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A Perfect Kind of Day

Fall is really one of my favorite seasons.  Depending on the year it can be a toss up between fall and spring for me.  I find the season change mentally refreshing (physically, ugh, my body hates season change, but mentally I need them).  539 more words


A Day in the Life

I am a couple of days past the “one month milestone” of living on this island and for me
this is always an odd checkpoint. A month is about that point where 555 more words


r a i n d r o p s

seen them fall
all my life,

but learnt a lesson
from them today,

they don’t make
the slightest sound,

when falling from
their higher state, 37 more words


Campaign planning: Autumn 2017

Right now feels like a good time to look back at my gaming for the last few months and then ahead to what comes next. 924 more words



The heart that hurts to hold the hand
Of one who shares both heart and name
Can only ever understand
The purpose past the painful game… 57 more words


The Galaxy on Her Arm

She didn’t want to heal

Way too much emotion

She collected scars

For it was her greatest fear

That her art would leave her

If she didn’t feed it… 33 more words