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Progress report: One Million Words, week 12

This week I’ve slowed own a little. 3,568 words. It’s been a busy week, not necessarily in terms of work (I’ve only had my standard two shifts this week), but in other things. 600 more words


Night Screams - Strange Happenings in the woods of Piney Flats, TN.

(Woods around Piney Flats and Bluff City, TN.)

​I grew up in the mountains and hills of East, TN. The area is rural yet it is not like the isolated backwoods towns of upper West Virginia. 2,083 more words

Personal Writing

Goodnight Moon

Our song plays and now I’m in the past

Your voice is in my ear from the phone and I don’t know which night it is… 30 more words


History: Best Subject Ever

When I lived in Venezuela, I used to spend a lot of time alone at home and instead of doing my math homework, I would turn on the TV and watch the history channel. 1,007 more words

School Writing

Knew You Too

“A song that once
Meant something
Comes on the radio station.
In the old days
I’d be singing with passion,
But lately
I keep wishing upon it… 51 more words


Progress report: One Million Words, week 11

This week’s been pretty good for my wordcount. 5,747 words added this week – about a thousand words more than last week. The average daily output for this week is 821 words a day – quite a bit higher than it was even just a few weeks ago. 620 more words


At Sojourners: Sex, Barrenness, and the Desert

Sojourners, a great journal dedicated to “faith in action for social justice,” is running something I wrote a while back on the desert as a metaphor.  35 more words