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A letter to my students.

My dears,

I greet you like an old women, wizened by time and life, patting your plump and youthful cheeks with a dry, papery hand. My dears. 341 more words

Creative Writing

My Artist

I once read something about people being art, and how sometimes some art won’t be hung on the wall forever.

You were a masterpiece that made my life something beautiful, something grand. 111 more words


Warna Jiwaku

“Warna apa yang kau senangkan, nona?”
Tanya seorang pemuda kepadaku.
Apakah biru layaknya langit cerah kala fajar?
Merah bak bara api yang berkobar membakar jiwa? 38 more words

Personal Writing

Something about women- Magic, part 1

*title is a placeholder

I actually made a dysfunctional video that I kept in my unlisted section, in response to a fiasco. More because I gave up at the end of it, and overall I am ashamed that I even thought to post it. 811 more words

Letters to Mama: #2

Dear Moming,

I’m writing you this from a sketchy little café in Haga. It’s very community center meets club house of the local knitting society. Across from where I’m sitting is a quirky Asian woman who reeks of pot and exclaimed “What? 654 more words


Self Portrait

This is a different photo than the others I normally upload.  I have been on a journey of learning self love and just being happy with the way I am.   370 more words


Letter To My Younger Self by Heidi Vanderbilt

Kid, some advice.
Don’t pretend things are okay when they’re not. Watch your temper. You look sweet, ringlets, ankle socks, but you can hang on in a fight until the other guy chews his leg off. 485 more words