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Legends now a chocolate lounge

In early September 2016 the tearoom that was Legends of Grandtully, a marvellous establishment in Perthshire, ceased to exist.

While I was sad to learn about this, I was delighted to find that the space has instead been turned into a chocolate lounge. 323 more words


Binn Tower & Deuchny Wood

This ran comprised a kind of figure of 8 approach with me starting in the middle where the two loops of the 8 intersect. The first loop was just over a km and took me round Binn Hill and Binn Tower. 90 more words


And the creatures of the night went twit twoo, moo, baa, squawk, woof - SHUT UP! 

Despite a washout summer proper, Scotland’s been enjoying an Indian summer now that autumn is here. With that in mind I decided to take a gamble on a foray into the world of glamping at the weekend. 1,842 more words


Tullibardine Chapel

Shaded by Scots pines, Tullibardine Chapel stands in the middle of quiet farmland.

A rare survival from the time before the Reformation, it was founded in 1446 by Sir David Murray of nearby Tullibardine Castle.   340 more words


Wild Camping Ban For Perthshire?

My response to THIS article in The Courier.

Deary me, where do I start? If people speed in cars we (as a society) punish the individuals concerned. 499 more words