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Sour Grapes and Old Foxes

There are things still to come even though the world ended already.  I am not giving up while I still have life and breath.  I just finished an edit-review of my novel… 542 more words


The Old Factory, Prt. II

Dawson and Sons Company was the brainchild of the upstart Robert Dawson after the economic panic of 1873. He was a Union veteran of the Civil War and had spent the postwar years working as a coal miner in rural Appalachia. 1,411 more words


Optimism Incoming: Bounce Back

Well, it was a fitting end to my weekend to see the New York Giants season explode into a million pieces…maybe my pessimism yesterday was too much? 624 more words

My Whiny Voice

George Caywood When I let my mind just run I am often dominated by what I call my Whiny voice. The thing about it is my whiny voice has never told me the truth in my almost 8 years of living. 28 more words


World Awry

In a world gone awry
Yet burgeoning
With the potential
For growth and new life
He clung to the old ways
Like a dead leaf… 104 more words


Same Day, Different Perspective

Recently I’ve found myself giving this example a lot, and I do it whenever I hear someone say “life sucks”, “man, everything around is getting to me”, or anything along those lines. 171 more words