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The 5 Best Books I Read This Summer

Yes, I know this post is too late, as we are now as close to fall as I am from eating one of these chocolate chip cookies sitting next to me. 613 more words


Prepare For Alien Invasions | Mind Persuasion Archives

If society ended tomorrow, you’d have the stuff you could trade, and the stuff you coul do. Most folks don’t have much to trade, but we can all build up our skills of what we can do, especially when those skills involve how we interact with others. 28 more words

How To Kill Fear | Mind Persuasion

Getting rid of fear means rearranging the ideas in your brain, which is pretty easy. Most of our fears are based on how we think about things. 19 more words

Strong and Unstable Slogans

As I have said before, Slogans are tricky.  They are only a few words, yet they are technically difficult to get right.

On That Red Bus… 547 more words

Campaign Slogans

Obliterate All Resistance | Mind Persuasion Archives

How To Easily Remove All Resistance From Life. If you try and go through, it’s hard. If you try to go around, it can be easier. 28 more words

How To Become Master Of The Universe | Mind Persuasion

Easily change your mindset and dominate the planet. How do you do this? Slowly alter your map of reality until you are operating at peak efficiency. 22 more words

How To Make Yourself Go Viral - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

You can be a viral hit socially if you speak to people in the right way. All it takes is one slight shift, from inside to outside. 6 more words