What can I do to be the change our country need?

Who wants flowery words if it would only mean empty promises? Everyone wants actions, results, beneficial changes as quickly as possible. But the million dollar question is, do you do your part in being faithful while fervently begging your mate to be faithful?  321 more words


The Promise of Resurrection

He Will Call

(Job 14:13-15)

1. Life, like a mist, appears for just a day,

Then disappears tomorrow.

All that we are can quickly fade away, 165 more words



#iamawomanwhocan dovetail! Juggle work, house chores and kids at the same time.

It ain’t easy, and I guess it never will be, but,

it is possible with the right amount of attitude, dedication and passion. 7 more words


MBF: Gender Bias

When I was in college, my professor in Environmental Engineering told us to describe how engineering could impact the environment. First day of class and we were bombarded with circumstances that are important in failures not just of the structures, but due to itself, too. 863 more words


First-ever #MVPBellaMeet!

Last February 6, some of Belle de Jour Power Planner’s #bdjveterans including yours truly, were invited in an informal get-together with the bellas behind the BDJ Team and the very hands-on boss bella, Dar. 863 more words