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It’s amazing how sometimes an event that is evidently negative puts everything into perspective.

What happened was my brother not being selected for something he wanted to be a part of. 468 more words


A Shrinking World?

Yesterday I talked with my good friend Catherine who moved to Florida about three years ago. Her move was difficult for me because we had lived within an hour’s drive of each other for over twenty years. 2,209 more words

A time to mourn

This time of year, when the mornings begin to feel more crisp and cool with a touch of dampness to them, I mourn for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. 1,266 more words


the music You are for me...   [POEM]

no strings
but and yet somehow,
I cling
to your notes
wrote and awake
to melody
of your every morning,
tours accordingly
for the sake of getting away… 293 more words

The Path We Chose

Choices are made every year, every day, and every second of our lives. These choices are supposed to define who we are to the world. But sometimes the decisions we make are based on the consequences rather than the outcome. 570 more words


Practicing Peace

The other day, my boys were discussing world peace, an unusually weighty topic for the two of them. “I wish there were no wars,” my 6-year-old lamented. 484 more words

Everyday Grace