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perspire: inspire: seduce: finding a great project management tool to keep it all sorted

perspire: finding the needle in a haystack

I’m on day 17 of a 365 day creative forage to rebuild my life and if you want to know more then dance over… 457 more words


inspire + perspire = not sure

Uncertainty as a motivator

It’s bloody lucky that I’m drawn to the unknown because lately it’s become closer than a lover.

If my life at the moment was an image it would look like a wild animal stepping gingerly across ground that could become quicksand or a path and each step could be the last.

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Perspire without losing the plot

Why is it important to perspire?

Lolling is my love and it inspires me.

Inspiration is what keeps me deciding to stay alive.

Perspiration is the effort to action that’s needed when I want to creatively forage and turn insiration into reality. 222 more words


LIPS living

When life needs a recharge 

I’ve given myself a year.

A year to inspire myself.

A year to see what new pathways can be created for  my life. 359 more words


A.N.D. All Natural Deodorant

This has been a long time in the making, trust me. This is version 4 and after previous attempts to control my stinkiness I think I have finally succeeded! 537 more words


48 hours in London

A little something I wrote the last weekend of February:

“So I’m sitting at the Eurostar terminal in Brussels, waiting for my train to London. I got back from Almaty less than a week ago.  660 more words


Kazakhstan - because!


Perspiring and savouring – it’s always a part of any holiday I go on. 

I just came back from a skiing holiday in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We had the most random conversations, lots of good laughs and I can tell you we had some amazing food and a great time skiing (despite the fact that my brother pwned me on the slopes)! 510 more words