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Our Chicken Journey: Week One

This week on the first day of spring, I took two little boys and a baby to the local farm and garden/tractor supply store. Our mission: to look at baby chicks. 347 more words


My Pledge

‚ÄčMaybe at this point of time,

Life’s looking down upon me.

But I’ll fight for my fate

So as to,let the God bestow some mercy on me. 157 more words

Blog #200, Day 210.

Thursday March 23rd, 2017 at 10:01 PM.

I guess it is a late night for me.

I just got an email from the chair of the history department here, and it said it was an invitation to be a history major, or minor. 386 more words


Lost Rice

The moments I lost with you reminds me of the time I dropped my iphone into the toilet, but amount of rice will bring you back to me.


Feeling Once Forgotton

This feeling once forgotten,

A change, a shift.

New experience yet also old.

That beautiful smile, that cute laugh, the happy smile, the way it makes me feel. 177 more words