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your intentions spill out over the edge of the frame and pool in ugly patterns below: the grooves in which they have collected have been well ploughed now and slurp up that vicious liquidity. 297 more words



I write a lot. I read more. I try and educate myself as much as possible. There’s still nothing I can search for in google to answer my questions on how your head is currently processing information. 121 more words

Men and anorexia.

That body is a body anyone could get healthily. And unhealthily, too, for a little while. It’s a body I don’t aspire to.

As much as I don’t like my body at a healthy weight (my natural BMI of 19-20), most men like my body. 338 more words



A few photos I took while walking with a friend through the Spadina House Gardens and the ravine south of St. Clair around Spadina.


Controlling My Descent

Society’s complexities are beyond the comprehension of a single human being. With that in mind, I still want to explore experientially my own personal, emotional decline. 1,648 more words


The chirping of crickets was the only thing that broke the silence as I sat in the night’s abyss. It’s strange how different and unfamiliar everything around me appears at night. 436 more words