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I’ve got azure blue eyes
that say, “I’m sorry,” when looked into.
I’m bestowed susceptibility¬†
to the same lie that bourbon whispered in his ears. 43 more words


real neat blog award.

Hi Everyone! I’ve been nominated for another award, so I’m super excited! I didn’t even know there was such a thing a the “real neat blog award” :D. 292 more words


Running out of energy lately. Thanks Fortune the weekend is just around the corner.

I need a holiday. Somewhere close to the nature. Peace and quiet on To Do List. 33 more words


Lost Activities

In the last few months there is many things that I pushed off to the side and stopped doing. I made excuses or ignored my brain telling me to do them. 358 more words


The Bristol Trip.

Yesterday my post was about how I was killing time whilst I waited to go on a trip to BBC Bristol.

And, about an hour after writing that post, go to Bristol is what I did. 239 more words



How many arms and legs do I need to hand over to get approved for a house?

Quite a lot with some to spare, it seems. 508 more words


Wanderlust reflections on a younger Bron

Starting this website and sharing my adventures is a means to an end. I have been asked many times by friends and colleagues ‚Äď how do you do it? 732 more words