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Power Dynamics [In] Society

Living many lives, all at once, in my head.

One by one, the hangers on get dropped in the lava.

Syncopated rhythms over busted speaker. 802 more words

ASMR Bartenders, Finding Confidence, and Kicking the World's Ass

I know I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I have a love for ASMR videos. One of the channels I started following, Articulate Design ASMR has this particularly good one that I stayed up to watch all the way through. 376 more words

Personal Diary

Finding Reasons to be Unhappy

This past week I was having an argument with my boyfriend. One of those arguments that when you are in the middle of it you realize are stupid and you are wasting time of your precious life on it. 461 more words

Life Lessons

A positive attitude to life

Does it help? Of course! Surely not the kind that dwells in an illusion, but one which refuses to give up, fights back, perseveres, consciously cheers up, improves, hopes, creates, supports, strengthens, loves, laughs, cares, saves/redeems, expects, believes, gives, forgives, relaxes. 6 more words


I'm Pessimistically Optimistic 

Or maybe that’s just called a realist…I’m not sure.

When I was in middle school my best friend’s mom decided she didn’t like me because I was too pessimistic and it was a bad influence on her daughter. 743 more words

Being Mental

Well, I Still Ain't Dead

Yesterday I posted a long, sappy golly-yabber about things I had to tell you before I die.  I had experienced chest pains in the night and was rather planning on dropping dead somewhere during the day yesterday. 220 more words


Of gold and dust

I had a few friends once
Today I have none

I was stubborn
I wouldn’t need them
I am meant to thrive alone
That’s what I told myself… 853 more words