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An Empty House

Today sucks. I woke up at around 8:30, as I always do on the weekend, except today is Memorial Day, so we get Monday off. A couple of minutes after waking up my father sat down with me so he could help me with my Pre-Calculus homework. 367 more words

When Mountains Crumble

I live in the shadows of the mess I made
Beneath the piles of failure, grief, and pain
The darkness is lonely, but it’s home to me… 108 more words


Guiding Light

On some random day while scrolling through tumblr, (oh yes I still visit that old friend once in awhile haha) I came across a few quotes by C.S. 642 more words


Ptsd, C-ptsd and Major Life Changes

Change can be terrifying for people with PTSD or C-PTSD. There are unknown triggers awaiting you.

If you have PTSD then you like to avoid triggering places, experiences, songs, people, and sensory triggers. 376 more words

Mental Illness

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PTSD is real. The anxiety, the loneliness, the triggers, it's all real. I would know. I never thought I'd be diagnosed with PTSD but life had a different plan for me. Having a great support system has helped tremendously and so has therapy. It does get better but it definitely has its ups and downs. But hey, that's life, right?


who will
love you with
the lights on.

How I settle down my RM 30k of credit card

Suddenly I am felling to write about my credit card which killing me until now! I am not sure about others but my total debts that I have with various banks is totally insane! 1,617 more words


Puppy's Birthday!

Just wanted to share this photo of my favourite girl on her 7th birthday. Maddy has been a great companion over the years and is still such a puppy at heart. 57 more words