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The Pause

The snow is gone, the sun has won. Now, we wait.


The New Age Lyceum

Its midday in ancient Greece and as you walk, the wind whips the sides of your toga and fills your nose with the smell of your surroundings: brothels and unwashed bodies. 454 more words


Birds sing after a storm. Why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them? Rose Kennedy

Quote Of The Day

I encourage everyone to write

I encourage everyone to write.


It’s an outlet. A creative outlet. If you’re like me with no artistic talents, then you are probably lacking an avenue in which you can just let your mind roam freely. 258 more words


Losing Sight

There’s a woman who comes into my work
she shakes so badly I feel like I am
having a seizure just watching
reciprocal tremors
the rhythmic, concentric… 98 more words


I & P

Inspiration and perspective
Start at A and Z is too far off
But I didn’t start at A
I came in at L…
Can you hear the penny drop? 13 more words

View from my Window...

There was a song in the nine-ties, ‘Window of Hope’ by Oleta Adams. That song reminds of every single view we can have from a window. 161 more words