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Pessimism and Privilege

Partners in Health was formed by Dr Paul Farmer and some peers including Roald Dahl’s daughter Ophelia, in the late 1980s after Farmer became determined to make a difference to the people he met in Haiti as a medical student. 700 more words


Thought for the day/night

The word impossible itself says ‘I’m possible’ ??

No it doesn’t.

Impossible means impossible because it’s missing an apostrophe.

Positivity doesn’t always help. Try to look at the other side and save yourself from the trouble.

Balanced perspectives, people!!

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That's Life

Life sucks because it’s

always working against me.

But why me? What did

I do to deserve this life?

All things bad happen

to me and nobody else… 174 more words


mental wellbeing, they call it

i f e e l unsettled.

-i feel it first in my heart… i can feel myself taking quicker breaths… the heart beats…

-then i feel it in my lower stomach area… sick… 20 more words

The Case for Antinatalism

Antinatalism is the view that we ought not to bring any more sentient beings into existence (including human beings). This conclusion follows from a premise many people, I think, already accept, namely that it is wrong to impose unnecessary suffering on others. 269 more words


Why am I Here?

No, I don’t have Twitter. Sure, I’ve tried it, but it caused more harm than good. I get a kick out of watching public figures getting quoted off of Twitter on national and international news (yea, you guessed it, TRUMP). 831 more words


Optimism is a generally good attitude. But it does have its limits. To be optimistic does not mean to be blind and unwilling to reason. Because in that case, even of your optimism wins, it will only be serendipitous. 190 more words

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