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3 Point Perspective Drawings


Here are some 3 Point Perspective Drawings I drew yesterday.

I hope you like them.


Spiritual Growth

I only relate this transition to my personal experience, I hope that helps!

Spiritual growth is a desire to seek, and in so doing so to challenge the relevance of and often break down these layers within us, that living  in your society (our environment, beliefs and expectations) has created, these old beliefs may block or inhibit the flow and awareness of our true self,  however spiritual growth, is not something to be achieved, it will progress at its own pace, depending on our openness and awareness, but please lose any belief that this process is something ( a mantle) to be achieved or attained to gain the respect of others, this we do only for ourselves. 321 more words


A Windowseat of One's Own - On Adapting & Perspective

– A Windowseat of One’s Own


Changing clothes and coats and outer layers regularly only becomes a problem when you start leaving important things in pockets. 958 more words


Wouldn't it be nice.

Today we saw the movie Love and Mercy. This biopic into the crazed world of Beach Boy Brian Wilson is exceptionally acted and deeply moving. The soundtrack to many a life for the fresh and vibrant beats of summer and the thought provoking masterpieces to rival a Beatle. 155 more words


One Image: Three Movies... Wanna bet?

Movie 1
Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Prawns

Movie 2
The Prawncracker

Movie 3

Yay, I won! Now, get me some donut and coffee, your treat of course! :)

In The City


I have just returned home, to the place where I grew up.

I have spent the past 20 plus years, neither wanting to come back, nor ever feeling homesick over it. 1,292 more words


Beyond senses

The blazing sun fiercely cast down its light on our tiny front yard. From the porch, I couldn’t even look outside without sunglasses. I certainly wouldn’t be there that afternoon, if not because of my son. 132 more words

Short Stories