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A Window Seat to the Stars

Just my glorious luck. Another flight delayed. This time I wasted my hours away in the cold Philly International Airport. Last time it was in Portland due to bad weather. 423 more words

Lawnmower parents, please stop.

Dear Lawnmower Parents,

Please stop. We’ve moved on from helicopter parents to you and I don’t like it one bit. Helicopters would hover, but you seek to mow down every obstacle in your child’s path. 500 more words

Living Your Best Life

There Are People I Love

There Are People I Love

There are people I love who see protests against the flag as displays that are shameful, disrespectful and un-American.

There a people I love who see protests against the flag as an outward display of what it means to be an American. 645 more words

Finding a Voice: An Early Step in your Digital Content Journey

Conversation requires a voice.  Have you thought about how you come across in the digital marketplace of ideas?

At our #contentseries launch last month, we said creating digital content in the web-infused 21st century can be daunting, though connecting and publishing are easier than ever. 430 more words


"A Purpose All My Own"

When I was growing up, to hear that I was pleasant, pretty, good or worthy in anyway was a no-no. Being ok with who we were in anyway was considered selfish, and that might make us into a conceded person. 330 more words



“Gray hairs seem to my fancy like the soft light of the moon,
silvering over the evening of life.”


~ Jean Paul ~

Original photo taken in Paris in September 2016. 6 more words


Perspective: What Wasn’t in the Mayor’s Budget Proposal

by Jerrell Davis

“Why did I get invited? Who didn’t get invited? Why can’t they come in? What’s the point of all this?!”

These were questions going through my mind as I walked into the crowded Bertha Knight Landes Room at City Hall on Monday for Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s highly-anticipated annual budget speech. 1,462 more words