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All Happening Now

Your day will show you the Past of what was, Present what is, And the Future what’s waiting.

Most will miss the Present and Future signs and go directly to Past and do it in the Present.



Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

Right now, you’re just about three months along. While it’s gotten better, you still make Mommy sick from time to time. You even rejected Honey Nut Cheerios the other morning! 409 more words



I had gasoline in my veins

You were the match

that lit my soul ablaze

There were bridges to burn

Leaving old lovers in exile… 71 more words



“Every experience comes and goes.”

“Let go of control.”

These two thoughts have been recurring in the past couple of weeks and are awesome reminders of reality, especially when I become lost in the drama called “my life.” I suppose they can be considered mantras? 14 more words


Moving to South Carolina

Jen and I are officially moving to South Carolina next month.

We decided to do this based on a coupleĀ different things. First off, both of our families are all on the other side of the countryĀ and we’re the only two out here in San Diego. 384 more words


I am Finally in the Place

I am finally in the place where everything is working together for my good not because I deserve it, or because I earned it, but because I endured it. 582 more words