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Children, Sex-slaves

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This is not a ‘comfortable’ subject. Perhaps you might think it is questionable why it is posted on a ‘faith’’ blog’. But. I think it is something that truly deserves our prayers. 456 more words


The Country, for Adolescent Bumpkins.

What do rural country towns offer adolescents after they finish High School? Not bloody much. Other that further options to study like Tafe, what do people do who do not wish to study anymore? 313 more words


The healing power of craft supplies.

Sometimes in life all you need is a swift kick in the ass. Or in my case an emotional intervention. So thank you people in my life for giving a damn. 842 more words


Let the ranting begin!

Warning: Alot of ranting will be going on in this post!

I work with the same person everyday. She isn’t that bad to work with, but the way she lives her life and treats people drives me absolutely insane!!!!  491 more words


13 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been in hell rage mode recently, so now I feel the need to cheer up. It isn’t like me to dwell on something for a long time, anyway. 450 more words


One Easy Way To Invest In Yourself

This week’s post isn’t actually about saving money. It is more along the lines of, well, spending it. Or at least “investing” money in yourself. Many people believe that after high school and their further education in whatever institution they choose (trade school, college, etc.) that they are finished with the learning and studying and, hoo-rah, entering into the big money-making world. 549 more words