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A visit with a friend and a discussion of the affairs of his strata-title house left me convinced of something: we have all been sold a pup. 345 more words


Dear potential employers(s),

First things first. YOU need us.

If your often unrealistic, unachievable expectations and self glorifying employment advertisements is not enough proof in itself; you hold about as much worthless denial as any near empty hip flask tucked into an alcoholics waistband. 2,312 more words

Perth - Day 3 (Part 1)

Pagi-pagi kami dah bangun walau malam semalam tidur lewat. Mendobi baju..hehe… Kami prepare breakfast yang ringkas dan mudah. Buat air teh o jer.. cicah roti.. dan sardin. 347 more words


WACA day 3.

England had the opportunity to take the initiative in the test, and try and bring the series back into a playable position. Did they take it? 1,233 more words


Deep Oceans (Keep Secrets)

If you read my previous post (I AM FOUND) you probably are getting the (correct) impression that I am definitely fascinated with folklore, myths and the fantastical! 321 more words


Perth - Day 2 (Part 2)

Dalam entri lepas, saya ada menerangkan tentang YHA hotel di Augusta. Kami tiba dari Margaret River dah malam. Memang drive malam-malam, dengan jalan yang tak biasa. 288 more words