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Questions for an Aging Woman

Do you remember telling me the story of how you met my grandfather twice today?Why are your kitchen cabinets covered in sticky notes, a colorful mosaic of things you never do? 35 more words


Season 1 Episode 2 : #TellMeHowYouReallyFeel



There’s a fine line between the friendship and the romance. You could argue it scientifically, that our bodies are geared towards connection in order to reproduce to survive. 2,151 more words

Season 1: Episode 1 #WasteHerTime

“I want you to say it to my face.”

That night wasn’t a cold night, it was actually the one day that week that the weather picked itself up off the icy ground and started heating up. 877 more words

Before I Wake Up

Your muscular arm is holding my fragile body, claiming it victoriously as yours and keeping it from the cold wind that might blow away my defenses. 248 more words

Personal Writing

Dear you

21st December 2014

Dear you,
How’s winter treating you? Good, I hope. Winter’s alway been a time of ice-cold winds, that awakens those invisible hairs on your neck; And cold, hard frost, waiting for you to slip on the ground, waiting for your pain. 215 more words


Willpower, Phooey-#BlogBattle

Willpower, Phooey

There’s a darkness that lurks in the heart of everyone . . . Not like the shadowy darkness at the back of the refrigerator, but a full-time, all-consuming darkness like the one that lurks down in the vegetable crisper. 436 more words


Would: Interlude

Here is the next part to my short story, Would. Enjoy! :)

My americano showed a clear reflection of myself, I grabbed the steaming cup and made my way to my friends. 145 more words