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Who Do You Want To Be -- A Nearly Perfect Human

So first off will own up that I don’t wish to be a perfect human. Certainly it is impossible and even if it were possible, can you imagine the difficulty of being perfect in an imperfect world. 533 more words

Philosophy & Thoughts

What is a Person?

“What is a person? By ‘person’ I mean the particular kind of being that under the proper conditions is capable of developing into (or has developed into) a conscious, reflexive, embodied, self-transcending center of subjective experience, durable identity, moral commitment, and social communication who–as the efficient cause of his or her responsible actions and interactions–exercises complex capacities for agency and intersubjectivity in order to develop and sustain his or her own incommunicable self in loving relationships with other personal selves an with the nonpersonal world.” -Christian Smith


You have to unzip my love, it’s necessary. The creativity is buzzing my friend, and at the end of it all, it’s customary to be play-billed by your life mosaic.  166 more words


Pursuing You// What does this look like?

P U R S U A N C E:

the carrying out of a plan or action.

In Creation: God carried out the plan that we would have intimacy with him and know him personally. 369 more words

Roberto Esposito "The Dispositif of the Person"

Esposito, Roberto 2012. The Dispositif of the Person. Law, Culture and the Humanities 8(1): 17–30.

The concept of person functions as the crucial passage through which a biological material lacking in meaning becomes something intangible. 710 more words

Invisible White Males

I read a Facebook post which got me thinking. (I know, that was probably my first mistake) But this one had substance. The writer was a white male, a veteran, a husband and father, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and someone familiar with rigorous hard work. 1,430 more words


Elemental Temperaments

IN context; this post seeks to correlate psychology & astrological studies in a broad range of understanding. Personhood elemental energies as outlined via western astrology and personhood temperaments as outlined via popular psychology philosophies and psychologists. 444 more words