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Pessach is over, you can come out of the kitchen now!

I spent Easter at my (non-Jewish) boyfriend’s family and as you probably know Pessach started on Easter this year. I was reluctant to go at first, because things get so complicated in a non-kosher kitchen on Pesach, but my boyfriend talked me into going and so I went with my own dishes and lots of stuff (we went by car, so this was possible, yay!). 212 more words


Pessach Photos from the Warsaw Ghetto

The Israeli Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem is publishing photos from the Pessach celebrations at the Warsaw Ghetto
This Wednesday night and Thursday, Israel is commemorating the six million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.
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Moroccan Jewry celebrating MAIMUNA last night

Moroccan Jewry has a special custom called MAIMUNA. At the end of the seventh day of Pessach, as soon as the holiday is over, Maimuna is celebrated with good food and traditional Moroccan music. 45 more words

Winter is Back

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Jerusalem last week: Near the Mamilla Mall
Pessach is over and tomorrow, we are returning to our daily routine. I enjoyed a very quiet holiday but my cat got sick. 134 more words
Jerusalem Photos

Pessach 2015 – Impressions from Jerusalem

I am enjoying the Pessach holiday. :-) Not too much by going on trips but rather by sitting my balcony. :-) Weather is warm and perfect but this will only last until Thursday. 488 more words

Arrivederci China- in which Piglet learns that Hong Kong is not China

I just read the last line of the previous post “Stand by for further adventures” Well here is one….

This is going to sound incredibly strange after reading the previous post but- my close friends already know that my life is a whirlwind. 1,125 more words

No chametz, no cry

Fox had never been very observant.
But lately, he felt a certain need to connect with something larger than life.
He chuckled. If only his bubbi could see how much be tried to get everything right. 26 more words

Fox & The City