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Hi all. It’s been a long time since I’ve directly addressed my readers in a blog post but I suppose things in the world have gotten to a point where I feel like I should be straightforward with the emotions that I’m going through. 1,166 more words



“I will learn to embrace the consequences that come with each decision I make from my heart knowing that each choice, though not always judicious, is at least honest and true and above all, a commitment to myself as I chase that final destination in my pursuit of happiness.”



The open door | Discover Prompts | Day 2

winter storm warning
watching from the open door
snowflakes start to fall

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Viva la vida

A veces es necesario perderse para volver a encontrarse. Hoy me di cuenta que a veces es necesario caer para luego al volver a levantarse, y poder apreciar el trayecto que recorremos para alcanzar la cima. 979 more words


My Eating Disorder Story

I was a happy child, I rode my bike outside, played in the woods by my house, and spent my free time pretending to teach my teddy bear’s how to spell & write stories. 2,663 more words


Spending days at home...

I am one of the privileged people who have the luxury of staying safe at home. I am proud and thankful for the people who are risking their own health just to make sure the rest of us are and will be safe and healthy. 1,016 more words


An Audio Diary: Hello from Home - Episode One

It’s been a few weeks of quarantine now and staying sane is proving hard. I’ve made a little audio diary of how I am staying productive (or at least trying to, given the circumstances). 83 more words