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Dear Broken Heart, Jesus Doesn't Leave

So. Say you meet someone. A best friend, a significant other. Someone you thought you could trust. But then they betray that trust in ways that are beyond hurtful. 390 more words


I own my anger

If you try to get rid of fear and anger without knowing their meaning, they will grow stronger and return. – Dr. Deepak Chopra. 280 more words


Some Days Are, Well, Sh---Shambala

Ahhh, motherhood. Literally there is no aspect of my life that I am more grateful for, than being a mama.

But oh, does motherhood test our patience. 991 more words


What's Wrong With a Lil' "Rose Colored Glasses" Perspective??? A Practical Journaling Experience.

I remember back to 1999. I had just graduated from college, got married, bought our first home, started an AWESOME teaching career, and finally had a couple dollars in the bank!!!! 527 more words

My Personal Manifesto

Its 2017 and with all of that “new year new me” stuff that is going around I think that it is important to think about who you are and what you stand for. 585 more words


Northern Lights?

The Aurora Borealis were just barely visible in the dark autumn nights at Tom’s cottage camp. A peek is just enough when you come up from the south. 128 more words


The 2016 Presidential Election Gave me Hope for the Future, and I Didn't Vote for Trump.

One thing I have found to be critical in life is to wear a set of rose-colored glasses, and, for this reason, I have felt compelled to write this for quite sometime. 533 more words