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Mit reichlich Honig und Butter: Die erste Mimouna am Fraenkelufer

Mit reichlich Honig und Butter: Die erste Mimouna am Fraenkelufer

“Ad mea ve esrim – bis hundertzwanzig” lautet in der jüdischen Tradition ein guter Wunsch zum Geburtstag. 563 more words


Q&A: "Did we still use Mazzot last Shabbat?"

One of my blog readers sent me the following question:
I have this question for you in Israel:
As Pesach ends tomorrow (Friday night), then one won’t have the chance to bake anything chametz for Shabat.
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Yachatz - Crisis, Conversation and Catharsis

Early on during the Seder, just before we start with מגיד – “Maggid” – the telling of the story of the exodus – we perform the ritual of יחץ – “Yachatz” – “halfing”, where we take the middle Matzah, and break it into two halves. 1,689 more words

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Moadim le'Simcha - Happy Intermediate Passover Days

Yes, I am still alive and I apologize for not publishing any Pessach (Passover) details. I simply didn’t have the time and I was even a little behind with all my Pessach cleaning. 288 more words

Random Act Of Love-Poem

I went to the gas station by my house
got out and paid.
Behind me, a husband and wife embraced.
She smiled, he laughed—
I finished pumping gas. 42 more words


Weiterbildung, damit die Ausbildung nicht wiederholt werden muss

In der Jüdischen Allgemeine erschien soeben mein jüngster Aufsatz zu Pessach: Harte Schule in Ägypten.
Wofür wurden wir in Ägypten versklaft, und was für eine Bedeutung hat dies noch heute? 12 more words


Stories about kitniot in Israel

It’s this time of year again…

I’ve written about specific vegetables and whether they are kitniot extensively in the past (check my kitniot index page… 235 more words