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Shit, I'm Doing It Again

God damn it. I tell myself that I’m going to post everyday, even if it’s something as silly as a diary post. Five days and no content later, here I am. 714 more words


My Personal Stances

So I identify as a diviner if you couldn’t tell from my home page, my about me, or that little title thing up above. My reasoning for choosing this path is because it’s the one that attracted me the most. 477 more words


The Daily Habit

Writing daily has continued, nearly three months with no pause in between. I am proud of my self for achieving this. Even this small accomplishment is likely seen by some to be quite impressive, even though I feel as if I’ve mostly been  writing with no real purpose. 434 more words

Personal Exploration

Meet me in my dreams darling

by Anne

Jaeyong and I were supposed to finally meet on the 19th of August 2016, after six months of working hard, missing each other and skypeing every day. 227 more words


morning //

maybe tomorrow i’ll finally want to wake up,

maybe the wind won’t feel so menacing on my skin,

i read the bible once because i wanted to feel holy, 26 more words

A Letter to Mom (2)

​Hi, Mom! How are you? I’m sure Heaven is still as fabulous as ever. I’m sorry I didn’t write to you sooner. It’s 1.30 am right now. 297 more words


25-8-2016 || Happy 20 Followers!! + Life Update

Hello, my darlings!

I just noticed that my reader/follower count on here has reached twenty. That’s so incredible for me, especially since I haven’t been on it for too terribly long. 76 more words