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Dangers of Channelling

My mind must have been pretty worked up last night, that even Spirit stepped in to give me a card Humour. Thanks, mate. I Trust You.

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Farfetched account

There were 156 days till the end of year
1755 and the wheels of power turned
though not with water over the slats;
There was an energy more vigorous . 126 more words


Why Every Avid Traveler Should Have a Second Instagram

Millennials are the worst! First they want financial security… and now they want SECOND INSTAGRAMS!? When will it end?!

But seriously, if you love to travel and you love taking snapshots along the way, you’ll want to show them to world! 270 more words


Cultural Antennae redux

Tomorrow I will be travelling to a new country. New in the sense that I have never been there and new in the sense that it is one of the world’s newest countries. 167 more words

Personal Development

A Slice of My Life

What a week this has been. On Sunday, our aging dog, Jessie, began making a crazy noise while she eats. We know she’s at the end of her time with us. 869 more words

Living Better

art of the possible

Politics aside, I found this speech (from 1969) still relevant, still thoughtworthy, no matter how you lean.

You can read the story behind this speech here.


Such was both the blessing and the curse of the dreamer, where others saw a word, he saw a book, where others a brush stroke he saw a painting, where others saw a boy he saw a great leader of men.

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