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a Poem to Ponder

I wrote this my Junior year of high school. Upon finding it on a harddrive,

I thought it fit my “traveler” personality to an extent. 108 more words


Blog is Movin' On Up and Out! Now at annmariescupoftea.blogspot.com!

So after a lot of browsing, research, hours that I can’t get back and testing I have taken the big dive and will be moving my blog over to a new platform where I feel that I’ll fit in more appropriately from a creativity and usability standpoint.   202 more words

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Does Our House Scream "Animal Refugees Welcome"?

Our house is a home to not only us, but, also to a few little furry friends.  Two of which we were only introduced to this weekend. 397 more words

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WTF? My Tribute to Andy Rooney

First of all, I would like to tribute this post to Andy Rooney.  There should be more people in our world asking questions, whether it is a dumb question that bothers a few of us or a huge issue that affects all of us.   548 more words

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You Heard it Right! Not Un-Marryable I Guess!

Many of my friends and family from out-of-town have asked for the engagement story and since I’m not sick of telling it yet (and probably never will be since he did such a great job of surprising me), here it goes! 1,064 more words

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Fruits (Well Technically Vegetables) of My Labor!

After the generous application of MiracleGro the plants rebounded back to greatness!  And today I got my first harvest of vegetables, in the form of a hand full of green beans! 24 more words

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Turns Out I'm Not my Father's Daughter

And don’t start thinking that this is some post about me being the milk man’s kid or something.  Get your mind out of the gutter. 236 more words

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