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The Destiny of Lesser Animals

 Homeless in America

“Get a job, is the comment most often hurled at homeless individuals as they panhandle their way through the streets of our cities. 

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Accuracy and Ethnography

In personality psychology researchers empirically investigate sources of accuracy by using information about both the perceiver – the person whose accuracy we are evaluating – and the target – the person the perceiver is accurate about. 718 more words

Are You Searching For A Positive Perspective On Life?

Rise To Shine Today and Create Positive Psychological Change

A Humanistic Approach to Positive Growth and Self-Acceptance

Rise To Shine Today is a continuation of Rise To Shine, a private therapeutic self-help practice, located in the Boston Area that specializes in Social Interpersonal Growth therapy.  

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Dispositional Theory

Psychologists, as with many others, have been intrigued for thousands of years about the concepts and drives of personality and what makes individuals react in certain manners.  993 more words

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