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Daunting Knowledge

This feeling isn’t passion, this is a disease.
It eats at your mind and poisons your soul.
To prey on these people and do so with ease. 106 more words


The Dollhouse

Have you ever wondered if you are looking in or looking out?


Capturing the Moment

Last night, walking back to our car after her mom’s birthday dinner that everyone in San Antonio seemed to be celebrating because it just so happened to overlap with the Fiesta Riverwalk Parade, making our way through the sea of hundreds of people, fleeting murmurs of conversations overlapping each other, crossing streets seconds after thirty high-stepping members of a marching band stomped by, making our way through all this commotion, but for just a moment in time, I caught the shot I was looking for. 37 more words

Digital Photography


The Sadness arrives in sets, like waves at the oceanfront.

The first wave startles me, yet I keep my footing strongly in the soft sand. 195 more words


Rest Stop (Sunday) ... sometimes it hits too close to home

I am saddened by the recent events happening in Baltimore City as not only violence and destruction are happening, but the tearing apart of communities causing anger, confusion and frustration. 749 more words

Perspective - "Lifestyle choice"

If only the people who are up in arms about homosexuality would get a sense of perspective. How are the actions of two mutually consenting adults affecting them? 390 more words


Excerpt from; Chapter 2, The life & Times of an Incorrigible

…One day, in sixth grade, I was sent to the principal for a fight or something, but I don’t really remember. I do remember getting suspended and learning a new word. 49 more words