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Why We NEED Frank Capra And Superman

Greetings Loved Ones. Liu Is The Name, And Views Are My Game.

In light of the recent bombings in Paris, I felt it was necessary to sit down and write something positive–something up-lifting. 1,036 more words

Opinion Piece

Make sure you are ready

Have you ever taken time to reflect on the future? Do the inhabitants of tomorrow’s world have a chance to live good lives? Shall there be enough jobs for all of them? 163 more words

Prompted: Episode 1

Before I go to bed tonight, I’m going to re-sort my closet, set out my clothes for tomorrow and make sure that I mentally brace myself for Monday. 242 more words


A Proposition Regarding the Betterment of Our Planet

There is… a thing. It exists without purpose, and yet labours under the illusion that it will one day discover one. It creates worlds other than this one for its soul to live in, as the world in which it lives affords it nothing but pain and misery. 742 more words


Sirens on the evening air
Send frissons of misplaced alarm
Along my spine and make the hair
Stand up upon my neck and arm.
I take a mental inventory: 21 more words


The Bitch In My Head

I am so glad I am not alone on this one. If you are here that means you’ve got one too. You know… the bitch in your head that has an opinion about everything in your life and that questions every move you make. 25 more words

Inner Work

Is This My Life?

I should start out by saying that I know I am feeling sorry for myself. I am fully endowed with the knowledge that I am wallowing. 1,289 more words