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... One of the Donald ' s BesT Strengths [#the art of the deal]...

.. simple : persuasion .

.. right now the Donald may noT be liked very well .Unlike Miz Hillary ‘ he is trusted . She is most definitely not.That is a huge ,huge difference when it comes to campaigning .. 116 more words

Personal Opinion

Artisotle's Rhetoric

Artisotle was very forward thinking and modern for his time, he had the ability to summarise the issues in persuasion that still apply to us today. 213 more words


Fangirl Friday - week 6


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’m in the process of decorating the apartment I just moved into in February. Now that we have most of our (my fiancé and I) furniture I’m really focusing on adding art to make our home reflect our personalities. 100 more words


Jane Austen and Reader Perspective

How soon should the protagonist turn up? For Austen the answer was “right away” only with Emma Wodehouse. Fanny Price and Lizzy Bennett don’t appear in the first chapter of their novels. 188 more words

A Persuasive Case For Jane Austen!

There’s a certain reason why some books from each period of time manage to make the coveted ‘Classics List’ and when you read such a book you realize there’s little reason why they shouldn’t be there! 205 more words


A Review: Captain Wentworth's Diary

A little while ago, I finished reading Captain Wentworth’s Diary, by Amanda Grange. It’s Persuasion from Captain Wentworth point of view told through his diary entries. 233 more words