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Narcissist or Empath? Know Any?


Thank you Lindsay Dodgson for your knowledge and this article that I am sharing with the hope people will better understand you, others, and me. 159 more words

Podcasts are the new playlists. 

Hey guys!

So, the house I live in right now is a 40 minute walk to my nearest gym… I say nearest but I mean my nearest… 833 more words



Welcome to the blog. If you’ve survived so far and have read this, then yes there’s more to this. This week wasn’t a productive one in terms of music. 450 more words


2018 goals

Like I said before I am also going to write a post about my goals for this year. Not resolutions like losing weight or stop smoking (both not needed) but things I want to accomplish. 260 more words


My first experience with true racism.

Hey guys!

I have been debating for a while now whether or not to write this post. I’ve only told a few people about the incident because it upset me so much and quite frankly, left me in a state of shock. 2,546 more words


JusJoJan -- 16


It’s a special day for me/us, for it is the day I went with my bestie to a party, wherein I met my husband when I sat on his lap in the car — 31 years ago today. 285 more words


Peaceful is how I want my 2018 to be.

Hey guys!

Don’t know about all of you, but I would, just for one year, be content and at peace with myself.

The past year has been  785 more words