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The Optimism in Pessimsm

Something you should know about me, I’m pretty pessimistic. Lots of people like to see the glass half full. But what if it’s filled with rotten milk or something equally disgusting? 289 more words

Work That Matters

Uncle Michael, Why Is There Tinfoil On Your Head?

Why-ever would a relatively rational and aware intellectual embrace the idea that human society is based on lies and the truth lies buried out there?  In my case, I would claim it is because I am relatively goofy and prone to believing things because I am wholly deceived by a core belief that all human beings are by nature good, and have to be taught to be evil. 530 more words


The illusion of love and the images

(Images we create about ourselves, which give us pleasure)

What is that you call “love”?, for example? Well, I love that person ’cause I’d die for her, you might say. 584 more words


Two eyes...

Two eyes can see a thousand dreams. As I start the day I always feel something wonderful is going to happen. Have that passion to put you over the edge into the space of optimism from pessimism.

Arthur Schopenhauer: in our time

Schopenhauer: in our time (2009)

Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. 6 more words

When the World Appears Out of Control

The global news cycle as of late appears to have taken an unusually harsh psychic toll on people around the world. The events of Orlando and Dallas, Nice and Paris, Baton Rouge and elsewhere have compelled citizens around the globe to wonder whether the world is falling apart. 582 more words

On Anything And Everything

The Other Shoe

I look up from my hotel lobby breakfast astonished to see a framed print of Wassily Kandinsky’s “Mit und Gegen”, a masterpiece of color and composition that just happens to be my favorite painting. 617 more words