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When We Make Mountains Out of Molehills

I was at a store the other day, and I passed by some day planners. One of them was titled “The Do-It-All Planner for Women.” At first, I was a little taken aback. 556 more words


Opportunity Comes But ... Infinity

Knock! Knock!

Who’s there?


Opportunity who?

Opportunity comes but once.

My good friend reasons that “Opportunity waits for no-one,” so if opportunity comes in and you are still asleep, she will get up and leave because she cannot wait for you to come awake. 610 more words

Creatively Organized Chaos

New York State Court Of Appeals Won't Hear Case Seeking Personhood For Chimpanzees

ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — An animal rights group seeking legal personhood for chimpanzees will not be getting a hearing in the highest court in New York State. 402 more words


A Person is Not a Country

The following poem will appear in my memoir, Riding Shotgun, a work in progress that gets a small but steady amount of attention every week.  If one uses the “birthing” metaphor for book writing, then I’d say that the rough draft is entering it’s third trimester.   464 more words


Librarian & Litterateur...

I am not a scholar.  I know that now.

I am middle-aged.

I have pursued no discipline, field, or “area of knowledge” to its limits. 121 more words


A Simple Way to Know If There's A Grave Evil in Your Midst

It’s just one of many pictures from a photo album full of pictures of the staff at Auschwitz relaxing and having a great time, sometimes with their children, during on-site retreats. 1,110 more words


The Essence of Being Human

Ubuntu is an African worldview that is hard to translate into Western culture. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has offered several definitions. One of them is “ 551 more words

Faith Formation