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Opportunities & Rejection:

If you are capable of more, do more. If you aren’t even meeting yourself at least halfway then what sort of passion, love or knowledge do you expect to find? 536 more words



A child paints freely unconstrained by life’s pressures and expectations… if you ask them to paint a horse, they will paint you a story. Many adults would simply paint the horse, probably trying to get it as perfect as possible. 311 more words


Perspectives: Featuring Lieutenant Blake Fewell

“Officer’s Covenant: ‘Called By God…'”  

The Officer’s Covenant begins with one statement that carries through the rest of the Covenant: “Called by God…”.  This is the foundation from which the rest of the Covenant is built upon.   1,453 more words

Choosing you:

You were not who you were a year ago, even five years ago. You won’t be the same person in a year, or in five years. 824 more words


Controlling Relationships:

Your phone goes off, and your partner questions you about who it is, what was exchanged, or grabs your phone and assesses the message for themselves. 2,069 more words


Character : 

Your character dictates your worth. Nothing else in my opinion. We are told to be ourselves, to have personality and that’s important too but there are a ton of cool people floating around with crappy morals. 214 more words