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An optimist and a pessimist meet in the middle of a post apocalyptic wasteland.

‘You said you were heading east towards the mountains.’


‘Why?’ 259 more words


It Is All About The Mindset

Optimism or pessimism? Glass half full of half empty?

Can you learn to be optimistic or is it a mindset with which you were born? 333 more words


Never ending

Never endingFEARS:
1. That love isn’t real. We just feel “strong” for someone but it doesn’t last. It always ends. Well-it always has in my case 
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philosophical differences

you were miserable, bitter, hating the whole world

and I said: let’s take a hike. A hike to solve all problems.

(you: you shake your fist at the world, … 353 more words


Point by Point

I was enumerating yesterday all the bad things that make my life exactly the way I expect it to be as a total pessimist.  Of course, I left out that I am fully expecting Donald Trump to be the next president of this country.   792 more words

Constant Battles

A person is a reflection of his past. Today as she walks through these streets, which lead to her destiny that is far from where she stands, she feels empty. 369 more words


A Bad Day for a Pessimist

The advantage in life for a pessimist is that you always prepare for the worst, and when the worst happens, you are ready to deal with it.   313 more words