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Being excited. 

That feeling comes and is taken away from me so quickly. I want to be able to just be excited for as long as I want. 827 more words


About sitting and kneeling

There’s a brouhaha going on about some people kneeling or sitting during the playing of the National Anthem.

I won’t go into the discussion about the “why” they are doing it as that merits its own post, but I do want to briefly touch on the incensed reaction from various quarters. 1,624 more words

Writing Stuff

6 Answers and 14 Things About Me

This was from the nomination of ate Thea and Dungis. Lovely humans! Took me a while because //tamad forever. I decided though to just skip the other rules because I think everyone else that I know have been nominated already. 1,385 more words


Momentum are taking Labour, and us, back to an ugly era of British politics

Sadly I have to own up to being one of those people who really doesn’t like Laura Luenssberg’s political reporting on the BBC. It is absolutely nothing to do with her gender or with the perception  by some that she is biased. 820 more words



I become so in touch with my soul when I think of them.

You are far away but I hold you so closely. I think of you in whims of emotion and when the hour turns, they are gone again.  110 more words

Israeli experiences

We went to the doctor for our first visit here in Beersheva.  The address given was 6 Rehov Haim Landau.  I put this into Google maps and we got there easily.   394 more words

Israel Domestic