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345. Blast the Spotlight 

Blast the Spotlight
by Jason Tomlinson

My default is candid introspection
an emotional pulse check to observe the direction
of my thoughts and feelings my head and heart… 92 more words



Yesterday, I am the sea, calm at one point but raging in the next hour or two. 396 more words


Small Christmas crises

I’ve been having a lot of small crises lately, mostly small existential crises. Maybe not so much existential as transitional crises.

Like tonight at dinner while my parents and I ate spaghetti and talked about Christmas this year. 469 more words


3 point perspective

3 point perspective is something that you will likely not use as much as 1 or 2 point perspective but it can still be useful to know especially if you are creating a image of someone looking up at or down at a building. 565 more words


Immigration? This Thanksgiving I'm grateful for it! It brought Fenik to my life!

Thanksgiving and immigration – these two go hand in hand. After all, it was the Pilgrams who immigrated across the ocean to a new land in pursuit of a better life, for an opportunity to live as they chose … just as so many do still today. 760 more words


Serenity at Thanksgiving


Even the word feels good as it rolls off your tongue-  s  e  r  e  n  i  t  y. Like a magic word that calls forth a Genie from a bottle, the word beckons us to come apart to a peaceful place, to find solace, to rest, to be waited upon by a flood of servants! 395 more words