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#IDontStandwithAhmed: A Lesson in Poor Argumentation

By now, I’m sure everyone has heard of Ahmed Mohamed, the boy who built a clock and was arrested because it was mistaken for a bomb. 964 more words


Facts versus Gut feeling

For 1 and 2, which airlines would you feel the safest to fly with:

  1. Ryanair (low cost) or American Airlines
  2. EasyJet (low cost) or Delta Air Lines…
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Letters to Ruby #5: Moving

Dear Ruby,

Within the next few weeks, I’m moving away from my parents for the first time. I’m really worried about leaving because I don’t know if I can cope on my own! 129 more words


Wentworth Wednesday

Chapter 6
She (Mrs Musgrove, Sr) had gone to her letters, and found it all as she supposed; and the re-perusal of these letters, after so long an interval, her poor son gone forever, and all the strength of his faults forgotten, had affected her spirits exceedingly, and thrown her into greater grief for him than she had known on first hearing of his death.

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Susan Kaye

Propaganda and doublespeak

In “The World of Doublespeak” the author William Lutz defines doublespeak as “language which pretends to communicate but doesn’t, language which makes the bad seem good, the negative appear positive, the unpleasant attractive, or at least tolerable” One point i was really intrigued by was when Lutz spoke on euphemism because the word can be used as doublespeak or just out of courtesy for example if you are putting down your dog the vet would call it a euphemism, but it could also be used as “passed away” as Lutz states it is common courtesy to say you’re sorry someone passed away at a funeral. 486 more words

Homework for Friday, October 9th

As we discussed in class, we’ll be having a bit of a crash course on ideologies existing in America by giving you all the chance to do the teaching! 973 more words

Unit 2 Assignments

VW, Ethics, and Persuasion

The VW scandal has me thinking. As someone who purchased an implicated car just 10 days before the news broke, I feel manipulated, angry, and a big loss of trust. 815 more words