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Everything has changed (but what is really different?)

This mind/body used to be the centre of its universe.

Now it is one mind/body among billions.

Everything has changed,

but what is really different?

Short Pieces

How to love people with same-sex attraction

It’s an incredible irony that only a month ago, I set up a new blog to enter a phase of life where I don’t do ministry to people with unwanted homosexuality, and literally the next day I end up with people seeking my help and support with it, as well as people asking how to pastor to those with same-sex attraction (SSA).   1,309 more words



Welcome. What should I tell you?

I’m Cayla. I live in New England. I’m a mother of dragons of three, including baby identical twins. (“Yes! We do have our hands full! 422 more words


Personhood and Dehumanization

What dimension of a person do you think would be the most offensive to insult? I’m sure that you do not have to think long to come up with a decent list of things: sex, race, economic status, disability, appearance. 381 more words


Am I Soul-less?

Upon first reflecting on nonreductive physicalism (the belief that persons have no souls, but are not merely controlled by laws of science), the idea became harder to deal with as so many presuppositions within theology deal with a duality of the human person. 466 more words


Biblical Womanhood

I have thought about that day where I would wear white and walk down the wedding isle so many times in my life, it had become an obsession something that I was so close to but I had lost. 503 more words