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I am embarrassed to be an American...

…but I want American to be better and truly great again.

Many of those who know me, know that I don’t hide the fact that I am an atheist.   611 more words


Wanting to Be Normal

There is no neurotypical ‘me’, as I believe I’ve said before.  Would your clone be you, raised in a different time and situation? They might be remarkably similar, in the way that identical twins raised separately can be, but I wouldn’t agree that they are the same person? 292 more words


People sometimetimes say ‘would you like the kind of relationship your parents have?’ For some of us maybe we say yes. But for others the answer may be no. 468 more words

The Cultists

You call my name,
There is nobody to blame.
Spirits whisper in my ear,
Fighting in words that aren’t dear.

Who calls me you wonder? 31 more words

Softly and Tenderly

Softly and tenderly I hear your voice again,
And has it been so long and I so very wrong?
Slight enticements led me away day after day, 33 more words


Just a lil' update 

Hello hello! 💕

Indeed it has been a damn while since I’ve posted here and I’m sorry for not keeping you posted on my whereabouts. 381 more words


24 Weeks Pregnant

I am 24 weeks pregnant today! WOOHOO!! There are not enough words to describe how blessed I am. I have longed to be a mommy ever since I can remember. 231 more words