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Finding the thread

Unraveling has precisely the same meaning as raveling… when we pull on a thread, pull and pull, as it unweaves what came before.

It’s nice to have the next thing clearly laid out, planned and sure to work. 54 more words


Joy In the Struggle

Life can drain the joy right out of our lives if we let it. I know, for me, it’s been a challenging few years. Different circumstances occurred (not all were bad) and slowly the joy was hard to find. 370 more words


Dick-Free Leadership Can Be Beautiful- & Its Long Overdue (Warning: Contains Adult Language)

We need women in leadership at the highest levels of governance, industry, and religious institutions.  Men have been in charge of them all since the beginning and it has gotten us about as far as it is likely to take us.   1,452 more words



“How many students of yours have been killed?” Her tone was inquisitive, non-invasive.
“A dozen” I replied softly, taking a deep hit on my bottle of Coke. 637 more words


So what is a modern-day Clair Huxtable? Well let me tell you what I have come to believe a MC to be. Your typical 20-something is a MC. 216 more words


Something is there taking care...

Who reminds you to breathe and to beat your heart? Something is there, taking care…- Mooji

Something is there taking care…
Do not worry just dare… 80 more words


Hunger - Let It Change You

When you’re involved in weight loss, one thought usually tends to come up quite frequently – food. If you’re going to change your life, you more often than not change your eating patterns – you eat less, you eat better, you count calories, you diet, or try any combination of all of the above. 387 more words