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Principles Of Influence(Marketing)

This article is about Robert Cialdini’s six principles of Influence and how Marketers use this for marketing. It will also include examples of all the principles for better understanding. 531 more words

Realizing The Illusion

It’s not that difficult to see how illusory everything is. If self itself is an illusion, then everything created by that self is also an illusion. 853 more words


Persuasion by Jane Austen

So far, of the two Jane Austen books out of four that I’m reading, Persuasion is my favorite. I just finished reading it yesterday.


The Crofts were come to Kellynch

The Crofts too possession with true naval alertness, and were to be visited.

“It was you, and not your sister, I find, that my brother had the pleasure of being acquainted with, when he was in this country.” 83 more words

Susan Kaye

Evangelism and Apologetics: Mark Mittelberg & Michael Brown

Dr. Brown interviews author, evangelist, and apologist Mark Mittelberg; then hear a discussion of the meaning and importance of repentance in coming into relationship with God. 149 more words

Persuade Me

I think persuasion is one of the most fascinating topics in agricultural communication theory. While the chapter this week is in the “face-to-face” communication section of the book, many of the concepts apply to mediated communication efforts. 223 more words