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Celebrating Writing

Amy Sexton, MSEd, Writing Tutor

Fall means crisp, cooler weather, stunning autumn shows of crimson, rust, and golden leaves, bountiful garden harvests, and, on Friday, October 20, a celebration of writing! 180 more words

Academic Writing

Things that are Good vs. Things that are Not Good

Why share? Why? Why type your life out and click a button, waiting for people to read? I don’t know. But I know that when I do write, the fog lifts a little. 192 more words


(image jumping)

when the baby latches on to the young
mother’s nipple, she pockets air
in her cheeks, feels the tiny
teeth like bee stings.

in grasslands, ants harvest stalks of grass, 168 more words


vilas ave, 1 am, as a woman

here is the situation: we are drunk walking
the dog. neither of us is quite naked.
we stop to press our alcohol hot bodies
against each other. 110 more words


that moment

erotic fantasy. explicit.

there’s always that moment, whenever a butch and I are hitting it off, that my gaze slips downwards. subtly, yes, but never furtive – I don’t mind if she notices. 465 more words



This last week has been a quiet blur of autumn leaves, frustration, and pancakes.


The Fight

Sometimes when we fold ourselves at night, we pretend to be tiny origami cranes. Delicate, unfeeling, simple.

Sometimes when the dark finally sets in and shadows come to play, we pretend they’re our drunk dreams warding off the bad ones. 173 more words