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Personal Perspective

There’s a well-known saying that we’ve all heard thousands of times (and seemingly ill-timed when we hear it): “Everything looks better in the morning.”

It seems that I’ve heard this several times when I’ve been upset, and in that very moment the darker side of myself feels like smacking whoever just said it to me, though their intentions were of course coming from pure love and concern. 476 more words


The Now

I was standing on a soccer field the other night. A storm front had just rolled past and the air cooled in its wake but we never saw a drop of rain. 328 more words

Crack of the Head

You chew through the wall of sanity
To try to fit in with an insane world;
Is crazy the norm? Bizarre the new form?
Is upside down, inside out now the way… 168 more words


Keeping it positive

True story. A man walked into a blood bank where he had previously donated. Looking up his record showing his blood type, the receptionist said, “Oh, B-positive!” “I try to be,” he said. 94 more words

Labor Day observations

For many, they get a day off work for Labor Day, but very few actually stop to consider why they get the day off. Others, like most of us in the community news field, will be laboring on that day. 990 more words

So ready to judge...

The last few days, a news prominently doing the rounds here has been about a young girl who went missing from school. Thankfully, she was found unharmed and is now reunited with her family. 446 more words