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Roberto Esposito "The Dispositif of the Person"

Esposito, Roberto 2012. The Dispositif of the Person. Law, Culture and the Humanities 8: 17-30.

The concept of person functions as the crucial passage through which a biological material lacking in meaning becomes something intangible. 881 more words


After learning about what happened this past weekend in Charlottesville, this song came to mind. Then, I reflected. Where is “Home”?

Home is where my family is. 1,240 more words


schedule adjustments and help sleeping

Ah, I missed getting this post up as I had scheduled in my mind. Sure, a sick baby doesn’t help, but really, I am my worst enemy on these things. 462 more words


War for the Planet of the Apes Film Review

A third in the latest of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ series and this a good one.

It’s mind-blowing perfect angles make every single scene worth watching in close detail. 725 more words

All In One

Still Rebuilding: When Christianity Robs You of Your Very Personhood

There’s this lie.

This lie I was spoon fed from birth. A lie they put in an IV drip, one I carried with me always, until the lie became my very blood. 1,718 more words

Blog Post


Crisis comes from the Greek word “krisis” meaning “decision”. It came to be used in medieval medicine for the turning-point in a disease; the moment when either the patient or the illness gains the upper hand. 254 more words


Don’t Say It… Don’t Say It…

I am no expert at this, thankfully, but I think I must have picked up some difficult to understand things about grief. I hear it called “sitting with grief”, and maybe we can share our various definitions of it. 630 more words

Identity In Christ