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My Bucket List (and why you should write one).

Life is weird, a journey you can’t really plan for and I’m definitely lost on spaghetti junction at the minute. Most of my days are split between reading, writing and searching/ applying for jobs. 817 more words

Growing Up

For you.

How can you forget someone who gave you so much to remember?

Do you instantly forget about them when you wake up or do you need to feel the pain everyday? 333 more words


Model for one day

Hi lovelies,

So we all know I’m a dancer in my spare time, and I love it. So imagine my sheer joy when I got the opportunity to do a ballet photo shoot. 308 more words



Once upon a time, a baby female human was born in San Mateo, California in the year of 1990. Her name was Karlina Ray Beringer. 201 more words



P0: “Terrible things have occurred.”

P1: “Many people are suffering.”

P0: “Let me guess. You are trying to imply that I am not the only one.” 377 more words


My Weekly Fitness Routine

I’ve been a member of the gym on and off for about two years and this time I am determined to keep at it in the longterm. 1,145 more words

The world is mean and dark enough. Let's be the love and the light.

Today started off as a normal Sunday for me.

I woke up, read my devotional, retrieved email, and checked social media. I was scrolling through my feed, glossing over most of what I saw until I noticed one particular post. 587 more words