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5 Ways to Make Your Photoshop Life Easier

Some very helpful information on how to organize and personalize your Photoshop workspace(s) to work better for the way YOU work.

I didn’t even realize I could change some of these options, so I shall have to do some experimenting of my own with these. 12 more words


Popular Now

Personalized Yeti cups have been our most popular item for summer 2016. No longer worry about your significant other trying to sneak off to work with YOUR Yeti cup in tow. 78 more words


Taking it personally to make it personal

How many times have you heard this: “Don’t take it personally!” This directive usually accompanies a statement that is offensive to our colleagues, our alma mater, or some other group we identify with, such as: “Don’t take it personally, but everyone I’ve met from your law firm is an entitled jerk.” 329 more words


DIY Birthday Board!

Last year when Sophia was turning one I loved the birthday chalk boards that swamped my Pinterest page. The thought of ordering one was really tempting and convenient, but knowing that I could make one for about twelve dollars was even more appealing. 109 more words

How to make your journal more exciting and personal

Right when I started journaling I looked at Pinterest for ideas of  beautiful covers and pretty fonts for my entries, trying to find a way to make it more personalized. 620 more words

Not sure WHO or WHAT I am anymore..

I have become more complicated, and I want to thank those of you who are brave enough to still associate with me regardless of what I have become. 225 more words


Decorating My Frisbee

Was planning to go play frisbee golf with some friends, so I decided to personalize my frisbee.

I sketched on it with pencil first, then went back over with a sharpie, then sprayed it with fixative so it wouldn’t smear. 7 more words