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My 2015 PBA Governor's Cup Experience

It’s the PBA Governor’s Cup semi finals season, once again. And as a fan, you wouldn’t want more than to watch the game live at the venue. 798 more words


Now What?

Today I realized that I haven’t posted anything on my blog since my spring semester ended. When I started this blog, I had started it because it was a requirement for my public relations class. 297 more words



Hush, I hear a new sound
It’s distinct, it’s indeed profound
People suddenly talk about it
Yet, they never try to fathom it.

Whistling, I made a silent sound… 58 more words


This accurately sums up my spiritual life right now:

I have no idea what’s going on. None. I haven’t seen or heard from any People since last Wednesday (and in some cases been explicitly told to go away because They have more important things to do). 78 more words



Awaken your
comatose heart.
Do not let
worldly troubles
diminish its glow.

Creative Writing

My Review of "Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass"

It’s me again, the mystery geek, detective, and crazy gamer, also known as … (music, please) IZAM! :)

I’m making another post, this time about a video game review. 517 more words


No Needs Me

No one really needs me. My closest internet friends don’t even care enough to send, “Hi I miss you” or a “Hey what’s up?” In fact I used to be the one that would message them. 239 more words

Little Ramble