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The most successful villain.

The only way I can channel my emotional response to the wretched hideousness that is cancer, I have discovered, is if I personify it. If I just leave it as it is, biological, a default set up of cells that is just doing it’s thing, trying to thrive, like all other cells in existence, I somehow can’t cope. 509 more words



He looked up to her like a barren desert looks up,with mournful yearning ,to a dark stormy cloud sliding ever so gracefully across the skies. 138 more words

Dear Diary



Rehabilitation therapy,

Sarah and Bobbie Joe, to me…

The two that most worked

And my interest perked

To be all I could be!

–Jonathan Caswell

Caswell Limericks

Personified Numbers Countdown

a little countdown with some unfortunate numbers.


Random People

Hey guys! Some days it is great just to focus on one particular feature and work on it. Today felt like a day to focus on people’s faces. 28 more words


31 Days of Bipolar, Day 17: Who is Bipolar?

Trigger warning: abuse

If bipolar was a real thing or being, what would it look, sound and behave like?

If Bipolar was a being, it’d be┬áthe name those two really close friends decided to dub themselves. 604 more words

And Just A Touch Of Crazy