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The Norwegian Personality Disorder

Narcissism is sick or harmful self-love. It’s not just a matter of falling in love with one’s own mirror image, like Narcissus in Greek mythology, but this personality also enjoys his/her own skills, abilities, successes and products. 582 more words


The Survivor (Nanotale)

My first attempt at a nanotale:

The Survivor

Feminist by the day today, abused by her husband night after night,
But she wasn’t ready to succumb her fate to such plight. 57 more words


Changes and failures

Long time no see! I wanted to post every week but ended up posting every month. Due to many things happening in my life at the moment I decided to let some things go for a while and blog was one of them. 696 more words


My first taste of Asia

¬†Phan Thiet, Vietnam. My first taste of Asia ūüĆŹ

Vietnam was my first destination in Asia and it didn’t disappoint. From our beautiful beach villa on stilts to the incredible beaches, my love of Asian holidays started to grow. 173 more words

Riding the High.

I’m not your typical expat.

I’m young, I’m female, and I came here alone (in most contexts, that would merit a flashing neon “Abudct Me!” sign over my head). 1,033 more words

Life Lessons

On Resolutions and Self-Employment

Guess what?

A few days into the New Year, my computer quite unexpectedly  imploded and I spent over a month with no  keyboard and no place to binge-watch Courtney Love interviews. 281 more words


Deserted By Love

They left me.
God, they left me.
They just up and abandoned me.
What did I ever do to them?
I only loved them. 54 more words