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Do not follow me

Do not follow me!

They were the last words

A sad end to our wonderful journey

Do not follow me

Do not follow me

He pleaded and begged… 55 more words

Personal Writing

The Silence

My disquieting thoughts have surrounded me for a while now and they challenge my personal view of many things. It’s funny my impression of myself is egocentric but not in a positive way. 343 more words

Personal Writing

Leaving the past

We sense regret and carry this baggage forward as though it creates a true picture of who we are and what we can be and yet we are never the sum of the mistakes we have made. 331 more words

Personal Writing

Do Not Tell Me That I Am Beautiful

The still water, the camera, the mirrors are cruel. What I want is not what I am.

And I am not proud of this.

So, 132 more words



Staring at yourself for hours trying

To find something to tell you you’re beautiful

And worthy and something just a little special

But those blue eyes are so filled with hopelessness… 120 more words


The Morning Drive

Every morning my father would drive me to school.

The sun would leak in through the glass panels of our metal confinements-

As a sheet of silence blanketed the air around us… 239 more words

Can you hear it? (when my heart stops to beat)


I swallowed glass after glass of burning liquid

and it wasn’t until my feet felt like clouds that the night sky didn’t feel so empty. 223 more words