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The Builder

The Builder
by Jason Tomlinson

The foundation was laid in the beginning
and I didn’t even realize how much we were winning
I didn’t realize how good it would become… 69 more words


Ketos? Is That You?

Over the last week I was able to build my first sculpture in a long time, and it shall be the first I present here ( 188 more words


6 Opinionated Pointers for Preachers

Good preaching is hard work and I have great respect for those who practice this calling on a regular basis. I have already written two previous blog posts with similar titles on this subject, 1,080 more words


In the Dark: Werewolves

For some, there is power within the darkness. In the cool of night, around a small campfire, amidst furious chanting and pleading with the dark father of sin, they commission from him powers and unnatural abilities in order to see his corruption spread. 1,111 more words


Truly Nasty

It is a tough time to be a woman.

I would say that applies to this point in time, but really, it applies to all points in time. 626 more words


Toxic Culture No More

I’m reminded this morning of how much a life can change in 5 months. Liz Ryan posted an article to LinkedIn which drew my eyes because of the word ‘toxic’ in the title. 228 more words


Imaginations Interrupted

A dream without a plan is just a fantasy. Of course it is. But what if there were no dreamers?!? Only doers, implementers, builders, & technicians? 295 more words