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Dispositional Theory

Psychologists, as with many others, have been intrigued for thousands of years about the concepts and drives of personality and what makes individuals react in certain manners.  993 more words

Personality Psychology

Sigmund Freud's contribution to Psychodynamic Theory

– Sigmund Freud had a phenomenal mind which laid the foundation of the psychodynamic theory.  Freud’s belief that conflict in childhood caused conflict in adulthood was the initial layer of the psychodynamic theory.  90 more words

Personality Psychology

Personality Theory Analysis

Throughout the time of the human existence, individuals have continuously exerted effort to figure out who they are.  An exact science to precisely identify individuals is non-existent, but researchers continue to probe deep into the human mind in combination with observing behavior to determine the causes of human personality.  1,499 more words

Personality Psychology

Being an Introvert in an Extroverted Society

For the longest time I thought I was just socially awkward. Going up and talking to people randomly wasn’t my thing and when I would try to break out of my comfort zone I never knew what to say to people. 660 more words


Psychology 1: Basic test revision for personality psychology

  1. Personality psychology is an intersection of many branches of psychology
  2. There are various forms of personality assessment
    1. Self-reports
    2. Direct observation
    3. Accounts of others
    4. Archival records…
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Psychology 1: The Social Learning Approach

Albert Bandura (1925-still alive)

  • Expands upon concepts of learning theory
  • Includes cognition and social behavior
  • Recognizes principles of behaviourism
    • Behaviour as a result of stimulus-response formula as brought forward by Skinner…
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Psychology 1: The Psychoanalytic Approach

This is the first post about approaches to studying personality psychology

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)

  • Negative, pessimistic view of human nature
  • Emphasizes the unconscious
  • We have dark desires which are sex and aggression…
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