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Not just a sound system, a beautiful personalized piece of art

BeoSound Shape by Bang & Olufsen is a stunning wireless sound system. The modular design is made up of hexagonal tiles that can be placed on a wall in different patterns and sizes to let people create their own layout. 42 more words

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Falke offers monogramming for their Luxury Line

       You can now add some personality to your favourite Falke hosiery with monogram.  Simply choose a style in the Luxury Line (blue arrow), select the colour of thread, your desired monogram (up to four letters) and the font style.   61 more words


The potential of personalisation

How much could personalisation increase engagement?

Here is my best guess at engagement for 100 stories on a typical news homepage. (I estimate that relevant stories have a CTR of 15% as opposed to 10%). 46 more words


Packing Real Punch Into Customer 360s

In marketing circles, the buzzphrase for the first quarter of 2017 was Customer Data Platform (CDP).

Although coined in 2013, it was Gartner’s decision in July 2016 to introduce this as a new industry category within its digital marketing “hype cycle” that has given the term real legs. 581 more words

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The Juxtaposition between Mass Personalisation and Digital Marketing

Brands are now, more than ever, wanting to know you. What you wear, eat, drink, watch and even trying to predict your wants before you do. 439 more words

Creating dialogues using a cooperative learning strategy

Although dialogues in textbooks often include lots of good functional language to practise, the way to practise it can be uninspiring and predictable. Usually students listen to a model dialogue (maybe after completing the gaps with target vocabulary), practise it and then create their own using prompts provided in the text book. 553 more words

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Abstract: Digital Personalisation for Heritage Consumers

I’m speaking at the upcoming Academy of Marketing E-Marketing SIG Symposium: ‘Exploring the digital customer experience:  Smart devices, automation and augmentation’ on May 23 2017. This is what I wrote for my abstract: 631 more words

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