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237.130_ A2_ W7_ Task 2_Seeing The World, World Views_4 May 2016.

  • What is your own worldview? And where might those world view ideas have come from?
    • My personal world view is the Western Cultural worldview but also with small aspects and ideas of the Indigenous Worldview as I have grown up on the western side of the world but have been exposed to ‘preserving the earth’ techniques.
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Faced My Fears

For some reason, I feel like singing. I feel like dancing, smiling, laughing. I feel good. I also feel really derealized. Ugh! Yeah, not that again. 400 more words


Wax On, Wax Off

Parenting is sticky business. There are days when I am acutely aware that I may not be cut out for this gig. Those are the days when I blow my parental gasket and slam doors and caterwaul with unbridled enthusiasm at my children over socks left on the floor right next to the laundry bin or half-empty cartons of yogurt stuffed behind a couch cushion. 1,451 more words


The Joy of Grace

When we find ourselves in circumstances that are unfamiliar, the speed at which things happen seems to be quicker than when we are in comfortable situations. 413 more words


Independent Bookstore Day

Today was Independent Bookstore Day, a.k.a. something that should be a national holiday. 10 Minneapolis bookstores teamed up to create a bookstore “Passport,” and if you got ten stamps, you would get a gift card from each bookstore for $10. 990 more words


No More Playoff 'Blues'

They say “in order to be the best you have to beat the best”. For St. Louis, ousting the defending Cup Champions, who just so happen to double as their arch rival, it’s quite the accievement. 501 more words


"The Beatles Are/Were Bigger Than Christ." (John Lennon)

Many who had previously liked the Beatles were highly offended by this statement.

But John Lennon was correct.

Think about it this way …

How many 14 year-olds are on their knees crying for salvation which can only come through their connection with the Beatles? 17 more words