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Dear Diary

Hai, you
Lama tak mengunjungimu, apalagi bercerita dan menuangkan isi kepalaku. Terakhir kali kulakukan beberapa minggu yang lalu, kurasa.

Bukan. Bukannya aku tertidur atau koma sampai-sampai tak ada yang bisa kuceritakan selama berminggu-minggu. 459 more words

Daily Life

I've begun translating the first chapter

Of a historical CN that I found on a translator’s site where it was listed as her no. 1 favourite historical novel.

I stuck to a detailed translation since I’m also reading it myself for the first time as I go along. 97 more words


#QOTD #18

Walk in purpose , even if it ruffles feathers. Generally those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won’t mind!

You were not born to just go with the flow or to be a puppet on strings. 55 more words



I am my own sunrise and my own sunset. My hands are the only pair that will shape my days, hold my dreams and reach my needs. 53 more words


When There Are No Words

It is cloudy today.

In the morning, I had a short presentation, which I was quite nervous about. When I was called up, a moment of silence passed between the teacher calling out my number and me getting up; I was distracted by something, and this was a bit embarrassing for me, but as it turns out, that embarrassment was for little use. 487 more words

Mental Health

You meet the NICEST people on Honda's

I have for years and years bagged my friends with Honda’s. No real reason.  Just an urban myth here in New Zealand born of the web forum Kiwibiker. 113 more words