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Rereading Austen - Persuasion

The title lies: Persuasion was one of those Austen novels I never read until now. There were no famous adaptions of it in my teenage years to latch onto and it was more obscure than it’s fellows. 1,327 more words


The Great Digitization (Lucien X. Polastron)

Labels are a double-edged sword, if you ask me. They can provide you with valuable information about products, people, and places. But sometimes they are too simple and limiting with their direction. 596 more words

Wisdom Wednesdays

You've Been Framed As A Criminal

Psychology is powerful in all aspects of life. Understanding the mind gives immense potential toward persuading others to think how you want them to think. Some have this down so well it’s like a superpower, … 639 more words


Who are you gonna call?

“Inspiration is what you are to me.”-Led Zepplin

Inspiration for persuasive ideas can come from anywhere. Music, for instance, has a significant role in persuasion. The very nature of the title of this blog post conjures up the response, “The Ghostbusters!” In music, we call this “call and response.” It was very effective in identifying the people who have watched the movie, “Ghostbusters.” The response is automatic and requires little effort to induce an answer. 529 more words

Psychology And Sociology

The key parts of social aptitude

Motivations are the emotional tendencies that guide or facilitate accomplishing goals. Motivation is formed by four emotional aptitudes: 1. Eagerness to triumph: helps to improve or to stick to excellence; 2. 464 more words


The scientists who make apps addictive

A must-read.

The scientists who make apps addictive

Ian Leslie | October/November 2016 | The Economist 1843

Tech companies use the insights of behaviour design to keep us returning to their products. 4,654 more words


Respectful disagreements

by Rocky Mountain Stepmom

Recently I’ve come across two articles about how to communicate with / persuade people who disagree with you.

The first is from the Harvard Business Review, written by Deepak Malhotra, who has a book about negotiating in impossible circumstances. 130 more words