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Mintie Reviews Sex Toys: The Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The Dream Job continues with yet another review of a Satisfyer product. (Click here for the harrowing back story!) The Satisfyer Pro: Penguin is the portable “little sister” of the line, if it is even appropriate to use family terminology for a line of sex toys. 739 more words


The Folly of Pinot Grigio


Here’s the story of wine, mother, and pigeons.

Let me start by saying, I am, most definitely, older than 18. When somebody says to me, “You’re clearly not over 18,” when I’m nearly 27, I don’t know if I should be insulted or not. 1,237 more words


Down The Rabbit Hole

Self-improvement is an unending quest to be the best you can be, or failing that, to successfully emulate your heroes. For the longest time I haven’t really had a hero or a role model to emulate. 215 more words

Life And Love


Last night I went to a concert and it was an amazing, vibrant experience. I made sure to submerge myself as much as possible in this extraordinay experience of the senses. 160 more words

Ambrosia 111

I will let you
I’ve granted permission for you to enter the temple
Make your offering of devotion
It must be sincere and unending, I will know… 111 more words

How losing my most-treasured possession in a fire taught me not to hoard.

Ever heard the classic conversation starter ‘If you had a fire, what would you save?’ Imagine if your legitimate answer was ‘well I did have a fire – and I lost it.’  2,009 more words


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