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Identifying Persuasion in Advertising

This is an ad for a body wash from Old Spice company, as we can see in the picture this is a product for body wash for men and it is all about the smell or smelling like a man from the slogan “SMELL LIKE A MAN, MAN”, and for sure they want you to buy their product since it is an ad and they are trying to convince you and send a message to you that if you want to smell like a man then you have no choice for that only by buying our product. 573 more words


How to Persuade People Who Do Not Want to Be Persuaded?

The title of this post is identical to a chapter in “Think Like a Freak” by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubnar.   They begin the chapter by asking us to understand that this will be a difficult task.  306 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

Creating persuasion - part 2

The story so far…part one

So now that I had my border printed on the paper the way I wanted it, the next thing was to write the two passages out onto the paper. 821 more words


The Power of Placing Your Arguments Strategically

When doing a speech, you will come across the problem of where to place your strongest argument.  If you ever wondered if the placement of your argument matters, then let me just set the record straight right now: … 468 more words

Life Skills


Contradictions can be the spice of life. When I meet someone who believes something that I hold dear and acts in a way that resonates with me, I am surprised when we don’t agree about everything. 289 more words

Self Improvement

Be An Influence For Good!

Here at Constitution Me one of our goals is to create unity within our nation, and our local communities.  We believe that each individual has an important responsibility to rally others to the cause of freedom and limited government.   1,792 more words

Creating persuasion - part 1

A little while ago I wrote a post about design briefs and I have now decided to let you in on what I’ve been up to. 761 more words