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Perspectives Day # 4 Featuring Captain Marianneke (Anney) Summerifeld "Family"

Family.  This one word evokes a particular meaning to the reader, doesn’t it?  Something specific.  Something defined. Something wholesome, perhaps?  A television show is “family oriented” or an activity is “family friendly.”  What does it mean to you?  798 more words


"Perspectives" Day # 3 Featuring Captain Shanais Strissel

What is tradition and why do some of us cling tightly to it and some of us find it suffocating?  Why is there such a struggle between being something new and holding tightly to something old?  673 more words

The Salvation Army

"Perspectives" Day # 2 Featuring Colonel Dennis Strissel "Opinion8ed #6"


(A series of eight installments)

Number Six – Mulligans for Ministry

Having been preoccupied with our new appointment (retired), with plenty of time for thought amid the unpacking and putting up pictures, I thought that I might dedicate my final three installments to what I would focus on in my ministry if I had a “do-over”. 706 more words

The Salvation Army

Perspectives Day 1 Featuring Captain Andy Miller III

On “Changing the Army”

A loyal soldier approached me, it was clear he had something important to say. It was Sunday and the holiness meeting had just finished. 1,036 more words


All you need is love...

All you need is love… Whether you’re on the receiving or the giving end, both turn your heart golden. May you also love everything in your presence, not just human beings. 76 more words


Do your part!

Hi everyone, welcome to the New Year! (I understand we have arrived at February’s doorstep, but I’ve had a full on month as I’m sure we all have). 396 more words


We all deserve a big fat break in life!

We are all perfect because of our individuality, or we aren’t because of it. It depends on perception. It depends on the extensiveness of our judgements. 139 more words