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Getting Personal

By Kelly Gerrish

Marketing is becoming increasingly personalised. Mobile technology has made it easier than ever for marketers to personalise their message to consumers.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of walking into a shop and being recognised and treated as an individual?

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Micro-enterprise: care and support on a scale that’s “just right”?

This is a guest blog from researcher Catherine Needham of the University of Birmingham, who is launching the first research to look at whether size of provider organisation makes a difference to outcomes and cost-effectiveness. 690 more words


Sitecore: How to change the personalisation trigger page count

One of Sitecores features is the ability to assign profile cards or profile key scores to pages. As visitors browse the website the profile key scores from each page are added to the visitors profile. 148 more words


Personalisation still a challenge for many

It’s very easy to be glib about personalisation in 2015; we assume that every organisation has a well developed strategy as a matter of hygiene because it is simply expected by their customers. 988 more words

Experience Strategy

Personalised learning programmes | A BESIG workshop summary in 3 activities

Last weekend’s BESIG workshop, facilitated by David Petrie, was titled Personalised learning programmes – a pick and choose approach. David touched on issues such as personalised learning, differentiated instruction and teaching the student instead of the lesson. 438 more words

Personalisation - are some people missing out?

Original post from Think Local Act Personal

‘…………by Dr Naomi Harflett, Research Manager, National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi)

Ahead of Learning Disability Week, Partner organisation National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) have published a review of the impact of personal budgets on the lives of isolated people with learning disabilities. 508 more words



It’s no surprise to me that we’re seeing increasing focus on experimentation with alternative models for schools, aimed at delivering a better and more effective education to prepare young people for the Twenty First Century. 285 more words