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ShirtLoco Baby Nazca Lines Monkey Peruvian Glyph Creeper

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ShirtLoco Baby Nazca Lines Dog Peruvian Glyph Creeper Bodysuit

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Peruvian shrimp stir-fry with quinoa (with Encona Amarillo sauce)

I’m always a bit skeptical of ready-made sauces (apart from the Lee Kum Kee ones, which have proved their worth many times over), and I’m also quite unfamiliar with Peruvian cuisine (bar my middling experience at… 268 more words


London's Best Burger: Pan con Chicharrón

We first crossed paths with London’s Best Burger during our first visit to Pachamama last weekend (article coming soon).  This interesting fact came up whilst we were sipping on some cocktails, having a gentle chin wag with the barman.   290 more words

Meat Dishes

El Tule Mexican and Peruvian

The Lambertville area has become a true foodie destination with many excellent restaurants representing cuisines from around the world. El Tule continues this tradition, embodying the diverse cultures of Mexico and Peru. 771 more words


Piscoteket, Oslo

EN – Piscoteket serves up delicious Peruvian food and cocktails. The restaurant focuses on traditional dishes like ceviche, while incorporating South American foods such as quinoa, avocado, sweet potato and corn. 505 more words


Los Andes: Peruvian Delight

Every so often we like to talk about a place to go spend your hard earned money on that special someone. The proverbial dinner and a movie date idea seems so cliché at times, however we do want to go out and enjoy some delicious food without having to put the effort in to create it. 713 more words