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What Would Nuccio Think?

Years ago when I was a 14-year-old teenage boy, I learned that my father had another name. In the United States, he’s known as Tony, and all my cousins—I have lots of cousins—call him Uncle Tony. 1,067 more words


Week 17 – In One Year & Out the Other

Steph visiting was like a fresh perspective of my mental state. It went from “I’m doing great being alone this is fine” to, “I met a chicken today she seems cool” to, “I made friends with this chicken she is all I have we braided our hair and swapped secrets and I love her” to “a human friend came and we ate my other friend” to “I hope I don’t meet anyone else this could get weird”. 1,577 more words


Celebrating 26 Years of Married Life

F.I.R. – Flexibility, Initiative and Responsibility. According to the pastor at our wedding 26 years ago today, focusing on these areas would help make a marriage strong. 596 more words


When in Rome (Europe Adventures Part 2)

Hello again!

I hope everyone has had a nice start to the holiday season.

Now it’s time to continue my adventure in Italy.

I’ll start by saying two things: 1) I did not have a good introduction to Rome at all and 2) this experience may have colored my overall perception, but I didn’t care for Rome much at all. 2,941 more words

Progress in Perugia: The story of Jay Bothroyd's short but important Serie A spell

“He’s a phenomenon. When an attacker at age 21 is so strong and so prolific it means he is a great one.”

Luciano Gaucci wasn’t one for subtlety.

1,143 more words

Travelling in the 90s: Last days in Rome and Perugia

And so we come to the final post of this epic series featuring extracts of my 1993-1994 travel journal…

We’ve just come from Pompeii and Naples to spend our last couple of days in Rome, including a day trip to Perugia. 788 more words


Week 14 – The Castle in the Valley

My castle has a dungeon which is used as a storage hole and, if I had any, it would be where I would throw my belligerents. 1,586 more words