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Tweeting your feelings - yay or nay?

Kerry: A few years ago, I had a random (though mild) fit of panic and minimized my profile on all social media platforms. I couldn’t tell you what caused it exactly. 1,629 more words

Replete Of Memories and Banter

Actually, having you as a brother is like dining out in an all you can eat buffet because you are everything that you are and sometimes you got all these mixed up decision. 367 more words


This post is totally uncompulsory. Continue scrolling down and ignore this if you want to.

So! I was scrounging for some files that I need for Acads in my Google Drive when I saw a certain Google document I saved there some months back. 110 more words

Random Rants


I’m being stupid. In the past few days I’ve been reading so many blogs and I’ve been reading things that my friends have written and I’ve been comparing my writing to theirs. 251 more words

Five Things Flowers Can Teach Us (conclusion)

Here is the conclusion of my article, which originally appeared on Shaun Proulx’s Gay Guide Network.

3. Appreciate the rain.
“What a horrible day,” said the woman in the elevator. 340 more words

Flower Photography

My Return to Nepal: Nepal's Crisis

This is the third part of my Nepal chronicles. To start from the beginning, click here. To see the last part, click here. 494 more words


What College Taught Me

Whew! It’s been so long since my first blog posts. A month ago. I wasn’t able to blog this month. November is very busy for me. 588 more words