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Thoughts on Hegel and Dementia

Revisiting Hegel and dementia

The question whether selfhood[i] is something that is lost or preserved in dementia had intrigued me ever since I took on this topic in MA dissertation at University College London back in 2013. 3,692 more words


SSC and RACK for Polytheists

Full disclosure: I’m a kinky person. I have been since forever, I don’t care about figuring out why that is, and I relate to my gods through the lens of kink. 2,233 more words


PETA: Rat = Boy

Welcome to the universe of PETA.

Because a macaque took a picture of itself with a photographer’s camera, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a copyright lawsuit today on behalf of the monkey. 271 more words



I read at a nursing care center every two weeks.  From the hearts of people who never remember me, I receive amazing gifts.

What is to be learned from Alzheimer’s or other dementia patients? 367 more words


Book Review: How to Read Shakespeare by Maurice Charney

Charney begins with the presupposition — one that I agree with — that any intelligent person can read, understand, and appreciate the work of Shakespeare. This short and interesting book is Charney’s attempt to help that intelligent potential reader of Shakespeare along the way in the process of reading, understanding, and appreciating. 235 more words


Equality for Human Beings

The story of the death of Cecil the lion,  springs to mind!  A lot of people got very upset over this lion’s death but believe the right to kill unborn children is completely right and just,  all in the name of “freedom”.  We beg to differ!

Positively Pro-Life