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In praise of pessimism

Sadly – but to pessimists, predictably – pessimism gets a bad press. 183 more words

Lessons For Life

Pessimism Realism

My pessimism has become my realism.
How do I escape these chains?
The disembodied voices sing of gratitude
That I should feel for my poverty and pain… 16 more words


From 1 to 4: Kids Are Hard

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. Number 1: the possibility of taking custody of my niece/nephews. Number 2: I don’t know how to pin point anything else… 579 more words

My Life

Seeing the Best in Life

Warning: Super sappy post ahead, read at your own risk.

There are quite a few differences between people who are generally happy, generally sad, and generally content.  508 more words


Striking Oil

It’s hard to go a day without hearing or reading about the recent collapse in oil prices. And why wouldn’t we? The 60% drop in price over the past nine months is one of the greatest in history. 458 more words

Woke Up A Pessimist

I think the cold has just taken a turn for the worse. I think I had a fever induced hallucination last night, it was like a looping nightmare where I woke up feeling another presence in bed with me wanting to cause me harm, and I couldn’t do anything about it, then I would realize it was just a nightmare and so I would ‘wake up’ in ‘real life’ and find myself in the same situation but worse because I actually thought I was awake. 327 more words