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I'm a Doctor, Not a Security Expert!

While I don’t completely agree with the Rob Ragan’s sentiments in a recent article in Dark Reading on the limitations of security awareness training, I think the writer makes some good points, especially regarding the appropriate use of technical controls in combination with training to mitigate risk. 366 more words

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And not Or

I was in an exchange the other day with some folks talking about their perspective that all companies need to be using cloud computing. I agree, but my view is slightly different. 307 more words


BYOD: Pervasive Computing Has Arrived

A good tool is an invisible tool. By invisible, I mean that the tool does not intrude on your consciousness; you focus on the task, not the tool. 283 more words

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Windows 10 - Don't Do it - EU needs to take action against this OS

If ever there was a need for EU Data Protection, then Microsofts Windows 10 is the REASON for the EU to kick Microsoft.

The “Technical Preview” has left me speechless in privacy terms.  588 more words

Dumb Smartwatches?

Apple Watch has been much in the headlines lately, and the leading role Apple has long had in fashionable, personal devices explains much of the hype. 618 more words

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What causes WIFI interference - how to improve your WIFI signal and speeds

If you’ve bought the fastest WiFi network adapter and router, and you’re still getting slow data throughput, it could be time to hunt down causes of interference. 392 more words


‘There’s an App for That’

Using the extended mind theory to explore cognitive coupling with with mobile apps

Andy Clarke and David Chalmers write that when “the human organism is linked with an external entity in a two-way interaction, creating a coupled system” it “can be seen as a cognitive system in its own right”.(Clarke and Chalmers, 1998) As Chalmers himself illustrated with his iPhone at a 2011… 752 more words

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