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Losing my Identity

Have you ever thought about your identity and what it means to be you?

Is it that you are an entrepreneur? A mother? An amazing speaker? 978 more words

My content, or lack thereof

Hello all, this is just a quick post to remind you that I still exist.

I love creating content for people, and even though I’m just getting off the ground, I put a lot of time and thought into what I post. 157 more words


..and still learning

I’ve learned….
That we should be glad God doesn’t give us everything we ask for. 313 more words



Tom Hubbard, “…Saturday Night” (1973)


your smile
on a summer night
the starlight
shining after light years
the light in the window
the wind and your voice…

30 more words

My Love, Know Love

I feel at times as if I’m not worthy or I don’t deserve your words…I am completely open to you without any secrets. Ask me and I shall speak from such a heart that has been restored. 236 more words


Today I forgave someone who didn’t deserve it. I made the decision to put my ego and feelings aside because I can remember a time when I wish the same would have been done for me.