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Using drama role play activities in your classroom

Ken Wilson is the author of Smart Choice and in all has written more than 30 ELT titles. We asked teachers from around the world who have been using Smart Choice what one question they would like to ask Ken. 117 more words

Adults / Young Adults

Thinking about ethics in social care

A week or so ago I was musing about an ethical social care system – namely what it might look like, how it might be funded, organized, managed, how it might interface with existing services such as the NHS and social work. 141 more words

The rise of the New Social Work Bohemians and the death of Radical Social Work

I loved radical social work back in 1995 when I started to train as a social worker. It was edgy, different, reflected the culture of the home I grew up in and allowed me endless opportunity to debate in the halls of North Hertfordshire college. 2,904 more words

Who will win the race for fluffiest hair? I mean presidency.

It’s election time folks, and we’re only 50 days away from the actual election.

This means that when something happens in the U.S., both candidates jump on it and make the issue salient to their voters. 408 more words


Jonathan Wilson – VP of Product Innovation and Brand Services – Hilton Worldwide

The “ burning question” many people have for the hospitality industry is: “What’s next?” Over the last few years, we’ve seen a massive disruption that has put the traveller in control of their trip – from start to finish, and dreaming to reliving. 330 more words


Number 1 for Painters & Decorators

Since the birth of the Shield Painters Protection range nearly 40 years ago, we’ve made it our mission to develop and maintain a great relationship with you, the hardworking Painter and Decorator. 131 more words


Data cleansing: what is it and why do I need it?

Are you baffled by the phrase ‘data cleansing’? How can something on a computer be ‘cleansed’?

Well, put your feather duster away as data cleansing targets inaccurate, poor quality and duplicate data present in databases (such as your marketing mailing list) and corrects or removes this data – hence after the process, the data is cleansed. 259 more words

Data Cleansing