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If we were having coffee...

I’ve read lots of posts in the past few months with this prompt, so I thought I would give it a try!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I don’t actually like coffee. 301 more words


Week 12 quinquies

I see…amazing ways to discover new perspectives!

Start of Something Beautiful

Waking up early really has its perks. I was able to get away this weekend and go to the beach house. Since I’ve always wanted to see a sunrise from an ocean view, I was 100% going to take advantage of this moment. 377 more words


the wreckage

And out from among the wreckage was found

a shiny fragment with no illusions

so subtly was the essence of truth discovered

as the form of hope was recovered… 13 more words

Today, in Malibu

Most Sundays
my first year of law school
I’d walk down to Sunset Boulevard
for a bus to Malibu

The ride was long,
but the sense of hope… 330 more words



Time crafts a mosaic of our lives. From a distance
we see the ebb and sweep of the love and joys,
intermingled with sorrows and pain, 122 more words


Letter to: 'the Perfect' ("Letter To" Series #1)

Dear, Mr./Miss/Ms. Perfect,

We stand in awe of you (not, really).


The Rest of the World

Dottie Daniels