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God's Witness Protection Program

Last Night listening to the Assistant Pastor preach on this titled I thought about some things. I went up to him after church, and I told him that while it did not work out, someone called me on Saturday Night and wanted me to go a different state on Monday and Testify. 248 more words


It's okay to feel this way

“I tried for about three months to do absolutely nothing but child care … and I started to get depressed,” she added. “I was starting to feel the life force drain out of me. 654 more words

It's in my nature

“that’s just the type of person I am” This always reminds me of the tale of the fox and the scorpion. I have never been able to work out how they met each other but that’s another story. 595 more words


Divorce: Show Me the Money

{Sometimes I write when the words are right there. I write in evernote then put on a shelf. This is one of those posts – written while traveling on a plane November 11, 2015} 273 more words

Life After 50

A Banner With Your Name

Today, I choose to believe in you,

the you God fashioned, not the you I need you to be;

the you with unique traits, quirks, gifts, treasures, 96 more words


Personhood Alabama Position Statement on In Vitro Fertilization

Why the legal recognition of the personhood of prenatal children will not prohibit IVF treatments.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics claim that IVF treatments cannot be conducted without the intentional killing of prenatal children, but both history and science prove that this claim is incorrect. 1,023 more words