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The hidden tricks of powerful persuasion

It seems we are all just puppets on a string.  Make sure you watch the Olson video.

The hidden tricks of powerful persuasion

David Robson | 24 March 2015 | BBC Future… 1,348 more words


A Mugs Game

Francesca considers personalised mugs, especially those of the literary kind.

Most people have cups and mugs that they bought because they have some significance: a family holiday, ‘the best sister’, a football souvenir or one declaring ‘Grumpy Old Man’. 520 more words

Theme Park Leaflets

Our persuasive theme park leaflets are complete!

What do you think? Would you visit our theme park? 32 more words


Exogamous and Endogamous Marriages in Austen's Works

Brittanica.com defines an “endogamous marriage” as the custom enjoining one to marry within one’s own group, while Wikipedia says “endogamy” is the practice of marrying within a specific ethnic group, class, or social group, rejecting others on such a basis as being unsuitable for marriage or for other close personal relationships.The penalties for transgressing endogamous restrictions have varied greatly among cultures and have ranged from death to mild disapproval. 1,247 more words