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Make or Break by-elections

As the 23rd February looms upon us, the Labour Party faces a make or break situation as a defeat in the two impending by-elections may make Jeremy Corbyn’s position as party leader no longer viable. 488 more words


A Few Wednesday Reflections

Reflection #1:
I did a fair amount of traveling in the last week. My sisters and I drove eight hours (@60-75mph) to our cousin’s wedding, celebrated, then drove eight hours back. 667 more words


Thoughts On Gratitude

How do you know someone is grateful or not?. How does an ungrateful person behave?

How important is to be grateful?

What is your opinion on gratitude?

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The Ego's Tools

This is a particularly good exercise. If you’re reading this then it’s likely that you generally like people. Some socialised peopled can behave anti-socially on, ironically, social media, but most feel the tug to be tribal. 862 more words

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The Best Perspective

Do you remember back to when you were a kid and what life was like?  How you viewed the world? Getting to relive that time is one of the things I love most about kids, their perspective on life. Th…

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Complaining About Hardships

It seems that every segment of life has its ups and downs.  When we were little children, the hardship we encountered happened when someone took our toy away from us, or when we couldn’t have the ice cream that our mouths drooled for.   467 more words

God Relationship

A Child's Cry

You say you have a big heart

If so, don’t deport our parents

They were young dreamers

Searching for better life

Like the pilgrims once did… 76 more words