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Liberals don’t know how to talk to or appeal to conservatives. And for whatever reason, they refuse to learn. Probably because they’re good Americans and in the words of that great American sage and cartoon character, Ed Wuncler, “

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Persuasion is the one novel that I was not really anticipating to read from Jane Austen.

The book is about a young woman Anne Elliot who had broken off an engagement to a poor officer. 368 more words

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It's High Time You Learn About All That Rhetoric You Keep Using

In this past week’s video essay I argue that rhetoric–the art of persuasion–is at play in basically all our speech, from one’s polite “good morning” to one’s extended argument against a political issue. 117 more words


Continuing to talk

In important business settings, many A-types suffer a serious physical problem: we cannot stop our mouths from moving until our point is completely and convincingly made. 483 more words


book review: persuasion

I would give you stats about the book and Jane Austen, but I’m sure, or at least I hope, that you’re familiar with them.

I’ve spent the past few days pondering over my favorite Austen novel, as I have now finished reading all of them. 457 more words

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Charisma vs Passion in Selling

Charisma is about charming people.  It is a way of influencing how someone feels about you.  It may be natural, or it may be a technique for getting approval. 137 more words


The Witch House

  • Describe this setting. Can you use any of the words below?
    • rickety
    • ramshackle
    • decayed
    • rotting
    • derelict
    • crumbling
    • clogged
    • weather-beaten
      • Challenge: Select the three most suitable words and justify your choices.
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