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Perth Car Hire Company

There are different car rental areas where you can rent a car or may need to rent out an automobile. At the airport terminal, there are numerous details car rental locations standards associating to airport terminal rental automobiles. 203 more words

Aries Car Rental Perth

Soul Work – Week Beginning 4/22/18, Three Rune Spread, “Perth, Gebo, & Teiwaz” – Messages from the Runes

This week’s Soul Work and three runes spread reads from right to left: Perth (Reversed) (pg. 103), Gebo (pg. 95), and Teiwaz  (pg. 120)  674 more words

Messages From The Runes

Weekend in Review

The weekends seem to go by too fast but this week we have a Wednesday holiday here in Australia so this week should fly by as well.   195 more words


Thematic Analysis Coding

I have taken the codes that I derived from the various location images and displayed them in the table below. I intend to explore these codes as a group and display them in mind maps to highlight any relationships that exist between them.


Random Days

Some days, when I’m outside in the lane way checking tyres, or taking pictures of rims for Gumtree, I see VH-IDW flying overhead. Victor 65, the VFR route that takes helicopters in a loop around Perth’s city centre, ends overhead Herdsman lake, which is basically across the road from the shop. 743 more words


Wireless On-site 2

Inside the museum at Wireless Hill you can see this scale model of the site, which shows the 120m radio tower, large concrete anchor blocks and buildings, as they were in their heyday. 20 more words


Beige Alarm!

The Trend to Beige Interior Design

Federation Houses should not be too beige!

Table of Contents

Trend to Beige Interior Design

Federation Houses should not be too beige! 1,941 more words