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I am Josefina

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Blog #1

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So, here goes nothing . I am Josefina and ive decided to take a leap and start a blog. 279 more words

You Can't Outrun your Fork

“Fate laughs at probabilities.” -Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Fat Girl Chronicles- Chapter 3

Thank you for joining me!

When it comes to revving up weight loss, everyone looks to exercise as the answer to their hotness prayers. 1,297 more words


Bye bye Rut and hello Foodie!

Salutations you sweet readers! It’s awesome to be back and writing today, especially since I’ve been looking forward to writing about this for SO long! For starters, I started to truly find places I absolutely loved when I started taking myself out on dates. 1,659 more words


Children 👶🏻

It’s important to celebrate diversity and by no means I’m trying to replicate the same live conditions in different parts of the world. But I would like to implement children safety and well being in all developing countries. 89 more words

Personal Experiences

Peruvian Paradise

Hello again!

This next restaurant hits close to home as I was born in Peru. Unfortunately, I did not get to try any local food since I was just a baby but somehow I still have a love for Peruvian food. 1,239 more words


Canchita Salada

~~~Canchita Salada~~~

In Perú, this canchita salada is a popular snack alongside cold drinks or late morning ceviche. I also sometimes add it as a crunchy topping to soups. 167 more words