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Symmetrical Faces O.o

If you want to see something terrifying/interesting cut a picture of your face in half and mirror it. So alien looking!


Twisted Lyrics #2

Let’s get into some John Legend people! Come on, let’s sing ‘All Of Me’ together:

“What would I do without –




“- your small love.” 133 more words


My Friday Fall Favorites

Keeping with the fall theme, today I’m offering up three of my favorite things about fall!

Honeycrisp Apples
In the days of my youth I knew not the difference between a peach and an apricot. 524 more words


How to Create 60 Chiropractic Personal Injury Referrals

How to Create 60 Chiropractic Personal Injury Referrals
Chiropractic Educational Sales Creates PI Referrals

There are 3 types of chiropractic personal injury marketing referrals and …

Things that shit me… #8


Pedestrians shit me big time.

They shit me when they amble over the road ever so slowly, taking in the sights of the uniform, grey, large buildings around them, in a kind of sight-seeing stupor, while an ever-increasing line of cars await their cross so that they can move on through the road that they are unfairly occupying. 149 more words


Poem With Some Style

I see you

You see me

But what we say

Is never what we feel

For me there’s something

And I hope there is from you. 26 more words