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When Enough Really Is Enough

Too much of any one thing is never very good. Too much eating leads to obesity, too much exercise leads to exhaustion, too much rain leads to flooding and the list goes on and on. 322 more words


Where is God in my tough times? (narrative p4) 

Much of my childhood years were spent growing up in Chomedey some 25-30 miles outside Montreal, Canada, with one younger and two older brothers: and as brothers do, we fought together, laughed together, and mostly got into mischief together. 970 more words

Personal Growth

Artistic Distortions in Perspective

This was an interesting assignment in my Perspective class:

How does the altered perspective change the feeling and sensibility of the scene?

Do you think these are purposeful, simple mistakes or negligence? 387 more words


When To Admit You're Wrong

I went to get my hair colored yesterday. For some crazy reason, the only place that is turning pure white is right around my face. I asked the girl what type of treatment I needed to cover my gray and she decided on a root erase. 287 more words


My Tibetan Monk Cupcake Lesson

Tomorrow is our youngest son’s birthday. Don’t ask me how it’s possible, but the little guy will turn 12 at 11:18 tomorrow night. When I was pregnant with him, Denver was hit with a massive, March snowstorm. 815 more words


Pointing Fingers

One thing being a parent has taught me is not to judge other parents. Like it or not, sometimes our kids do something that is so embarrassing and humiliating that we never want to show our face in public again. 218 more words


When the bad things get BIG appreciate the small

This weekend I was in a strange mood. I’m not going to lie I was pretty sad for no apparent reason. I let myself get overwhelmed by thoughts of my future and past regrets plagued my mind. 400 more words