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Hypothetical Dilemma False Justification

I would like to invite you to consider a hypothetical situation:

You are trapped in a burning building and you seek to escape, but you hear a small voice cry out, “Help!” You race down the hall to find a five year old in a room standing next to a canister of 100 cryogenically frozen embryos. 645 more words


Poor Fetal Diagnosis

My friend Valerie wrote this for me!!!! She has done presentations sharing about how the preborn feeling pain as early as 8 weeks! See below! 799 more words


Movie Review: "Blade Runner 2049" ('As clear as dreaming')

I can’t remember ever being as disturbed and enthralled at one time by any movie as by “Blade Runner 2049.” That makes it fine art in my eyes. 1,280 more words

Science Fiction

My Baby is a Person

August 27 @ 4:30 pm marked the first celebration of life event that I had the privilege of co-hosting as the Georgia Right To Life Chapter Leader for Wilcox County. 376 more words

The Logos as a Person

In my last post I looked at an interesting way of understanding what it means for the person of Jesus to have been the ‘Word’ or ‘Logos’ from eternity past, as is indicated in the opening of the Gospel according to John. 395 more words


On Defining Personhood

Before I proceed, a bit of required reading. The linked article speaks about purposeful change or purposeful modification, which can be defined as self-actualizing or -optimizing change. 569 more words


The Nature of Personhood: What is a Person? What is a Machine?

Here’s a hypothetical for you.

One day you discover that you are not a human being, but a machine. Your life so far was real, no-one controlled you or programmed you to behave in some specific way; your physical and mental capacities are identical to those of an organic human being. 1,300 more words

Philosophy And Ethics