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How can I?

Thoughts on Paper: How Can I?

How can I hope for a change when no one else notices anything wrong with their conditions? I cannot try to bring upon a social revolution nor an economic change if everyone’s content with where they stand. 336 more words


Optimism Is Killing Me

I’ve always been the optimistic one, the one who tries to stay positive, the “it’ll be alright”, “you’ll be okay”, “it won’t always be so hard”, “I know you can do it” one.   444 more words


Is my face getting ugly ?

Uglier than usual

That is.

I have sinned

I am a monster indeed

I take full responsibility

Of my sins. 41 more words


The Power Of Pessimism 

For as long as I can remenber, I have always been a little bit depressed, pessimistic, just overall a little bit blue. Even as a kid I was miserable for reasons unknown, but I think I can finally put words to it so here it goes. 1,708 more words



The dictionary says pessimism is (1) an inclination to emphasize bad, disagreeable, or unpleasant aspects, conditions, and possibilities or to expect the worst; (2) a belief that evil is more common or powerful than good. 769 more words

For Christians

This may sound pretentious but...

I’ve been having what could be described as an existential crisis, and it’s all because of my literature portion in school. The last couple of works we’ve done are satirical pieces showing the shallowness of the poor, the rich and the middle class. 198 more words


It is when it rains that casts away the ailments of one’s heart and mind. Some people find it torturous to walk alone underneath an umbrella, feeling the cold splash of raindrops in their feet, wishing someone is walking with them. 124 more words