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It’s funny how we choose the way we look at things but never notice that it’s what makes all the difference.

When something good happens to us, we see it as unusual, as a sign that something terrible is about to happen. 188 more words


The Key to Happiness is a Smaller Perspective on the World

Part of my evolution in this past year has been an increasing understanding of the power of consolidating of my inner self as a path to a better life. 989 more words


I Need An Army

Why is it that people feel the need to personally insult fellow human beings? Today especially, I have seen one meme and post after another knocking people who believe in God or believe in the power of prayer. 237 more words



If you read the “About” page, you know that this website is all about giving people the ability to see many different perspectives’ on different impactful events happening around us in the world. 689 more words


Opportunity or...

Ever experienced that feeling of bouncing back and forth on an idea? One minute you think it’s a great idea and the next you’re wondering why the fuck you even came up with it? 526 more words

"When Life Gets Tough, What Spills Out" ...?

Hmmmm … isn’t THAT a humbling question?  When life gets tough, what spills out of you?

And, although my ”spillage is much less toxic than it used to be … and … much less frequent that it used to be, there are still times when I am not proud of what is spilling out of me. 118 more words

Overcoming Adversity


This website is meant to be a platform for different voices to get out their opinion on impactful events happening around us every day. In the world around us, there are not many platforms of media that give everyone a voice. 211 more words