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Why Do Christians Pray For Their Food?

Prayer. Praying for food, what is that even about?

Every christian kid knows the struggle of wanting to dig into that Christmas dinner but having to wait until Granddad says his prayer first. 581 more words


PE's Play of the Day: Fight Yourself For Yourself

It all comes down to you.  Whether you are flying high or laid low in a particular moment invariably comes down to what is really inside of YOU.  152 more words



Proponents of ideologies such as trans-humanism and techno-progressivism view continued technological progress as beneficial to society and the human condition (Wikkipedia).

In an on-line article, Chantal Bechervaise of TakeItPersonelly blog, Ontario Canada, describes her Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone as her personal assistant and that its features integrate so well with her work/life flow that she would be lost without it. 232 more words

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Pauper's Grave

Can you hear me?
Does this emotion make a sound.
If I drop a pebble in the ocean
Will it make my father proud?
Is this disconnectedness… 151 more words


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Day 21 of my review of the last 12 months and a poem about perspectives ...

Dikabulkan, Ditunda, atau Diganti dengan yang lebih baik

Kali ini ada sebuah benda di  hadapan kita. Benda itu sebegitu besar, utuh pula. Bentuknya? Bukan kotak, bukan bundar, bukan segitiga, bukan segilima, bukan seperti yang kalian bayangkan sebelumnya. 317 more words


Anne-Marie Sweeney - Documentary Director

Tuesday 21st November 13.15 – 14.15

Anne-Marie Sweeney is an acclaimed campaigning film maker. Her films, revealing the often unsung role of working class women as agents of political change, are imbued with humour and resistance. 44 more words



It’s coming to the end of the first semester in my first year in NUS (haha).

MAN. I need to really focus on my studies but it’s so hard to focus right now. 156 more words