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Caketoppers cupcakes review

If you get an email asking if you’d like to review cupcakes, you’re going to say yes. So when Caketoppers * emailed me and asked if I’d like to try and review some of their cupcakes, I said yes. 376 more words



I am in Amsterdam, staying in a VERY EXPENSIVE HOTEL, because all the hotels in Amsterdam are VERY EXPENSIVE. We are here on a cultural city break, to take the kids to Anne Frank’s house, and the Van Gogh museum, among others. 289 more words


Comprehensive Input (CI) 理论在第二语言教学中的启示(2)

Theme:Comprehensive Input in Second Language Acquisition

(2) 在进行“Comprehensive input”的时候,关于语言输入内容以及方式有哪些值得注意的地方?

首先说内容,好的内容一定是学生感兴趣的。Terry 讲到了两个有效的方法:一是个人化的内容(personalisation:using actual information about the students),二是定制化的内容(customisation: using information about people or things your students are interested in), 这两个方法的主体都是学生们本身。我们可以根据所了解到的学生个人的喜好和他们生活中发生的故事,有针对性地创造‘语言输入’的内容。 149 more words

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Exicting AI and Machine Learning Trends to keep an eye on in 2018

2017 was an exciting year for Data Science. From large successful companies to early-stage startups, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning witnessed a rapid rise throughout the past twelve months. 941 more words


Why content and customer experience now drives executive thinking

The highest priority for top performing companies in 2018 is content and customer experience.

You might have heard that before. The difference this time? It’s coming from the top. 1,075 more words


Zest of NeteRa - Information cards + subscription

To make this service as personal as possible these cards would be given with each item purchase and it would tell you what is in it and what each of those properties can do for your skin. 313 more words


"VIP event at G.H. Bass & Co. hits high note!"

So, I’m struttin’!

Not quite, Danny Zucco, but I could give him a run for his money, in a Zoolander-style face-off!

….And I’m singin’ 838 more words