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It’s 6:53 a.m.

In one hour and 37 minutes I am to be at the hospital.  Having my gallbladder removed.

Yes, it’s outpatient.  Yes, it’s routine.   174 more words


Because I Don't Know How to Pray

That’s been me of late. In fact, I couldn’t tell you when last I had a concentrated sit down heart to heart with my Father in Heaven. 600 more words



I haven’t written in a while. I suppose there are a number of reasons for this. The obvious and perennial reason being busyness. The other that whenever I think of something I might like to write about, I’m at work. 457 more words


Jeff's Jabb #9 ~I Didn't Get Your Email...

It never ceases to amaze when someone tells me, “I didn’t get your email…” As if there’s some transport layer protocol monkey waiting in oblivion to swoop it up and steal it away just because it was important! 735 more words

Jeff Lowen


What is your definition of respect? Not such an easy answer, is it?

Respect is a deeply personal expectation you have on how you treat others and allow yourself to be treated. 74 more words



Yesterday afternoon, I received a telephone  request to come to speak to a group of hospice caregivers who had some questions.  The catch was that it was very short notice, could I do it tomorrow (today) at 1pm? 117 more words


The Days

A short piece of mortality. Here’s some writing I found, dated April 2015.

Day 1

I’m not sure how to feel often times. I can’t say I’ve really even acknowledged that I’ve been feeling at all.

734 more words