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Jurisprudence Paper 2 of 6

“The principle which lies at the bottom of the maxim, volenti non fit injuria [‘to a willing person, no injury be done’], should be applied to such a case, and a widow should not, for the purpose of acquiring, as such, property rights, be permitted to allege a widowhood which she has wickedly and intentionally created.” – Justice Earl, Riggs v.

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Give Me Something to Believe In: Looking at Big Box Retail

Some time ago I wrote an article entitled, “Death by Consumption: The Lucid Analysis of a Retail Clerk.” Quite honestly, working in the world of “Big Box” retail provided the main impetus for penning this rather scathing editorial, but why? 1,576 more words


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First written in September 2011, but still as applicable today as it was then...

Stop Funding Abortion Bumper Sticker

Enjoy this pro life bumper sticker. Life begins at conception. Personhood begins with life. Citizens need to speak out against the federal government subsidizing abortion mills with taxpayer money.


The Moral Status of Abortion: The Personhood Argument

Forty-three out of fifty U.S. states currently have laws restricting abortion rights, with the exception of when the mother’s life or health is in danger. Differing positions on the debate over these laws stem from how one classifies a fetus, and whether this classification grants the fetus the right to life. 1,790 more words

Quote of the Day

“If the unborn is not a human person, no justification for abortion is necessary. However, if the unborn is a human person, no justification for abortion is adequate”

-Gregory P. Koukl

The Point of Everything

Oh, this is a strange and difficult time for me, in many ways.  It may be long yet before I have time to finish something worthy of posting here.  106 more words


I have discovered

Over the past few months I have discovered something about myself. Now before I share my new self discovery, I would like to mention (in an attempt to make it public knowledge that) I can now comfortable breathe through my nose. 855 more words