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The art behind the covers & giveaways

Hello everyone,

Some of my latest posts have been dedicated to cover reveals and I’ve mentioned in all of them how much I love covers, so I believe the subject of this post will not surprise you. 5,408 more words

Pride And Prejudice

Developing and Magnetizing Your Messaging

A few weeks ago I wrote about the concept of “Media Training in Stages”—an approach that supports the view that an effective professional development program involves more than a one-off workshop. 741 more words

Media Training

Broken isn't beautiful

Let’s get this straight:

Broken isn’t beautiful

When I first entered high school, I, as many others did, believed broken meant beautiful. If there was a way to go back in time to see my past self, the first thing I’d do is slap me. 552 more words

Year 10

Vaccines, and Why Nobody Should Go Without Them


We all know what vaccines are and why we get them, but almost nobody knows how they work and how important they are to modern society. 865 more words

Year 10

What do Racism and a Cold have in Common?

I’ve always thought the best way to engage a reader was through humour. So, here’s a joke:

“What’s black, long and stinks?

The line at Centrelink” 711 more words

Year 10

Religion vs Facts

Science. All the documented knowledge of our world and beyond. And the method we use to discover it all. It has uncovered many of the most amazing secrets hidden by our world and numerous others. 2,140 more words

Year 10

Princess and the 'P'

‘Once upon a time there was a prince who wanted nothing more than to be wed to a beautiful princess. And so he gathered young girls from across the land, forcing them to sleep with the ‘P’. 1,139 more words

Year 10