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What can you see?

As a, creative, photographer, glasses wearer and dyslexic (just a few labels) what I see varies. 304 more words


A Hundred Years From Now

A hundred years from now, not even my bones would have remained intact. But my writings will still be there, like echoes beyond time, like eyes in the night, like the lyrics of a very old song. 263 more words


expanding the perspective | 2019.05.19

Transgender History by Susan Stryker | Review

Publication: New York, NY : Seal Press : An imprint of Perseus Books, LLC : A subsidiary of Hachette Book Group, Inc, … 1,699 more words

Maybe We Were Real

This is a poem written 2016 while smoking in the veranda of the 19th floor, the author fighting the urge to jump

Maybe we had it in shreds and pieces… 73 more words


When to Have That Difficult Conversation to 'Check In' With Your Teen

How should parents know when to be concerned about their teen’s mental health? Actually, you are the best judge of this, in terms of your child’s behaviors and needs. 967 more words

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I Fear The Night

I fear the night

Not because of its darkness, but because of its innocence.

I fear its trust. I cringe from its warm embrace. My soul is unworthy to rest on its bosom. 31 more words


Paying Respects...

I don’t go to many funeral services but they seem to be on an increasing trend, as expected, as I get older.

My next door neighbour passed away a few weeks back. 263 more words