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Feminism and Motherhood

To start off with my new muse LP who defies all things that I think society has locked feminine energy under:

Okay. I’ve decided to come out of the closet. 684 more words


Things the USA has got wrong

OK, so aside from Trump (just lost a few of my readers there!!) the USA has got a few things wrong.  As I sit here in the UK on a short work trip back to my home country I realised the USA got a few things wrong, very wrong particularly when it comes to infertility.   840 more words


Right Now (The Moment of Surrender)

Right now there’s a closet corner nearby
with somebody in it
crumpled like a soiled shirt in a pile of shame.
Blame is a cop out, a cheap cab ride to the park. 66 more words


Holy Spirit - It or Him?

What is a person? Is the Holy Spirit an “It” or a “Him?” According to theology books, a person is one that has intelligence, emotions, and will and according to Charles Rye since the Holy Spirit has all of these He must be a person.  403 more words

Shame and Facebook

You may think I refer to how ashamed a person may feel about their public presence compared to other people’s public presences or compared to their private presence. 648 more words


Up in Flames

I cannot say I’m actually up in flames. It would be great if I am. I’m more like the last flickers of red on the cooling embers in the fire pit. 654 more words


Considering Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia

I read this as a son, and a pastor.

My mother has Alzheimer’s Disease which is a form of dementia. As a pastor, I have had and will have some older members with dementia. 705 more words