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Light, Shadow, and a Few Crooked Fingers

Shadow owes its birth to light. (John Gay, poet and dramatist)

My fractured metacarpal is healed. Or at least the break appears as a fading memory on an x-ray. 400 more words


Digging Through Old Journals

Abell Junior High was such an awkward yet amazing experience for what I believe to be all of us. We made great friends, and our biggest cares were perhaps attending the end of the year TAAS fair or receiving carnations on Valentines. 775 more words

My Personal Perspective


If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it – Mary Engelbreit.

It sounds so simple yet very difficult to do.

509 more words

Blueberries in a Basket

Watercolor on cold press, August 16, 2017

11 x 15″ (27.9 x 38.1 cm)

I’m really enjoying painting with watercolors. This is the second in a series of paintings that a client is purchasing. 68 more words


The Extra Mile.

Life usually has a way of working out, but without your efforts, the path that it leads you on will only cause disappointment.

Don’t just sit in a corner thinking life’s got a plan for you and it’ll work out. 110 more words


Culture: The Art of the Shake

As a Recruiter for almost two years, I’ve experienced my fair share of handshakes from all walks of life.  As someone who’s also experienced a fair share of diversity in business and educational settings, I’ve experienced a fair share of different kinds of handshakes, as well.   528 more words


Culture: The Beginning

As soon as I sat down in my seat for the fourteen-hour flight to Incheon, a baby started vomiting two seats ahead of me.  I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the situation if the American flight attendant hadn’t been asking the Korean parents about the health of their child so frantically and loudly throughout the cabin.  635 more words