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Day 5: De-motivational Quote

It was only Day 5 and I was running dry! I did not expect a creative block to come so soon, especially since there are no rules binding me to certain art forms. 200 more words

Powering Down: towards equalization

Knowledge only becomes power in the absence of power.

Power, as exercised through force be it violence, coercion, ideology, money, or influence, is not an exercise in ignorance, is not without knowledge. 643 more words


'If the jail were demolished would it be missed?'

June 19


This letter that u sent on June 1 and received by DCJ June 4 delivered to me June 19. Crazy huh.

How are you? 487 more words

Nasty C.o.'s

spidey-senses, 29th June 2015

good morning all and welcome to my daily blog… for those new to it, hearty greetings and for those who have been here before, welcome back!…… sometimes I think of what to write and then when I start decide to write something completely different and as such I now have a traffic jam of blogs queuing up in my brain all scrabbling for a bid for freedom… which is released into the wild would be chaos on a scale not seen since ‘The Great Jam Doughnut Disagreement’ … 251 more words


The 3 C's in life

I’m nervous about change and pretty pessimistic by nature.

I’m constantly imagining worst case scenarios, if I don’t stop myself.

I should probably make this my mantra.

Comet - Worth watching?

Hello everyone,

so today it’s time for another movie. The movie I want to talk about today is called Comet.


Today was actually the first time I heard about this movie. 155 more words


The Deception of Perception

Were you to ask me if I were an optimist or a pessimist or whether the glass is either half full or half empty, I’d get very quiet, very thoughtful, smile and tell you, “Yes.”  To this, you’d probably say, “Well which is it?”  I’d smile again and say that my views on such things may seem to represent an irreconcilable dichotomy or even a paradox. 932 more words

Secrets Of Life