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Guest Post: You Are What You Think

Rekha R. Kamath

A Lil Bit of Everything

Over the years, we have heard the statement “You are what you think” a lot of times. 1,085 more words


Pessimism and happiness

Pessimism tends to be looked down upon in today’s society, and it is thought that optimism is the way forward and the only outlook which will permit a certain kind of happiness. 422 more words


Virtuality Update

It’s been about 45 days since I started my virtuality experiment. It does feel a bit strange at times to consider that the world is an artificial construct. 243 more words


"Public" Showering and YouTube Tingles

I was supposed to have a day off tomorrow, which was honestly what was getting me through the week. Today, one of the managers asked if I could come in, because she knew I had a lot of short shifts this week. 554 more words

Explicit Language

How to Be More Optimistic

Maintaining an optimistic state of mind can have positive benefits for your health.

As we all know in life, sometimes things are going great, and sometimes things are slightly ‘less than great’. 382 more words


Poem: Down Low

Delicious, lovely happenings abound

around the area floating, if you look for them

in your imagination

that is, they reside on the slide

in the pride of losers clinging to each other… 229 more words

Andrew Halter

The Last Drop

Even your blood tries to leave you.
Whether reddening the heel of a sock
or that pinprick of a little red dot
or pouring out wholesale… 63 more words

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