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A New Perspective - The Accidental Photographer

I recently discovered a new hobby: photography.  I’m by no means educated in this field, but it’s an art form that I really want to learn more about, particularly macro-photography.   311 more words

Extract from Dr. Israr Ahmad's Book - 014

Our practical relationship with this Illuminating Book has been limited to… 97 more words


Life: Destiny or Choice?

Do you think that life has a pre-determined path, or that we make our own choices about life’s direction?

I think that there’s a certain comfort in believing that our lives are cosmically mapped out for us and that we will get where we need to be regardless of decisions that we make.  

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Extract from Dr. Israr Ahmad's Book - 013

One of our gravest mistakes…

One of our gravest mistakes is that we have reconciled with the name adopted by a certain cult of Islam as ‘Ahl-e-Quran’ (People of the Qur’an). 54 more words


A change in perspective

Death – a sound uttered that rolls out of one’s lip with little meaning until the profound weight of the emotions are added on from the passing of one’s own. 294 more words