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Be a Hero

Looking over a dog-eared, parchment-like copy of When Dreams & Heroes Die: a portrait of today’s college student, (by Arthur Levine, 1980), I was taken back to a quite different time in our history. 468 more words


Constructive Conflict (part 2)

How could any conflict be deemed constructive?

In first part of this subject, we took a look at the necessity of conflict and how it is often the chosen means through which we change our mentalities and attitudes. 711 more words

Personal Growth



THE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT COMPOSITION IN PHOTOGRAPHY is that you always, always, have a backup plan. What you don’t frame correctly in the actual shooting of an image can be corrected in post-editing cropping, the use of “framing” within the composition itself, or even how you finally matte the picture before hanging it on the wall. 338 more words


My 10 Steps To Really Live

Not that this has anything to do with real estate, or maybe it does… But here are my ten steps to start really living and not just exist here on our big, beautiful and bold planet. 152 more words

Jeff Lowen

Who Wins? Appraiser vs. Homeowner

First American Title issues a quarterly report, the Real Estate Sentiment Index (RESI), which “measures title agent sentiment on a variety of key market metrics and industry issues” 153 more words


Smooth and bumpy

On this day sixteen years ago, I lost my first tooth. I believe this was the one that actually got lost, as in jetted out of my mouth in the kindergarten play kitchen and was never seen again. 714 more words