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An untitled citizen

Hans Hartung, T-1965 – E45

Sentences are spatial.

A simple thought, which carries an infinite amount of significations and implications, can be cut into the most wonderful space between a capital letter and a period by few people. 97 more words


OPINION @DetroitNews Protect personhood in the age of data



Protect personhood in the age of data

“In the 21st century, people are accustomed to trading rapidly increasing amounts of private data for convenience.” 482 more words

Diversity & Inclusion

New Podcast: The Gothic Theology of Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein presents a monstrous creature that has terrified generations of readers as the embodiment of evil. But just how monstrous is the creature really? 372 more words


Hey DT supporters -get some moral courage, already

Lately I have had the song “Hey Kids” by the band JET stuck in my head”

“Hey kids,
You did it all yourselves
You never changed the world… 774 more words

In The News

Let Us Not Forget: Fetal Habituation and the Danger of Progressive Personhood

Scientific research (2009) from the Netherlands has shown that unborn babies demonstrate the capacity for memory at as early as 30 weeks development.

The new study tested how fetuses in nearly 100 pregnant women responded to a specific stimulus, in this case, a “vibroacoustic stimulation,” which is a very low sound that makes a vibration.

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What is a person?

I am a person (I promise). You are a person (I say that with confidence, as I am only addressing those that can read this). But, what exactly is a person? 1,383 more words