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You are so much more than this.

Friendships are complicated webs. Two people decide they like each other slightly more than they like other people and therefore they entangle their lives in joint memories, shared secrets and a blur of complimentary character traits. 901 more words



Kodak ColorPlus 200

scanned negatives

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I'm not going to say that I'm stuck, because that would only lead me to panic (and we wounldn't want that)

I have always loved art all my life. It’s something that really allows you to get in touch with your inner thoughts, with your anxiety and fears: you don’t know what you want to draw or what your heart wants to say to you, but you start anyway because art comes from… 510 more words


Recuperation 5

Perhaps it was a sign

when the most daring thing I’ve done in months

was to repeat

– with abandon –

honest words

that changed nothing


Recuperation 4

In the moments

where my grief has broken

into anger and jealousy

I try to retreat back.

It won’t do any good

and if I’m to poison myself… 10 more words


Recuperation 3

If I think too much

about the way it ended

I worry I’ll remember

how it began

and how I knew it would hurt

insisting nonetheless. 15 more words


Recuperation 2

Being crazy about you

is that unhealthy love

or flawed love

Something that I can’t cherish

in my unhealthiness

and with all my flaws?

Reduced to this… 24 more words