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Remember These Signs

Remember these Signs
by Jason Tomlinson
dedicated to Andrea Baker

He speaks she moves yielding to His every word
every word defines every movement every single action stirred… 209 more words


The Way in the Wilderness; Streams in the Wasteland

Two things have been elusive to me: contentment and joy. The drive that pushes can also produce the anxiety that wishes. Wishes of better circumstances, less trouble, greater comfort or whatever can distract from the abundance of the moment. 407 more words


Introspection On Life

Three weeks ago my neighbor passed away unexpectedly. From all appearances, he was healthy and full of life. Given how close he was to my age, his passing and his family’s loss, struck me especially hard. 220 more words

Just Do It

Spend less time talking and more time doing. Every time I turn around I hear people speaking about what they want to accomplish. I am often disappointed because these are the same people who make plans and continue to cancel them. 81 more words


The 11-Day Journey

Murmuring, grumbling, complaining.   We are all guilty of it, and we really don’t stop to think about what it costs us.   Not only does it turn us into people that others don’t want to be around, it can actually change the course of our journeys.  1,779 more words


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Beech Mountain, North Carolina (Elevation 5,506)

High in the hills of Western North Carolina, lies the town of Beech Mountain. Before my husband and I bought our second home on Beech, we visited often. 992 more words

Be Transormed

Anxious? Depressed? Confused?

We all get there sometimes..

One remedy, that does not require a life-numbing prescription is to get back to nature and ultimately yourself, no matter if you have never been. 261 more words