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No Apologies

Our culture, indeed the world at large, is seemingly anchored to the notion of “seeing is believing.” Where then does belief apply in that mindset? Is there a place in our world today for what most see as “blind faith?” The answers may surprise you… 427 more words


Godly Mothers

No matter how you cut it, mothers are absolutely critical in the lives of their children. They love us before they know us, feed and clothe us, putting us before themselves time and again. 498 more words


Giving Up to Gain and Gaining Abundantly

A friend of mine is a missionary in Guatemala for the past twenty years. He has been instrumental in the development and transformation of a remote area that otherwise would remain primitive. 389 more words


Labels: God's View vs Man's View

+Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

We had a conversation around the breakfast table this morning, my boys and me. In response to reading a devotion together, one of the boys talked about how all the popular kids were having sex (this is junior high, mind you), and doing drugs, and drinking. 574 more words

Jeanne Takenaka

Don’t Take it Personally

How much time have you wasted worrying about why someone was seemingly curt or rude to you?  Ruminating about what you might have said or done that offended them?  660 more words

Lisa Ivaldi

A Priest, A Lawyer and a Business Owner Walked Into a Bar

I’ve been doing this for a living for about five years. Before I did this, I was practicing law. When I practiced law, I was responsible for the representation of clients as an advocate. 390 more words


Bus Ride - Perspective 2

“We have a problem. A girl is stuck in the bathroom on our bus. Can you come and help us?” I mumbled into the walkie talkie attached to the bus. 557 more words