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Let's get personal

When you first get to know someone, how personal do you get?  Do you start referring to them by their nick name? Do you reveal the extent of your social media stalking? 1,361 more words

Big Data

Where everybody knows your name: achieving old-school retailing, with a modern spin

Like the well-known theme song from the 1980s US sitcom, Cheers, it wasn’t that long ago when a local retail store was a place ‘where everybody knows your name’. 662 more words


Animal farm vs Animal school

When I first read the animal school fable, I found the language emotive, literally interpreted it and generally was not a fan of it. In hindsight, I prejudged it by the title (I thought it was going to be a poor version of the wonderful animal farm and hated it before reading, although George Reavis wrote his story before George Orwell) and did not interpret it in terms of standardisation. 246 more words

Mass Personalisation – The Holy Grail of Marketing

Image: Personalisation Marketing. Created by Yee Kuan Tan (Jin) via Adobe Photoshop CS6. Used with permission

When it comes to decision making, customers decide in a split second. 751 more words


Refletions on Being At A Civil Marriage

Last Saturday I went to a wedding. Normally when I go to a wedding I am either presiding over the marriage, or I am at my own. 899 more words

A rudimentary introduction to windows ricing with/out WSL

Some background information about “Ricing

The term “Ricing” refers to the transformation and customisation of various elements of the user interface, workflow and other parts of the (not limited to) operating system, into something more beautiful and meaningful. 484 more words