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To: Paris, my teacher

A letter to Paris about the lessons that she taught me as a first- time traveler. 

Dear Paris,

A simple thank you isn’t enough to encompass everything that I have learned from you in the last five weeks. 1,449 more words


He appeared to me in my very own dreamland.
He told me I was beautiful and special, he was fascinated by my ability to speak my mother tongue. 150 more words


Ignorance is Bliss

Today, my friend CP brought up that one of her friends got called a bitch by her boyfriend. CP brought this up during a group text conversation with a bunch of other female friends of mine and they all started aggressively bashing the boyfriend. 861 more words


Once bitten...

What a difference two weeks makes.

Last night I looked after a patient whose world has turned upside down in this short time span. Two weeks ago she was a happy, healthy, middle-aged lady who happened to bend down to pat a strangers dog. 265 more words