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Informative Essay

Football and Concussions.

If you play football at any level, you instantly have a 75% chance of getting a concussion. In America, every football fan loves seeing big hits, it makes the crowd go wild and it is what makes football so fun and exciting. 427 more words


Sandstorm in the Desert (revised)

My life began with irony.

My birth was ushered in by a sandstorm.

That’s the story my mother liked to tell.

A desert sandstorm raged as her muscles… 209 more words


Review: Kokoskaa Willow Jewel

Blend: 100% Cotton
Size: 3/4

Note: I’ve only had it 4 days but have dragged it everywhere since getting it. I did want to get a review out before the preorder closes tomorrow. 350 more words


Gardner Essay

Are students really learning in school?

Imagine if you were randomly invited to a brand new game show called “Are you smarter than a High Schooler?” where you test your knowledge in multiple subjects against current high school students, with a million dollars on the line. 845 more words


When I left the Bay Area

When I left the Bay Area
I forgot that women are perfect
I forgot that clouds are comfort
I forgot that music is magic
I forgot that my body is broken 221 more words


Into the Dream

Into the dream… Do we ever really know where we are going? Are we ever able to really see or understand the lessons that the dream is trying to teach us? 187 more words

Curious Considerations


ZWEI. Zwei Monate, zwei Wochen. Zwei Länder, zwei Städte. Zwei Wohnungen, zwei Jobs. Zwei Haarschnitte. Zwei Farben. Zweiter Post. 131 more words