferences. My target is 30,000 words and the story I’ll be working on is a fresh attempt at the Penal Colony story I was working on way back in 2013. 628 more words


Devil with a Purple Dress

Lena walked towards the door, her hands reaching out for the handle. She held it over the cool metal for a minute, gearing herself up for the conversation she was about to have. 1,302 more words


sixteen: a study of the self | entry #1

Twelve hours after my first entry, I have come upon this stunning realization: I’m actually a mutant. Yeah.

Half-child, half-adult.

I’m not wrong, really, because I’m sixteen and where I’m from sixteen isn’t just sixteen. 227 more words



I lay curled up on my yoga mat the other day, trying to meditate. It’s a new activity for me–normally my brain is a jumble, with fast-moving thoughts and fleeting impressions. 1,762 more words

Conformity? Not A Chance!

If conformity is way to live in this reality, then fine by me , i will be your guest but you never got the real me cause i got my mask crafted just like James Bond or any other undercover just to have fun with you once in a while when i feel like to. 192 more words

Abstract Writing


i imagine the south carolina girls,
their faces cracking like august earth.
veins of sweat roll from their hairlines,
flooding away: asphalt grit, foundation
from bottles and buildings, silky spider-web spit… 28 more words