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Some lines a coworker and I came up with:

We perspire when aspiring to inspire before we expire.

Those who don’t perspire cannot aspire to inspire so they expire. 7 more words


My weekly workout routine

On average I exercise between 5 and 7 hours a week at the gym and I also walk to class and go shopping by foot. So in general, I’m a pretty active person. 528 more words


It's Possible

For the longest time I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I thought I was too fat and that I’d never be able to change. 218 more words


Why I supplement my diet with whey protein

When you work out every other day and your trainings consist out of a lot of resistance training, being sore is almost normal. Drinking protein shakes after resistance training will stimulate the synthesis of muscles and as such minimise the muscle damage and reduce the soreness. 229 more words

Nutritional Advice

Weight training for women

Every time I tell someone that I weight train, they look at me like I’m going to turn into the hulk at any moment. “Girls shouldn’t weight train!” “Do you really want to look like a bodybuilder?” Yes, girls, women, should weight train! 314 more words


Sweda Vaha Srotas – The Channel for Sweat

This srotas is in charge of keeping the normal temperature of the body, providing moisture, helping with absorbing vitamin D. It is also helping to expel toxins. 268 more words


bored much?

It is one thing to hear from a 9-year old that he or she is bored. But to hear from a 20-something the same thing is a sad and super annoying thing. 259 more words