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You Are..


I felt like you needed to hear this today. I had the honor of performing this piece of poetry for some bright souls at Urban Solace, Bangalore. 387 more words


Mushrooms on toast!

So it’s day 2 of our vegetarian feast and I didn’t realise how many vegetarian dishes I liked to make and eat before I got married to a meat-a-holic like Mr. 544 more words


Downloaded documentary and my greek website

What a great movie, oh those memories when me and a schoolmate of mine were using a T1 and Napster before anyone else knew about it in Greece and uploading to our own pirated mp3 site which was #2 for a while and #1 for a week. 93 more words

My Projects

Blog Train Leaving the Station!

Excitement! Some Stonecoast classmates and I have decided to band together and create a blog train: linking our sites to each other like cars in a train. 705 more words


Bespoke financial options available

Personal, flexible procedures make this a more sympathetic avenue for growth with Creative in your corner. Offers are made quickly, and funds released without delay. 7 more words

Blog-tember Challenge: Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Day 1: Introduce yourself 😊
#blogtemberchallenge #10funfacts
1. My name is Charmaine
2. I have curly hair
3. My favourite colour is purple
4. My ultimate meal is vongole with a glass of red…

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Knocked out

I had a rough week at work and I am still feeling the punches through the silence (and absence of communication) from the other office.  I guess it easy to blame the sole remote person who is over 500 kilometers away.   126 more words