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Outcomes : Abuse

Here are my final 3 posters for my Catcalling campaign :

Here are my posters in context :

Overall I am happy with my outcomes for this project and I have enjoyed taking a subject that it not highly recognised and tried to do something different compared to previous visuals around the subject area. 39 more words

Who's The Designer?

Let's Fight Period Poverty

To keep a visual system throughout the animation, I have kept a consistent colour palette, illustrative style and typography. The pink, red and white colour scheme has connotations with femininity which suggests the subject matter as it effects women. 779 more words

Subject Year 2

Idea's, concept & creative brief

I began to start brainstorming  about potentential concepts and idea’s that I could focus on for this project. These all came from drawing idea’s from discussions that we have had in tutorials, my research and trying to think of how I can create something to provoke a discussion and persuade the audience to want to help. 375 more words

Subject Year 2



As an idea for my project, I thought about designing pants that would help raise money for period poverty. I could do these in a critical design form to create discussion about period poverty. 487 more words

Subject Year 2



Protest placards are a very expressive way to communicate issues that you feel strongly about. The use of type and image are simple but stand out well creating striking pieces of design. 804 more words

Subject Year 2

Period Poverty

Poverty is when people are in straitened circumstances of being very poor. This is a global issue which effects so many people no matter what their geographical location, gender or age is. 786 more words

Subject Year 2


Our new project brief is focusing on persuasion and how we can do this by using graphic design. This technique is very important when communicating a certain topic with an audience. 362 more words

Subject Year 2