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Portfolio updates

Like many photographers I invest a lot of time and energy into my portfolio. I have had a Pixelrights folio since they launched their service earlier this year and every time they add more functionality I tinker with both the design and the content. 58 more words



Some people look down on others not because there is no greater power than they are. They look down on others because they thirst to feel the supremacy they never had. 9 more words


In Honor of My Scofflingness - Being a Being

In the spirit of celebration for the newly-minted #Oxford Dictionary new words list for 2015, I have one of my own. Scoffling – one who has been ignored, mocked, gently(?) bullied into believing that anything they have to say or do is not worth a dismissive wave of the hand, which is what a #scoff usually is. 480 more words


Seven Day Countdown

We all have our own little countdown for something. Whether it be for the time you knock off work or a much anticipated vacation, we all look forward to something that’s coming. 332 more words


Cooking Again, A Journal

So I’ve had a hiatus from writing this month because I fell into a pretty bad place at the beginning of the month.  Then Nicole had a week of vacation which coincided with my starting my teaching job at the university for this semester (stressful) and my getting back on my medicine (hurray!).  468 more words


An Open Letter to Bombo Vicky of Bombo Radyo Laoag

We were hurt, no, we are hurting. And by ‘we’ I mean, me, my brothers, and the rest of our family.

You see, Ma’am, I’m living here in the metro and my brother called me earlier this morning — which he usually doesn’t do unless it is some kind of emergency — to burst his frustrations, pain, and hurting out. 822 more words


Current EVEntS - Linda Donovan, Executrix of Her Parent's Estate, Steals Her Two Brother's Inheritance

Linda Donovan, 58, was living alone in a subsidized, senior citizen housing apartment complex, called Walnut Hill, in West Haverstraw, New York, when she was arrested. 917 more words