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World Of Warcraft Mind Hacking

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the online game World of Warcraft (WoW for short), but that game was literally like crack to me growing up. 924 more words


Who Are You Really?

When’s the last time you thought about that?

If you’re a millennial or anyone near that age range then maybe you’ve been wondering the same thing. 613 more words


The Xenomorph Fear Factor

Elongated, armoured skulls. Acidic blood. Ink black carapace and parasitic reproduction method. The Xenomorph truly is one of the most horrifying creatures to ever come out of Hollywood. 558 more words


Joey Tribbiani's Secret Sauce

How you doin’?

Are you ready to learn the top secret recipe for the delicious chocolate sauce to drizzle lovingly over your sales copy?

You know, it’s actually Stickle Brick simple, even Joey Tribbiani can understand it and we all know he’s not the quickest cockroach in the kitchen… 426 more words


Persuasion 101 for Science Communicators

Look out, it’s another hot take!

Many of you probably saw the recent article from Scientific American.  It’s another in a long line of opinion pieces talking about how scientific communicators are probably doing it wrong in one way or another. 1,171 more words