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The Perfection Imperfection of Now

This is about realization as travel. About life as travel.

And as not traveling just yet.

Anyone who has known me for more than a minute knows that I have lived in a number of places since 2008 – Chicago, Brazil, back to Chicago, Oakland, Alameda, San Francisco, back to Chicago, and now Monterey. 738 more words

It's all under control.

People and problems.

We don’t like to have them, but worry when we don’t.

They’re hard to anticipate and generally impossible to prepare for.

And perhaps the biggest problem with problems is that minor infractions can quickly escalate from an incident to a problem with incredible speed. 164 more words

Opposite Day

You're Married:

I went to work to pick up my paycheck about a week or two ago, and one of the male cooks that I hadn’t seen when I entered the building walked by the manager’s office and we spoke a friendly (but not too friendly) greeting to one another. 256 more words


Op-Ed: On the Outside Looking In

Being on the outside of mainstream society brings a different perspective.

By Kira Moore


For much of my life I have found it difficult to understand many things about the society around me. 1,077 more words



There are moments in life where everything shifts, breaks apart, and falls, jangling, back into an approximation of its former order, leaving you stunned at your change in perspective. 1,431 more words


What I've Learned From Sucking At Life For 29 Days

Southern California experiences this thing called “June Gloom” every year during the month of – surprise – June. It’s characterized by cloudy weather and overcast skies. 1,254 more words


I mentioned in my last post an experience/news -I didn’t really know what to call it-that I wanted to share.

Today seemed appropriate as I’d already blogged twice yesterday and didn’t think it made sense to write 3, relatively long, posts. 623 more words