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Up Into the Sun: Longing for the Child

When I was a child, I thought as a child,
And I played like a child, the days so mild.

Looking through a hole in the cloud I saw your smiling face, 319 more words



We have seen that the grace of the true ‘God’ is infinite (as are all ‘His’ other attributes). It is this infinite grace that enables us, despite our wretched sins that deserve ‘His’ retribution, to receive forgiveness, cleansing and regeneration to become ‘His’ celestial children. 615 more words

June 2015 Book Haul

Although I typically don’t do monthly book hauls, I was inspired after just receiving my books in the mail today! In terms of book-buying, I didn’t buy many books at all. 356 more words


Portraits Worth Remembering

I have found that I miss my camera terribly and I cannot wait for the day I have enough money to send it to Atlanta to get the sensor fixed. 191 more words


Ugh, People

I’ve never really understood people. I mean, who does. Sometimes people are downright silly with relationships and interactions. The way that we as a human race deal with things is beyond understanding. 423 more words


What If?

“I hate these words: what if?”

We as humans spend our entire lives thinking about the quintessential question: “what if?” We calculate and dissect every decision and pinpoint the exact moment where we could have potentially made a different decision which would have a completely different, and in our minds, better outcome. 329 more words