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September 26, 2016

The baby is now six days overdue. People tell you that you forget this stage, the waiting, and living through it feels that way – that as soon as the baby is born this in between twilight phase vanishes from memory. 186 more words


Fall Fun List

So I didn’t do as much from my summer list as I had hoped, but I did decide that I would do one of these for every season to try to get the most out of them. 101 more words


Conflicted Thinking

I never know what to do when it comes down to TheDeskGeek. When I first started this thing back in 2011 I wanted it to be something that deals with technology. 179 more words


She said, He said.

She said…

And I long for you,

to just dwell in Your presence.

Feeling your embrace.

Floating in Your Love, so relentless.

I speak not. 205 more words

Short Reads

I wrote a whole blog post about how much I love being here, but how there are a few things that are hard. I deleted it, so I’ll give a rough overview. 149 more words

Pre-Service Training

Reasons to not feel bad about cutting off toxic parents

I have a lot of experience with toxic parents…I’ve gone no contact with them a number of times, recently for the very last time. I’ll deal with them if there’s ever a death in the family or some reason why I need to be in their physical proximity, but aside from circumstances like that, I will have no part in their lives. 564 more words



Have you tried wishing from a star? Have you tried drinking coffee while having palpitation? Have you tried crying and at the same time laughing? Have you tried cursing God because nothing comes good in your life? 157 more words