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The old man and the clockwork fox

There was once an old man,

Who owned a clockwork fox.

She was kept in a wooden box.

He was a Cad and so had a plan. 68 more words


Clockwork fox

There was once an old man,

Who owned a clockwork fox.

Her crimson fur patchy.

Her clockwork wound with a key.

Soft ticks between each pause, 79 more words


Humble Humber

Dual eyes watch the watchers,

Old, but not tired.

Shiny chrome winks suggestively,

Long fins, luxury dash, sweeping lines.

The humble Humber lives in musty company, 6 more words



Embrace me. Take me into your arms where I get lost and never leave. You, the sweet scent of melancholy and ambitious dreams surround me in love I’ve so helplessly wanted. 135 more words

Katsugeki Touken Ranbu Episodes 4 + 5: These Guys Seriously Need An Actual Strategy

Review Episode 4:

You know, it sounds like a great plan for protecting time and all, but apparently anthropomorphized swords aren’t particularly good at strategy. After the last arc where they kind of knew the time and place of an attack and they more or less just waited around until it was mostly too late to stop it, at the start of this arc where they know the time and place they mostly just wait around until it is almost too late to stop it. 230 more words

Love Breaks My Bones

I lay on the feathery bed, impatient; waiting; wanting. My body is swooning at the mere thought of you. I glance at the clock and wince with longing. 129 more words

Poetry By Sarah

Poetry Personified

You are poetry personified 
your eyes so dark and pure,
from your lips tumble lines 
that hold my every cure.

Your hands have a perfect grip
that holds my fragile heart
and while I'm within your arms
I never want to break apart. 27 more words