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Desire, Perspire, and Acquire

There is a simple formula which can increase your chances of successfully controlling the dream. This comes to you from a martial arts master named Mr. 120 more words


30 Day Fitness Challenge: Day 3

Easy Plan 1.

Whew. It’s not easy as it suppose to be.

It’s getting harder and harder each day. And because of my condition, (girls will understand me), I can’t force to do the push up and plank. 96 more words


bear witness and hold the advice

There are a lot of things I remember in the last year of my dear friend Mary’s life.

One of the ways we were such good friends was that we bore witness to each others struggles and held the advice in check – most of the time. 726 more words


If I had 50 more years to live ...

I love some of the gorgeous magazines that are created in Australia.

John gifted me with 2 of my favourites today – Dumbo Feather and… 968 more words


The loneliness of loss

I’ve never had anyone I loved die before.

3 months ago my best friend Mary died after all the crap that goes with leukemia treatments killed her. 598 more words