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Henrik Hvenegaard Mikkelsen "Chaosmology. Shamanism and Personhood among the Bugkalot"

Mikkelsen, Henrik Hvenegaard 2016. Chaosmology. Shamanism and Personhood among the Bugkalot. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 6(1): 189-205.

Though the cosmology indeed appears radically fragmented and incoherent, this does not imply that the Bugkalot do not hold any cosmological theories. 1,458 more words


The five characteristics of lifeforms are organization (a distinct form and appearance), irritability (the ability to respond to external stimuli), metabolism (the ability to convert energy to stay alive), reproduction (the ability to create new lifeforms), and adaptation (the ability to change as their environments change). 1,288 more words


The Sanctity of Human Life

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Text:  Gen 1:26-27; 9:5-6                                                       8/14/2016

Main Point: Every human, from conception, possesses the image of God.

On May 28, 2016 something terrible happened. 1,167 more words

There's no Script for this...

Since I came out last December I’ve occasionally taken to this blog to write about my experiences and reflections.

What is most felt at present is “ 1,038 more words

My Reflections

Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Fifteen

Today was another not so great day, but it wasn’t really the mothering part of motherhood that was tough. The BEING a mother part got to me today. 155 more words

Person, Nature, and Personhood Theology

by Doru Costache

For contemporary Orthodox theology, irrespective of the terms used throughout the centuries, ecclesial anthropology focuses on the mystery of personhood. This amounts to saying that Orthodox anthropology, with its markedly spiritual and/or ascetic dimension, is person-centered and not nature-centered. 1,056 more words