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The Enigma of Reason

By Calum Matheson
Everyone who speaks in public eventually runs into a problem: having a good idea is not the same thing as convincing other people that your idea is good… 368 more words


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Why The Words You Say Are The Least Important Part

If you have a strong frame, anything you say will work, regardless of your outcome. If you have a weak frame, nothing you say will work, regardless of your outcome.

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How To Realize The False Fear Of Rejection

Most of our fears are false, but knowing this won’t do squat. In order for this overused statement to do anything, we’ve got to experience it. 14 more words

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How To Blast Any Hidden Insults That Come Your Way

One of our greatest skills is speaking without saying anything. Or not saying anything directly but leaving it up for interpretation. 16 more words

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You Can Define Yourself Or You Can Let Others Do It For You

We define ourselves by how we act, what do we, and how we think. 24 more words

Handling A Fictional Objection

I have more ideas about persuasion than I have opportunities to practice. So my usual habit is to practice in my imagination.

This story is incomplete. 230 more words

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If You Like Yourself, Everybody Else Will Too

If you don’t like yourself, everybody will know, especially evil people who want to take advantage of you. 30 more words