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Quick Thoughts: Clinton's Debate Strategy

The first presidential debate was surreal, wasn’t it? I still shake my head in amazement at how it went and how the follow up discussion of it is going. 2,595 more words

Election 2016

The Truth About Why You Love Who You Love

Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that when it comes to romance, there is an actual formula behind who you find yourself attracted to? 677 more words

Substance Abuse Disorder

Case Study 2

Diagnosis:  Substance Abuse Disorder


  • Outline the major symptoms of this disorder.
    • Substance Abuse Disorder is signified through psychological, cognitive, and behavioral indicating the individual continued use despite problems associated with substance use (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).  
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The Price of Attention & How Demand for it has Outpaced Supply

My previous post on the state of marketing doesn’t reflect random interest. Having put myself out there on the Internet as a professional for a few years, I know unsolicited sales pitches from business development and marketing “gurus” come with the territory. 837 more words


Does my brain make me shy?

If you look at your group of friends, you can probably divide them into introverts and extraverts – those who are quite happy with their own company, and those who need to be kept busy by others; those who are quiet and shy within a group, and those who love to be the centre of attention. 1,373 more words

Darwin at Work: The State of Marketing & Resistance to Marketers' Influence

When it comes to organizational cost-cutting, I’ve often heard that the marketing budget is commonly among the first to be cut. Until now, I didn’t know why exactly. 1,131 more words


"I judge people by their own principles, not by my own." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

We judge people within 1/10 of a second. But what categories do we “rate” them in?

According to personal construct theory we tend to judge others by the same constructs with which we judge ourselves. 180 more words