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Italy II: what is that orange drink?

On Sunday 17 June, we left Padua, and moved on to Bologna.


If Padua was better than we expected, Bologna was a bit disappointing. It may have been that our expectations were too high.  1,299 more words

Gap Adventure

Pesca, Pecorino, Pistacchio

So I’ve been told that today is Friday (days of the week matter less in semi-retirement), which means one thing: SATURDAY MARKET TOMORROW!! One can think of the Saturday market in Perugia as a cross between a farmers’ market and a flea market; you can find everything from fidget spinners (the new Beanie Babies) to live chickens (Kiley has a plot to free them all) to nun’s pajamas (insert joke here). 1,413 more words


A photo project: the cultural differences that reflect on the city streets in Italy

Maybe its the parallel lines between the buildings or my habit of always wandering, but one thing I always found fascinating while traveling is the differences between the streets from city to city. 83 more words

My Big Fat Italian Wedding (and everything in between)

It’s finally the weekend (this week has been THE longest) and I’m back in action after a three week break! It feels good to be back in the writer’s seat…though admittedly not as good as the Mediterranean sun on my face for two weeks (yeah yeah, I’m allowed to brag just a *little*). 2,366 more words

Che Ora È?

It’s been one week since we arrived in Perugia and the experience thus far has been fantastic. If you’ve been following our Instagram account, you know that we’ve been walking through each of the city’s historical districts; Porta Sant’Angelo (where we live), Porta Sole, Porta San Pietro, Porta Eburnea, and Porta Santa Susanna—there’s an official walking itinerary for each. 789 more words


Palazzos para no dormir

– ¿En qué otro país del mundo puedes beber sentado en unas escaleras de cinco siglos de antigüedad? – dijo Enzo mientras bebíamos sentados en escaleras de cinco siglos de antigüedad. 676 more words

Crónicas De Viaje

Bubbles or no bubbles?


Actually, day and a half. In total, our trip to Perugia, Italy lasted 31 hours—for those of you counting. Along the way, we passed through Detroit, Newark, Lisbon, Bologna, Florence, Cortona, and Perugia via planes, planes, AND automobiles (the hat trick!). 611 more words